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Cort Solid Body Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Cort Moscato 1

    Cort Moscato 1 - " You must love design"


    Asian manufacturing. UTILIZATION SNV guitar at all. Great anywhere except the form if you like it. handle a little thick. slightly unbalanced on the front. SOUNDS Designed for metal, I do not play much. OVERALL OPINION I have a guita…

  • Cort Garage 2

    Cort Garage 2 - "Enormous potential"


    Cort Garage 2 is made in Indonesia, I bought it in 2013. Features: - Maple neck - Swamp Ash body - Scale: 25.5 inches - Radius between 10 and 11 inches (this is neither 9.5 nor 12) - Neck Shape: Asymmetrical, fine enough - 24 cases -…

  • Cort G254

    Cort G254 - " A good first guitar versatility!"


    Indonesian manufacturing. Wilkinson vintage-type bridge. 22 frets, three pickups in HSS config with double splittable One volume, one tone coevally split twice pulling the knob. Rosewood handle. UTILIZATION Very comfortable neck, the guit…

  • Cort EVL-K6

    Cort EVL-K6 - " My favorite skyscraper. And loooooin."


    We will not go back on it. She is severely burnée. Tailored for the métoool. Between the EMG 81 AND 85 active duo beat up the riff and solo send the ebony fretboard which I think good so beautiful and wonderful to play and that keeps out floyd mullet…

  • Cort X-6 Assassinator Special Edition

    Cort X-6 Assassinator Special Edition - " It is the guitar"


    I saw there some time, and I wanted her big sister. But too expensive (over € 1,100, a must in Cort). The design and finish are breathtaking, in the tradition of the finest dean! The inlays on the fretboard are beautiful and as usual 'with Cort, quic…

  • Cort CR280

    Cort CR280 - " An honest copy of LP"


    22 fret set neck, mahogany body with flamed maple massive table. Tonepro easel, graphtec nut. The specs are pretty friendly. UTILIZATION The interface is identical to a Gibson LP so no miracle => weighs well its 4kg, access to acute is not the be…

  • Cort CR200

    Cort CR200 - " Mechanical Problem"


    Cort CR200 - Gold Top UTILIZATION correct requires adjustment in the luthier SOUNDS Good OVERALL OPINION Purchased new guitar a big trouble with the heads of mechanical vibrating! Change these settings in the luthier + equal a shot of € 1…

  • Cort EVL-K4

    Cort EVL-K4 - " The ideal scraper - favorite"


    A beautiful Korean lady, dressed all in black, with nice pentagrames repere as a handle, a sublime cross key 12 to 16 ... satin paint, handle end and well fretted over 24 boxes. Equipped with the famous pink floyd and EMG HZ pickups (I will return…

  • Cort G290

    Cort G290 - " Cort G-290 ... It has everything a great"


    Made in Indonesia, the Cort G-290 is a great guitar stratocaster type whose characteristics are enough to make many green with envy more expensive brand: - Ash body with flamed maple top. The translucent varnish showing the wood grain, at first gl…

  • Cort X-2

    Cort X-2 - " A good start"


    BODY Basswood NECK Maple FRET 24 / Jumbo INLAY White Dot TUNER Die cast BRIDGE Full Action II PICKUP Power Sound PSGH-II/PSHG-II (HH) UTILIZATION I use it for daily drive connected to my iPad. It is not too heavy, shape is useful as s…