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  • [NAMM] T-Rex Tonebug Sustainer

    [NAMM] T-Rex Tonebug Sustainer

    01/04/11 in T-Rex Engineering ToneBug Sustainer

    The Tonebug Sustainer first compresses the signal, and then applies gain to keep your tone playing.

  • [NAMM] T-Rex Engineering Twister 2

    [NAMM] T-Rex Engineering Twister 2

    01/04/11 in T-Rex Engineering Twister 2

    Twister 2 is a classic T-Rex pedal updated for 2011, with updated new hardware and software.

  • T-Rex Engineering Reptile 2

    T-Rex Engineering Reptile 2

    11/25/10 in T-Rex Engineering Reptile 2

    The Reptile has evolved and hits the market as Reptile 2.

  • Win a Signed T-Rex Mudhoney

    Win a Signed T-Rex Mudhoney

    10/19/10 in T-Rex Engineering Mudhoney

    T-Rex announced that they have launched an Alter Bridge competition where you can win a T-Rex Mudhoney signed by Myles Kennedy plus other Alter Bridge prizes.

  • T-Rex Engineering Mudhoney II

    T-Rex Engineering Mudhoney II

    07/08/10 in T-Rex Engineering Mudhoney II

    T-Rex Effects has added a second distortion channel to its original Mudhoney to create the Mudhoney II.

  • T-Rex Engineering Octavius

    T-Rex Engineering Octavius

    07/08/10 in T-Rex Engineering Octavius

    The Octavius is designed to provide an octave-down and octave-up effect, which can be adjusted with the Lo Oct, High Oct, Master Mix, and Boost knobs.

  • [Musikmesse] T-Rex Mudhoney II

    [Musikmesse] T-Rex Mudhoney II

    03/23/10 in T-Rex Engineering Mudhoney II

    This is a classic dual distortion pedal, and supposedly has been "praised for its amazing tonal range and ability to deliver everything from a smooth dirty edge to a harrowing wall of distorted sound."

  • [Musikmesse] T-Rex Fueltank Chameleon

    [Musikmesse] T-Rex Fueltank Chameleon

    03/23/10 in T-Rex Engineering Fuel Tank Chameleon

    The company says that this is the most versatile power supply T-Rex ever built, and that it can feed a large number of diverse pedals.

  • [Musikmesse] T-Rex Room-Mate

    [Musikmesse] T-Rex Room-Mate

    03/23/10 in T-Rex Engineering Room-Mate

    T-Rex says this pedal is an even better version of the tube-driven reverb pedal.

  • [Musikmesse] T-Rex Octavius Pedal

    [Musikmesse] T-Rex Octavius Pedal

    03/23/10 in T-Rex Engineering Octavius

    This effect is a tri-tone generator with a set of controls and a Boost function.