Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster
Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster

Classic Player Baja Telecaster, TLC-Shaped Guitar from Fender in the Classic Player Telecaster series.

SlapKid 04/03/2009

Fender Classic Player Baja Telecaster : SlapKid's user review


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Mj avril09: I think the guitarist who inexpriment rve of this guitar is ready and breaking the bank to offer it, it is imperative to know all the parasites own single coil. In a low place like a local electrical interference, in the basement (with my bassman and baja no buzz or anything) there are many chances that it is playable, but in an apartment (son all over the walls, radio-tv-gsm-neons ventilos fridge) is dj trsgnant especially distortion. Live or RPET is not worth thinking about, with the mess the ambient electric baja picks up everything and you will have more background noise than anything else. And some places are worse concerts, prs train for example, and even the humbuckers will pick up noise.
It is true that the son and the shielding cavity microphones on the table amliore (this is what I did back in my original pickups) but it is totally inadequate in the event of location problem. In this case only noiseless pickups can be utiliss, and too bad they sound less refined than stock.
This is without any polmique, prvoir 120 euros for a noiseless set if you want make your scne baja, which is a great telecaster.
Mj 2010: well, almost great, here's what mine had no net ... First the frets that beginners taient well have started out the key, hello scratches to the right hand . As the handle is painted a passage maker and has imposed tax lot. Cause: the woods utiliss n'taient not all - is dry, a shame that price.
Two, badly cut nut silent space between small string Ingal trs, and as the handle is difficult to play dj strait clean up. Nut painted of course, a catamaran or rework time by luthier that tax. For the price of new shame.
Three, but it is not in itself a default, the corners of the ashtray are finished, they are raised and as I play a lot with the left palm resting on the easel c'tait trs aga ant. Need to know, but it's still the bad end.
Finally four, the brass trigger guard of the environment is not so compensated is wrong every time. The other two by gnent not against, and twenty euros arrange the coup.
I sold it with the sound of hell was too much, my nerves have lch ...

Beautiful machine, run as atypical but highly enjoyable trs pais and not tiring at all for hours. Frets big enough, great for intonation and significantly better than the thin fingers to play (his biggest and consistent, sustain better too). It is the only handle that fits in fender.
The body care, because the opaque finish desert sand sounds much worse than translucent, they take advantage of to use anything you see lots of pieces of wood glue and it's normal that most arson. .. For the price it's shame.
21 frets for that matter but hey we are not all Ritchie Kotzen ...
Approximate standard easel, great for his inimitable and beyond the bridges are made of brass. Anyone who wants one can buy intonation Scientific spciaux bridges, but the approximation exprience made a lot of octaves brings the magic of the telecaster.
Factory wiring gas, and only the serious micro-switches off phase. Ergonomics:
Not practical because the volume knob is too prs of slecteur, you think they would have a arrang in sixty years? Are affected even when ...
The worst for last: shielding zero, non-existent, even the jack which is fitting with two simple son naked, noisy and microphones in the del tolrable. Ms. together they make so much noise, what cata ...
On my baja though the nut is not the right height RALIS correctly, the strings are not rgulirement space (the r of the prs too, and if too far the string) and it's annoying to use. No top at all.


Super set, super sustain, but is not changing its practice.
The body of the desert sand version is carved the sickle than the other, that is softer on the corners.
The weight is variable, the silent desert trying carrment heavy but not blonde.
Not easy to use if one takes into account the electronic too strait and noise omniprsent, imagining not use the same distortion with it's ridiculous.
This as the great and cleans line6 Crunchtone dlivre sounds really good, and you can even use it to boost (with cleaning noise) amplifier lgrement saturated. Line6 thank you.

Rgler tension handle is catastrophic, must disassemble, unbelievable at 21me century!


Noise and distortion set ct is the sound dlivr trs INTERESTED zzing and kicking because less than hab '. Master, I would say, and if not throw in a low volume compared a classic 50s mexico, the situation is trs diffrent by mounting the volume of the amp. Everything becomes clearer, more prcis, exploitable. Mics in SERIES (twice as much noise, too bad) are cool for the game to the fingers, but parallle is not as clear as normal. I turn on the system s1, not so good in practice. The big surprise is that the micro only serious but off-stage sounds trs diffrent in phase, while a tration should not change ... And I love that sound. Magic tlcaster ...
Zro shielding concerns is that I do not know why we continue to Fender emm ... with this b. ..

If not, compare a Epi Les Paul goes into the SD jeff beck baja rings three times larger (yes)!


It is the only TV that fits me like a glove, and the electronic souk Submitted install is in a box saw its useless (noise noise and more noise). Instead I installed the set from home Kinman broadcaster, is what I call a micro.
Unfortunately all drives pass a thousand euros, but without much justification, therefore, equivalent.
I will test these Kinman in a few months, but you can still go there it's all good (nothing to do with the noiseless toneless-fender of the house). Edit, later: my Kinman though most excellent question his microphone and parasites are so I have to return them. Unusable, so that by singing in the microphone was passed in the 10 watt amp clean ... Larsen endless distortion a little harder of course. A 225 euros all I am delighted, needless to say ...
So I blandly put together the original, but the extreme simplification (no tone, no switch series, only one volume and one kind slecteur gibson, and cables blinds.Bilan: much less noisy that the original and the sound is always dlicieux. I leave as is, learned my leon ...)

This is my telecaster, and I'm frappadingue! An AC30 and you can dbarrasser of everything else ... Tempting indeed to see clearly at last once.
Edit: drop the AC30 and take a bad cat cub2r is so good that enough is ridiculous!

MJ 2010: too many who leave default apparatre trs manufacture junk. I bought a 2008 vintage telecaster peavey generation, which for a price almost 4 times infrieur had no default or hardware or finish, and two years APRS is always impeccable.
My conclusion: Fender totally does not care of the coil of the customer by charging his Mexican (produced in a country the forefront of social and environmental progress, let us not forget) as expensive.
It's good that they must pay the many pages of ads they put everywhere, of course! In short not at all happy ... the slapkid