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  • Ableton Live 8 Suite

    Ableton Live 8 Suite - "My hands-down favorite DAW" has images


    This is hands down the easiest DAW that I have used out of the box. The Ableton Live 8 Suite version is the full experience - 4 discs jam packed with instruments, loops and samples bring to you a choice as to what you want to install and, once you ma…

  • Ableton Live 8 Suite

    Ableton Live 8 Suite - "Perfect."


    Ableton Live Suite is a full featured Digital Audio Workstation featuring Midi Support, VST/AU Plugins, Audio I/O and many more features. I have used many Digital Audio Workstations over the years, and I must say this is the best there is. It can be …

  • Ableton Live 5

    Ableton Live 5 - "poor interface"


    Ableton Live 5 is a software that was given to me to try and I ended up buying it because I loved how easy it was too operate. This was many years back though. Also Ableton provides great customer service and tutorials on how to use Live 5 if you ne…

  • Ableton Live 8

    Ableton Live 8 - "pretty basic"


    Ableton Live 8 really didn’t seem to much different to me than 7 did. I mean I runs great and did crash or anything just like 7 did, it ran great too. Just didn’t seem like Ableton made many changes with 8. Mainly the interface, I have always had iss…

  • Ableton Live 7 LE

    Ableton Live 7 LE - "something for a beginner but still good"


    Ableton Live 7 LE is a solid music production software or a “DAW”. I have been using it off and on for a few years, just really don’t feel like I have a need for it any more due to the fact that I use FL Studio so much now. But Ableton was created to…

  • Ableton Live 8

    Ableton Live 8 - ericthegreat's review


    I have been using ableton for a while now, so using 8 was a must upgrade. There are some difference between 8 and previous version of this software . But the set up and upgrade were easy and the manual was very clear. Even though I hate manuals this…

  • Ableton Live 7

    Ableton Live 7 - ericthegreat's review


    Ableton Live 7 is a solid software and worked great with my windows vista, which surprised me because vista has the tendency to make programs not work correctly and will bring crashes. I received my Ableton Live 7 for free with a purchase of a few pr…

  • Ableton Live 8

    Ableton Live 8 - "Good for creative mixing"


    There was no comparability issues on my Mac. It was a pretty simple put in the disc and install situation. If you've installed a program before you should have no trouble with this one. The general layout of the program is pretty easy to navigate as …

  • Ableton Live 8 Suite

    Ableton Live 8 Suite - "Great for live use"


    This is one of the easiest programs out of the box I've used. It's about as straightforward of a production software as anyone could ask for. It's compatible with a lot of things and while it might not be the studio giant that Pro Tools or Cubase i…

  • Ableton Live 8 Suite

    Ableton Live 8 Suite - "One of my personal favourites!" has images


    Ableton live, one of the fastest growing Programs for electronic music in our world.And i am not complaining. I have has no compatibility issues running this on my 32 bit AND 64 bit versions of my ACER laptops, though both are pretty well powerful…