Blackstar Amplification HT Club 40

HT Club 40, Tube Combo Guitar Amp from Blackstar Amplification in the HT-Venue series.

ayabow46 06/16/2011

Blackstar Amplification HT Club 40 : ayabow46's user review

« outchhhhhhhhh the slap »

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Amp lamp, and 2xECC83 2xEL34.

Unless it is noted that the power level of 40W lamps and ben is standard, it rivals and surpasses a Marshall MG 100 DFX for example.

For the rest everything is dj said.

I just AIM to change the voicing of the foot footswich my taste the only complaint. (I Remde this because I wanted a troisime channel, well I bought one at Marshall BB2 pedals and everything is super nickel)


Configuration is very simple, and it is for her that I bought this amp, I have effects pedals and I always looking small bte ... The branch you, you RULES as you wish and in 2 minutes you have your sound. It's not like some amps and I have over 25 buttons (frankly it's anything ...). APRS all these tastes, but we return to the vintage and the vintage is in rglage very easy.

The manual is clear trs, trs enough, I just read a good time to give me the level of consciousness or heating lamps. (I see a specialist in prfr of Toulouse who said, "when you know, an amp you do lamp heat two minutes, no less, no more and you pr servera your lamps. "Beware of the stand-by is not the book but not let no more than 15 minutes so can damage the lamps.

I invite you to visit her site

This gives a good sound very easy, on the other hand if you want a clean sound that crunch in the bin goes up and voicing mode mounts the volume, you will see what it's like the lights. APRS prfre I use for blues is my BB2 is clean in the voicing and retracted to three quarts (although round, warm, he bounced back well with my PRS).

Despite the lights when it rings pretty even in "I'm not too noisy", on the other hand up the volume and you'll fall in love.

For channel saturated say anything we go from crunch to mtal so large choice.

Ps the ISF is doing its job and is quite fun to use, so he is three quarts for me all the time, closer to what the british ct.

At the Tone and ISF, I not use for about 5 hours it starts to work well and hear the difference. I admit that some beginners j'tais dgmme if the seller had warned me


On the Reverb, two mode, dark and light, I prfre the dark for its depth (it should have a fine ear means not much the diff)

Then at the voices for the clean channel when it is switched on a modern sound, low on serious and mdium, a sound round and warm with a PRS ben trs is good. When it is switched-ds (output) sound typical class A, bright and slightly slamming that crunch by mounting the volume

Distortion channel dj I given the opportunity to crunch the mtal, the voicing is to play on the sustain, I feel like notes almost endless with more solo gain as well, almost anything a boost.

I play a lot of arpge in clean and acoustic guitar accompaniment always clean. Some people have criticized this channel as clean without me, well, let that go and buy the amp and bumpkins Fender Hot Rod Deluxe (which I almost vomited in saturation. APRS I play blues and rock , well it suits me perfectly. It took me a while to find my type of sound, now it's perfect for me.

My kind of sound is of course hot (thanks to the lamp must then mount the volume a bit), round and rpond when asked. And Ben is perfect for me. I do not like the sound lens and snapping, but it is largely possible to do with this amp.

I use a PRS HS Customs (change of microphones), I also plug my Fender amus tlcoustic deluxe, I t I have to say, trs surprised in the sense positive.


I use it for 3 months and intensively on the weekend (or style 5h 6h).

I tried several other amps, here is the list (long):

- Marshall Haze 40: I do not have AIM ct: its bland, not my thing
- Fender Hot Rod Deluxe: I have not but then not at all AIM and more drive channel DIVR (too crystalline, screaming my taste) the clean channel is not evil against it, but this amp does not marry with my guitar.
- Vox AC30C2: good amp, however its VERY BRITISH (I love) but not versatile trs (that's the only shot I did not take).
- Marshall MH50C and H: saturated channel prcis ass not too rough and clean like
- Marshall JVM410C: rgler too long, 36 buttons, I go my way and double the price of Blackstar
- Orange Tiny Teror: wow what bte, but not versatile enough.
- Blackstar HT 60: TOO POWERFUL
- Blackstar Artisan 15 and 30: slap that I took ... but unfortunately no footswich else has them that I bought.

So the 40 silent ben a good compromise between the 20 (not standby) and 60 (too strong). I looked for about a year an amp that suited me, I find russi.

What I like most, its ease of use, its clean modern and versatility. The fact that it goes well with my guitars for the type of sound I was looking for.

What I like least arfff difficult, surely not the voicings footswitch. I found the default else beginners, but over time has become virtually qualities.

I consider the report good quality price trs I think the price for the other amps I tried it remains the one I prfr far. Of course there is always better, but much, much more expensive and less versatile. It would for example have a fender INTERESTED tween reverb in its clean and a marshall jcm 800 in saturated (but everyone's budget ...).

I do it again so it hsiter choices, the more I use, plus aging lamps and I'm happy. Against it by those around me as it is seen less power ...