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Thread Wassup People!!!!

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1 Wassup People!!!!
Hi all,
This place looks cool and i hope it is very helpful with helping me projects.
I do "R&B/Hip-Hop/Dance" tracks.
My Setup;
Kurzweil k2000, Akaia mpc3000, Roland mc-909, Emu mp-7
Korg em-1, Yamaha cs6x/rm1x/tg500/ry30, OB matrix 1000
Roland vs-1680, WindowsXP.
8) peace
hi there..

regarding your mp-7 i wanted to ask if you have any other soundmodules than only the mo'phatt??

i should be getting my px-7 with an additional pure phatt rom this week, but i want to get more roms (i.e. siedlaczek orchestra or orchestra vol II, vintage?? but i'm not completely sure about which ones to get)

do you have any good advices on what are good roms for the e-mu?