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Cort Solid Body Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Cort X-Custom

    Cort X-Custom - " that shipments of heavy"


    Too bad, I do not know much about the provenance of this guitar and I do not know what kind of wood it is made, but it is done well. a round of 24 cases, two EMG 81 and 85 a floyd type and a block nut string vibrato for the classic metal guitar. …

  • Cort VX-4X

    Cort VX-4X - " How to say ... geniale?"


    No idea what country this guitar comes from, but probably from Asia for the price ... Cort VX 4X is a guitar-shaped "star", a sort of mix between an Explorer and Jackson Warrior with a mahogany body. There are two colors, black version satinee anot…

  • Cort 2900 S

    Cort 2900 S - " Versatility ensured"


    The neck, maple, screwed in four points, 22 frets, six mechanical locking Spertzel a Wilkinson vibrato VS50K with his roller nut, rosewood fingerboard, dot markers shifted upwards, two singles and a double SSL TB4 all Seymour Duncan brand, volume, to…

  • Cort Z42

    Cort Z42 - " Well to start"


    Comes from Indonesia 22 boxes and two humbuscker splitables an easel and tune-o-matic You end up with a good violin and microphone does not prevent accurate lutherie express themselves. Only flaw is the handle of lutherie that tends to shif…

  • Cort G250

    Cort G250 - " Go your way ..."


    I guess specifications have already been mentioned in other reviews. The fittings generally inspires little confidence. UTILIZATION NEVER NEVER NEVER received a guitar as set incorrectly! First taken in hand and everything is done, the neck, t…

  • Cort M600 T

    Cort M600 T - " Respectable"


    Rosewood handle (See description on the net) UTILIZATION Good ergonomics Channel respectable Hard to get good sounds (printing de-tuning continuous major fault =) SOUNDS A little metal Only complaint for the time after a few months of…

  • Cort S2800

    Cort S2800 - " Cort S2800 a little larger than many major"


    Manufacturing Korah Wilkinson vibrato VS50K with his nut-bearing, Sperzel locking mechanical Trim-Lok, two guide ropes placed on the butt plate for the four middle strings Micro is if you like it with two Seymour Duncan single SSL and a double T…

  • Cort G290

    Cort G290 - " Super scratching happening everywhere"


    It has a guitar made in Korea, with an easel CFA3, Sperzel locking mechanics (super convenient and very good performance agreement). An ash body with a maple top dappled. The maple neck with rosewood fingerboard Mouchette is neither too thin nor t…

  • Cort M600

    Cort M600 - " a small bomb"


    Made in INDONESIA! M600 (TB) I precise Mahogany body Mahogany set neck flamed maple arched table wilkinson bridge / vibrato micro EMG HZ HH 1 volume 1 tone (spilled) binding handle key block inlays UTILIZATION handle is playabl…

  • Cort X-2

    Cort X-2 - " A very good guitar to start"


    The Cort X-2 is a Korean guitar With classic trestle team vibrato There are 24 frets, two humbuckers (without names). UTILIZATION Handle a very pleasant, a bit heavy and fairly easy access to the treble. SOUNDS With this guitar you can play…