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  • PreSonus FireStudio Project

    PreSonus FireStudio Project - " electronic too fragile .."


    Home studio and live use to manage input / output 8 lines. Battery recording midi input and digital I / O I know others that are very well FireStudio. Used with pre-amp TLAudio lamp with various microphones (AKG C414, SE electronics, SM 57 .…

  • PreSonus FireStudio Mobile

    PreSonus FireStudio Mobile - " delighted with this card"


    I bought this card at n th .... bundled with headphones, two microphones small membranes (SD7) tools I needed for a long time, it seemed cheap so I gave it a shot. I use this card to record my compositions and will allow (maybe) to record my first al…

  • PreSonus FireStudio Tube

    PreSonus FireStudio Tube - " UFO interesting."


    I wanted a firewire interface with a maximum input microphones. Most such interfaces offer 4 or 8 mic preamps. It proposed in 10 2 with output lamp. general characteristics: I / O: 8 xmax mic preamps (Class A) 2 "super channels" Mic / I…

  • PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL

    PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL - " Excellent product!"


    What motivated my choice: Input / output noon. 4 Inputs: 2 line / instrument inputs + 2 Mic / line Phantom power Front: independent monitor and headphone volume. 1 gain knob for each channel. Button mix his computer / direct Class A p…

  • PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL

    PreSonus AudioBox 44VSL - " Almost flawless, but it's good"


    The next design is pretty cool, too bad there is not enough to put it in a rack with brackets (for now). Obviously being able to 96Khz registered with 114dB I decided for the price. Most of this card is to have integrated digital effects for inpu…

  • PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL

    PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL - " Really good!"


    8 inputs xlr, the sampling frequency converters Class A, USB connectivity (I do not have firewire), low latency, the software comes with Studio One ... all this led me to buy this card. I use with condenser mics for recording acoustic instruments …

  • PreSonus FP10

    PreSonus FP10 - " Good map"


    I bought this console to make live recording but finally I rather registration click. I use Linux with Ardour I like the preamp and DI boxes built on the first two tracks. UTILIZATION I do not use it with Linux is stable with good latency d…

  • PreSonus FireStation

    PreSonus FireStation - " Although at the time"


    Balance with a MOTU 828 at the time of purchase, it was the only store and then there were these preamplifiers lamp ... I first used a Mac G4 733MHz, there were a lot of latency. Today with a imac G5 2GHz and 1MB of RAM, no problem. I mainly re…

  • PreSonus AudioBox USB

    PreSonus AudioBox USB - " It depends what for ..."


    Not having a sound card, it was my first purchase (ie limited budget). The initial goal is to reduce latency in a sequencer + use VST on this point, the map was very helpful to me. UTILIZATION Stable drivers, no worries. GETTING STARTED Eas…

  • PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL

    PreSonus AudioBox 1818VSL - " disappointment ..."


    It was so good on paper: VSL technology, FatChannel, 8 + 8 ADAT tracks and also DAWS. And then coupled with Studio One, it was perfect! The interface is directly connected to my computer core2 duo with 3GB of RAM 2GHZ UTILIZATION Must already b…