Blackstar Amplification HT Club 40

HT Club 40, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Blackstar Amplification in the HT-Venue series.

dwarfnebula 12/06/2013

Blackstar Amplification HT Club 40 : dwarfnebula's user review

«  Versatile character »

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Value For Money : Excellent
Well, everything is already said, right? Bah, 4 lamps (see my comment ds "overall opinion on this)
It lacks a true equalization for clear sound: There is a knob for "tone"
The best would be to have 2 voicing (light and overdrive) pedal but I ask a lot.
Reverb (digital) is nice. There is a choice with a knob on the rear panel between dark and light, and it makes a real difference. The reverb is on the footswitch (nice)
The ISF is really effective.
Connectivity: great to select the level of the effects loop (+4 dBV or -10). At least we are sure that it works with all the pedals (at least with all the ones I've tried)
Power: bah is 40W lamps. What to say? enough to repeat and the small stage on stage knowing that we are always taken on the sound, so the power we do not care a bit. I would say that the power is usually a handicap as to have a balanced amp, front and back in a not too big room sound, the guitars play 15w max lamps and therefore are not at their optimum. Moreover, this amp works quite well, even (quite) low volume.


Very easy to use but how could it be complicated?
Manual: Not Read
Quickly found the sound that comes closest to that we seek.
Nothing special to report


Style of music group song and French jazzifiante rockisante.
Home rather jazz and rock.
I use a Les Paul Studio, a half body Ibanez (AS80) and a Fender Strat.
Group: live, micro Qtron and OS2; loop in a Boss PH3 Phase shifter, chorus / flanger Ibanez CF7 and a little alligator volume
At home, a Korg AX3000 processor and a JamMan.
I play in clean, crunch and disto.Je not going to metal
I use OS2 (and even an Ibanez MS10) for several types of distortion to reach the feet but the overdrive of this amp is still something!
I start with the best, and overdrives available. Absolutely perfect and very versatile. ISF allows a rather britt or its U.S. and it is very effective. By a switch on the voicing and effective equalization. Really nothing to complain about.
In his clear, it is more questionable. As I said above, it lacks a real equalizer. The voicing switch is very effective. The clean sound is still not the strong point of this amp, although it is very acceptable. Only problem (which may not be one for certain): Can not cruncher, same general volume min (preamp volume and therefore stronger). It is true that for pure jazz, I prefer my Laney LC15R, but much less versatile ...


I use it for 6 months. I also have a Laney LC15R and I have tried many other amps (Vox AC15, AC30, Engel, Marshall ...). Each has its specificity and it is impossible to see dishonest to compare. To play jazz, I prefer the Laney or Engel (yes, the ENGEL) but I find the HT Club 40 unique overdrive and very good clean sound (although I prefer to play without crunch).
Just a small note for the HT Club 20 (whose power is sufficient). Well, the difference in the grain of the sound (especially the bass) is huge, I think it is mainly due to the size of the fund that has an importance which we do not talk enough.
Otherwise, I must point out a problem I had: I had to change the power tubes. Surprising for an amp that has less than 2 years and was treated well! According to the electronics that made the distri (I did not know where was the problem) a very important and unusual amperage arrives on lamps and makes them fragile. According to him, I can expect to change often.
What I like most: versatility while keeping the character (especially overdrive)
What I like least: the frequent lamp replacement and then its weight ...
Otherwise, to summarize: excellent quality / price ratio, and I would do this choice.