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Cort Solid Body Electric Guitars user reviews

  • Cort M520

    Cort M520 - "Cort M520"


    Well, I bought this guitar at a store ... It was on the wall ... it's brand new ... I got my guitar in Calgary, AB at the Guitar Connection (small shop on 17th Ave.) This guitar is worth $700, I got it for $500. I got it because i out grew my Memp…

  • Cort CL1000

    Cort CL1000 - "Cort CL 1000"


    I bought this at a local shop for around $550 This guitar is rediculously versatile. The pickups are fitted with a coil tap, so pulling off acoustic sim alongside hard rock isn't any problem with it. I think I might like a different set of picku…

  • Cort X-9

    Cort X-9 - "Cort X-9"


    Bought this unit from SweeLee, Singapore at around SGD$470/aft discount. I did well for exams and was looking at the Ibanez RGseries but perhaps it was not up to expectations. The guy there then recommanded me this guitar. The sound is good! The Mig…

  • Cort M520

    Cort M520 - "Cort M520"


    Bought this from a local dealer, 'The Guitar Gallery' in Wellington, New Zealand, and paid $800nz for it. I felt I'd reached a point with my acoustic playing where I wanted an electric. Looks beautiful, the two piece mahogony body has awesome…

  • Cort G210

    Cort G210 - "Cort G-210"


    I Bought this Guitar at a music store in Mission Viejo called Coast Band Music. Paid about $220 for it. Its my first guitar but ive been playing for a bit. Its not a bad guitar. The neck is not too thick. Its not a bad instument for it's price. W…

  • Cort X-2

    Cort X-2 - "Cort X-2"


    i got this at my local guitar store for $300 canadian, give or take. EVERYTHING. this guitar outplays almost anything else i have ever played. there is only one guitar that i have liked better than this one, and it was a $1100 ibanez - and with this…

  • Cort X-2

    Cort X-2 - "Cort X-2"


    I got this guitar from a local music store called BandBox in a guitar/amp deal for $350.00 with a Kustom KGB-30 amp. On it's own, the guitar is worth $240.00. By the way, the KGB-30 is a great amplifier. I love practically everything about this gu…

  • Cort MGM-1

    Cort MGM-1 - "Cort MGM"


    Long and Mcquade $275 CAD This is an amazing guitar at any price - very much like a PRS. Wonderful quilt top, great flexability in sounds with coil tapping. High quality fit and finish, terrific US made mighty mite pickups. I cannot say enough about…

  • Cort G255

    Cort G255 - "Cort G-255"


    Aquired for $399. The Pickups are ok but if you change string gauges(ex. from light gauge to heavy gauge)you have to adjust the truss rod. THE GOD DAM BUZZING! Quality is shit because it scratches so dam easily. Don't buy this piece of shit. Thi…

  • Cort M700

    Cort M700 - "Cort M700 Mirage"


    bought for 400 at a music shop This guitar is one of the best ever made, to put it simply. Features include gold hardware, wilkenson tremolo, binding, beautiful cherry sunburst finish and the hottest pickups in the world: Mightymite. I'd never heard…