Line 6 POD X3 Live
Line 6 POD X3 Live
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All user reviews for the Line 6 POD X3 Live

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Average Score:4.2( 4.2/5 based on 41 reviews )
 16 reviews39 %
 19 reviews46 %
 4 reviews10 %
 1 user review2 %
 1 user review2 %

TheShield!'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Millions of preset and combinations!"

Line 6 POD X3 Live
78 guitar amp with 24 cabinet simulation!
28 bass amp with 22 cabinet simulation too!
98 stombox and studio effects! and 6 preamp vintage and modern!
Obviously it's digital, but all we saw for the price it's the possibility There's huge!
Opportunity to play with two completely different tone and is the best!
The best is the preset There's that and can download via the site of line 6!


Very easy to use a piece of cake!
The manual is very clear he explains everything in detail and there's even a tutorial ^ ^
Editing sounds there's nothing more simple it really is on top!
We have millions of possible sound with this processor is its modeling and that is great!


Ah, so here we are,

I use it with a neutral amp, a keyboard amp is great! it's a Roland KC 350 and I recommend anyone who has a pure spineless pod x3

- Effects such as chorus, phaser, flanger, delay, reverb are just huge! and hyper realistic for such distortion and other effects,
The noise gate is super efficient it really surprised me!
A slight disappointment on the side of wah wah and the whammy effect, I think it's a weak point of the POD X3 live ..

The compressor (which also makes booster) is great! same with the equalizer set is known as one would ...

- The simulation of guitar amplifier and cabinet are really quite good and quite realistic,
I play mainly metal and the best simulation for me I think it is: Line 6 Insane, CJM Marshall, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, Engl Fireball, and other high gain amp that I do not remember the name. .
Firm level is pretty cool and it will be the difference between each.

- The simulation of bass amp and cabinet are not bad but lacks a bit of momentum and heat I think ..
This prevents the simulation ampeg, fender, mesa boogie or 400 + is sublime!
When we increase the drive limits it seems that the sound comes from a tube amp but without the power ..


In short, I hear people say that the sound is digital, too synthetic ..
Soon to be widely supported but it is!
It is on that if you really want a marshall sound, a mesa or an ampeg it is better to buy one .. But imagine how much it would cost if we buy all our favorite amp of this POD, counting all the effects that a loved one is in my opinion almost all close to 100 000 euro and still ^ ^

I use it for a year now, what I like is the possiblilité + we have a single pedal and the millions of possibilities, I also like being able to download more presets on the site Line 6!

Great value for money!

I recommend the POD X3 for those who do not know yet afford a big amp or effects ..
POD X3 me to a bunch of ignorant thing sounds great and now I know how to find my way!

I would do so this choice for the guitar!

As for the cons I would not be low as + to go to Tech 21 SansAmp because there the sound is realistic that + it is identical (but of course it's another budget ^ ^)

danlemajestic's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" not miss out on!"

Line 6 POD X3 Live
An impressive bank of effects (delay, verb chorus, flange, distortion, equa, compressor, wah, rotary, ...) more than it takes all editable and all good, very good show!
Monkey editable via software (free) Line6
Full connectivity: USB (used as sound card on PC!), Noon XLR microphone input voice (a little gadget in my opinion) in line input, output jack / XLR

On top of this system: the amp simulation: a real treat


simple basic setup ... but very fast it can get complicated if one wants to manage the different sounds of various banks, add and modify effects, change the order of effects in pre-post ...

Incidentally, a real plus: food and can conenct a Variax directly!

The manual is well done


Personally, I use a simulation of the JC120 for clear sound with a Start and MusicMan: top delirium! for saturation, I'm a fan of Lukather (Toto) and took a Soldano in simulation: a killer! I use the


X3Live since its release, because I was a former user of the Pod3 Pod2 then ... So, I'm not disappointed ... the price is still too high but still within the average of good products in the same range (Vox, Boss)

I love the most, reliability and sound quality (I am one of the few to never play guitar amp on my Pod, but thanks to Live PA)

What I like least: the range of its factory shipped that do not cover a sufficiently broad spectrum (light, crunh, rock, saturation, ...) but very big sound oriented (very large saturated) ..

Otherwise, I would do without hesitation that choice! Na

vipmusicos's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"'s All good"

Line 6 POD X3 Live
Well, go on this point: all sites show the sellers product data sheet (and the Line6 site itself offers moult for each product information and photos / videos).


Is extremely simple ... especially through the gearbox (editor PC / Mac): = a single constraint approach his podx3live of his computer to usb connection!
Then, it rolls itself = you download the sounds / patches directly (and you can rework all parameters illico or later).
The screens are different from one type to another amp is dc super easy to navigate!


Well, again, opinions differ on the digital side too (and "cold") Line6 products ... For my part, I agree line6 sounds quite (Styles played: U2 primarily, but also ColdPlay, straycat, Police, Pogues, ZZTop, AC / DC, Eagles, Trust, Telephone, Dire Straits ...) even if must almost always rework the sounds / patches downloadable on the net ... to make them "stick" to its "leaf" in itself! But it is true that comparing (I also have a zoom G9.2tt), one or two lamps in the circuit, it warms you up faster sound!
Where podx3live excels is for the delay / reverb and other FX (pitches, etc.), less for distos.
I play it with alternately a Variax 500 (upgraded and connected by ethernet Special line6), and more traditional models (a fender strato, a project gretsch, ovation) ... The pallet is made impressive variety, especially as the placements / memories are many.


Almost 7 months and I am far from having been around the palette simus amps and effects.
I tried multiple bosses and the j-m4 (home line6): The pod is infinitely more versatile and efficient in my opinion (more settings, settings) ...
The +: the coupling of delays (although the Line6 M13 is better at this point)
The product is not cheap either, but it is in very affordable for a sound that is jus ...
Yes, I would do even if that choice from the M13 (pure multi effects) convinced me for what I play ...

gothmin7's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Trs"

Line 6 POD X3 Live
While there is little prs any effects that are of the greatest amp simulation of the most famous pedals.
The pedal is programmable via the PC (it even simpler to do for that matter). It's not a pedal rack. It's all digital


The manual is complete as it's been a whole book ..... I never read when even if it is to see what the different simulations it offers. The config is not simple or complicated, the PC edition via video is simple and friendly.


Effects are not bad at all. Well I'll be honnte I prfere a good amp with good pedal lights. But frankly, the pod is not ridiculous, it's very good in sound. Moreover, it is also a sound card (audio interfase) and it works very well indeed for the home studio is small cot


It makes perfect 3years that I, I went home studio and the record is very good. I played in a group with AC and the fact as well. It is certain that AC will never be worth a great brand amp and pedals good, but let GPs for the price of pod x3live can just get a good distortion pedal and a reverb in quality store. The price is very actractif because you can do a gig without an amplifier, a mixing desk enough, you can play with headphones, connect the speakers above PC or connected to an amp and whenever there are sounds correct.
Good product I do not regret much

torros's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" simulations"

Line 6 POD X3 Live
everything is said.


Request a while to get the best of it. Most


amp simulations sound good bills and in particular the FENDER BASSMAN 59 'and the Marshall JCM800. When comparing weight-qualitprix with all-tube guitar combo, the choice is quickly made. The distortion pedals are INTERESTED and effects are respectable. I would strongly advise not to plug this into a multi guitar amp ... he takes "full range" sound system with feedback, or amps like Tech 21 Power Engine 60.


Weight ratio qualitprix is excellent, the price is lovely. I do not regret buying this at all. Beautiful

patrick.m's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" The box to do everything"

Line 6 POD X3 Live
I run sound from gear box on my PC and it's the top!
in the chain have visual access to all parameters, what comfort!
effects are numerous and diverse and globally .... okay.
the pedal squeaks a bit on the pedal but it is "the road".
So it's digital .... it requires work on the set.
connection to the plethora of basic guitar.


Fairly complex configuration from the display pédalier.Par cons, from gearbox no souci.En clear, must be programmed at home will only make adjustments in rehearsal or on stage .
Manual: I initially read me and I plunged back from time to time.
Editing sounds: gearbox, gearbox, gearbox!!


1) effects: you know how the guitarists, real-candy breaks, but anyway there are enough to survive comfortably
2) cbs stratocaster 1975, pod x 3, a Rocktron intellipitch and 2 amplified speakers yamaha stagepass 300 (kit commando that fits in the back and two hands ").
Tip: above all do not plug into an amp, it means nothing unless you can Sqeeze the preamp and keep only the power stage.
3) I hate synths and pitch which are not stable at all, the whammy: bof!.


1) 1 year
2) I had an XT before and I also tried the vox
3) the versatility and support Line 6
4) value: what else do you want for 3500 bales
5) I tried the HD, I keep my x 3 Live!

Music0707's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"At this price, do not deny it:)"

Line 6 POD X3 Live
The specifications of this pedal are:

* 78 & 24 Amps Guitar Cabinets
* 28 & 22 Amps Bass Cabinets
* 98 effects pedals & Studios (Distortion, Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Reverb ...)
* 6 mic preamp models (voice, guitar & Acoustic Bass)
* Modeling AIR II cabinet / microphone with adjustable placement
* 2 channel amp / effects with both independent tone
* 9 effects with both Pre & Post use chain
* Wah / Volume / Expression
* Tap tempo
* 1 stereo programmable effects loop
* Preset = 128 x 2
* Chromatic Tuner with Mute & Bypass
* Converter 24-bit - 32-bit Processing
* USB 2.0, S-PDIF I / O 1 / 4 "I / O XLR I / O MIDI VARIAX

And this must be added the control software "GEARBOX" free PC via USB. This gives access to all functions of the pedal more friendly because everything done through a GUI editable.


Overall, the setup is very intuitive when the programming is live on the pedals. But the best is with the GUI GEARBOX on Mac or Windows PC ...

With regard to textbooks, Line6 is for me a reference in the genre, they are clear, concise, well documented and all downloadable via the manufacturer's website.


This pedal is that all-digital ... and he gives his best in configuration "Home Studio" or use "Console" because usually the amps simulations especially resent speaker, thus the only really usable in this case will be that of the effects unless your amp is a real wheelbarrow?!?

It is the best to my ear and I've tried a lot of cranks (ToneLab LE and other Zoom G9.2tt) supposedly miraculous with lamps which are used as decoration! He crushes the competition at any point of view! Both in the quality of the sounds of the wealth of different effects used and their configurations. And the big plus is the Dual Sound System for mixing two simulations at the same time! And here I can say we get the big sound ... Imagine a mixture between an amp type "Marshall" and "Mesa Boogie")
Also note the loop mono / stereo that puts at the heart of your favorite materials.

Of course, one can oppose the Roll Royce of simulations like the famous "AX-Fx" home "FRACTAL" which I admit is more realistic ... but the price is almost three times more and it is not pedal format: it is well known, has for its money but the "X3 Live" has not for me to blush because it is affordable and sound more honest.
If we stay in this price range its direct competitor in sound is the "DIGITECH RP1000" which, for a pedal last generation, has a very small segment red LED display?!? Currently there dreaming ...
His competitor at the interface is "BOSS GT-10" but for me it is simply not realistic and it really disappointed me!

Finally the comparisons, I'd be off topic with the "TC ELECTRONIC G-SYSTEM '. We must realize that this pedal is one of the older generation, expensive (in fact unjustified given the age of its technology) and especially it is so transparent that it will not help your sound because it does has no character, it is not done here (NB: Use only if you have great stuff) and also to configure it is a true gas plant and that without PC! And there is not even a single distortion, or a single simulation for 1500 €, unbelievable, no?? In short, the legend, but its price is too digital and I do not understand why this thing is still selling?? Except for his imposing frame (perhaps too) from a tank with 4 loops ...

Remaining objective, the only criticism is for me the following:
* Too simulation of all kinds, in the end one wonders what to use some effects and bring nothing more than another
* Second is the dynamic sound distortion for me with a problem directly attributable to digital: we made a note and holding ends up falling rapidly while, paradoxically, it has a sound that hard at all?? Crunch by the cons are very realistic
* Better off with his amp simulations
* I had trouble getting clear sounds

In summary, for the Home Studio "or directly connected to a" Console ", the simulation is still generally very successful and the effects are in good order. One button near the sound of tubes for less than 500 € and trafficker were finally approaching the desired sounds of our favorite guitarists. In my opinion, the next generation of simulation will be a stunning realism ...


2 months get me enough to go around and Line6 is in this price range simply the best person for the most realistic and least expensive to the sight of the possibilities of its product. It is primarily a real solution "Home Studio" cheap and very effective and very good effect pedal for amp, no need to spend more!

on the other hand, rant on the part plexiglass ... I managed to scratch it with kitchen paper and household product?!? And it is unassailable ... So only use a cloth super sweet!
To the left is the black brushed aluminum top quality and the buttons are not as "cheap" as some claim.

I do not do it again this election, besides, I've sold, because the digital simulation while missing "for me" yet mature, there are some effects that I regret.
I remain still very optimistic for the future where I think we'll see less and less difference with the sound "LAMP" generation after generation and for a ridiculous price.

To be continued ...

doom_Oo7's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"Always helpful"

Line 6 POD X3 Live
- Effects available: Full Crank, amp simulations, and other traditional effects a little more original ... You probably already know all this, there is the complete list of simulations on the Line6 site.

It's all digital, eh, and it goes up to 96kHz / 24bit S / PDIF.

And so, there's a BIG mass simulations and effects, but in practice, we realize that, at the amp simulations, in the end everything sounds, not the same, but not very far either and similarly in use it will say "normal", we will use probably not the plethora of effects.

Everything can be edited easily with Gearbox on the PC, save its presets, etc.. and also use POD Farm to use the sounds of POD in his favorite VST host. That said, we must love the sound of the POD for that = p

- Connectivity: very complete, and finally to the fact that I use, ie home studio and concerts.
There's MIDI (and since an update, all parameters are editable via MIDI!), S / PDIF out very well to register for instrument inputs (finally a guitar, and one in but personally I do not feel significant difference), a microphone input (moderately usable because of gain control ... which is rather faulty), a Variax input, effects loop, output jack is going to be a guitar amp to a mixer and XLR outputs that they are really made to go to the mixer ...
So what level of connectivity y 'get by!


Using my faith in a few moments we can use features "basic" edition kind of effects, all that, and then deepening the beast, one can mount pretty cool routing capabilities;
Personally, when I use it to record, I plug my guitar to the pod, the output S / PDIF pod on my sound card, and I record in "dry", after I do what I want with the sound; at the same time I listen to what I play with an output jack plugged into my POD amp;

Live is a bit different, I use almost all functions of the POD I think = p (except that which is yet his fame, the amp simulations!)
So, I have a guitar that fits into the Aux input, an entry in Guitar one plays with samples with my band so there 's a sequence (Ableton Live) that runs on the PC I plugged the PC POD MIDI program change and programmed in Ableton Live so I do not have to change the presets and I can concentrate on the game! It is extremely convenient.
I have two in the POD amp simulations, one that goes into my amp to the left and one right (I play in stereo) and I just change the guitar from time to time!

Y 'after a huge amount of other routings that could invent ...


Ah, the rub here a bit.
I say no, when I had my only experience with a "real" amp was a Line 6 Spider II, so inevitably I was delighted, amazed, and so on. Now I have changed a little, and as many effects like delay, and simulations of distortion pedals are pretty convincing, as the amp simulations, when there's a little gain, a kind of fizz so acute frequency varies depending on the model of amp and speaker chosen; again, the dynamic part very quickly, and when using the POD in normal use (by plugging into a PA system), it is muddy and the sound tends to drown completely in the mix. The clean sounds, and light crunch kind class A tube amp pushed to the max are much more convincing that said (and I mean basically metal-boy!).
But if you have nothing else like material and it is to the metal, frankly, that's fine, but it is far from sound "pro".

Cons by using only the simulation of distortion pedal on my 100w all-tube (made by my dad!) Oulah it sounds! Whether with the Screamer or the Metal Zone, there's the very heavy! But you can not use the other effects such as "Stomp."

Also, big disappointment: the Bender, and all effects which act on the signal frequency. Truly shameful! Once we play two notes (and sometimes only one!) From the sound completely peanut, sometimes he can not hang the frequency and it's been mounted in the high incoherent ...
Line6 algorithms are completely overwhelmed by the competition at this level


Me being used quite extensively for 2 years and a half, I think what I said reflects fairly well the state of my mind! I tried just about all the possibilities it offered, and I must say that if tomorrow I were offered an Axe-FX in place, I say no! Before the purchase, I tried a BOSS but I was even less convinced ... Not talking about Digitech ... I think in its price range, it is very good!

Otherwise, very simply, I would say if you do not need routing capabilities "special" that you only play with one or two types of sounds, it is better to add € 100 and take 3 / 4 excellent pedals, but if you're the type to mess a lot to do experiments, without being too cruel on the sound quality .. is a very good value for money!

HOWEVER, I thought I heard recently that the L6 was removed from sale, and in fact I no longer see it for sale anywhere on the net! So perhaps a new version is it prepared? To see!

And so, with experience, I would do this election? ... My faith, it depends, if I had money I could do better but for less than 500 € ...

ChTBoner's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent"

Line 6 POD X3 Live
I'm not going to list all the effects of all the amp models arranged nor any of the connectors is on the Line6 site.

Everything is editable with the GearBox software (PC / Mac) computer with a USB connection. We can also do it directly on the Pod, but it's a bit longer and not as convenient ...
Connected to a PC, it also serves as a sound card reading and writing.

This is obviously pedal format. The number of presets available is mind-blowing.


Usage is fairly simple, everything is very clear. You just spend a lot of time, or really have a clear idea of what we seek. The manual explains everything very well.


I use it with electric guitar and bass.

The effects are really real, not always very suitable for bass, but very satisfying. The amp simulations are sometimes impressive, often very successful! Do not expect to get sound Mesa Boogie or Marshall THE sound, but you'll actually apporcher!


I use it for 4 months and I am very satisfied. He completed the required tasks, I was already well serviced live, and I used mostly in home studio. Very full it still offers a sound solution.
In short, the price of opportunity ', in my opinion an excellent tool!

hugodc1's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good investment for your home!"

Line 6 POD X3 Live
Basically ... Digital multi-effects, with customizable presets via the computer or directly from the pedal. An effects loop, headphone jack 3.5, and even a jack 2.5 for plugging his MP3 player. (The iPhone with all the applications you can have it, you can swing a backtrack, the metronome ...)

I bought it after my XT loose after 5 years of loyal service. Finding myself without cushy stuff to play with me (A Engl Invader 100W is not friends with your neighbors) I bought it, transferred packs effects from the pod XT and since it's party.

As usual with Line6 a plethora of effects to combine them BUT do not think you'll be able to use the effects loop with Dualtone! That is my big disappointment. -1


For a regular pod ... the time you arrive in front of the brick and play, you put less time to set your alarm clock. Nothing to say.

For the uninitiated, is preparing a manual coffee comes out, installs and you read it. Clearly, in French and quickly read!

I do not edit the effects on the pod itself, must bow down, turn the knobs as if it was a safe lock, etc. ... On the computer, should launch Line 6 Monkey and after a quick update, everything is edited with the mouse sitting comfortably.

The colon is that the black knobs are sensitive. Since I use the isp decimator G-string connected with the method of 4 Plugs (5 meter 4x ...) sometimes there is one who goes there or not and we must change everything! : /

The second is the expression pedal griiiince that after a few months. Not at all nice if you play without a headphone but fiddling with the key built in the X3 to adjust the pedal is manageable!

Obviously the construction is not made for the first buffalo that wants to come ride it! It remains for computer music and is NOT a surfboard.


We arrive at the weak point of line6 ... But at the same time, we do not take the X3 if we look for the absolute sound quality.

When I started using POD 7 years ago, it sounded like a siren song, any agreement sounded like a philharmonic orchestra in your headphones ... I became disenchanted with much time and we even talking about when you go to an amp all lamps! But what art it is handy when one wants to play at 00 in an apartment!

I use a Schecter c7 hellraiser and the G-string ISP decimator.

For comparison, the decimator is a true surgical chopper that cuts here and there or be held out of the noise gate x3 can not we play dice ankle in full. That's my advice for this reason we take one!

The effects are too numerous and we have a little time is short side explorer returned, we will spend a whole day to try them all, combine them in pre or post, etc..

The effects are generally good for the digital reverb but I find "empty", it makes no such feeling of space. The time there was something for everyone with or without phaser, chorus, etc..

The amp models are pretty good for numerical modeling ... must be realistic, it will never be worth more than the amp itself but for the home is the pod X3 live or to the larger budget, engl amp rack.


Very good investment for an average budget, I use it for almost 2 years, ideal for FET, with the experience maybe I waited a bit and I bought the fx-axis ultra-home fractal but there is already high quality and a cost much higher!

I have not noticed the product compared to what could be done in the industry, but in terms of price and over a range of medium quality good show.

For more information, or test, I live in Geneva and Lausanne, let me know!