Guitar amplification news

  • Bad Cat Bobcat

    Bad Cat Bobcat

    09/15/12 in Bad Cat Bobcat 5/100

    Bad Cat introduces its Bobcat amp.

  • Roland Mobile AC & Mobile BA Amps

    Roland Mobile AC & Mobile BA Amps

    09/13/12 in Roland Mobile AC

    Roland recently introduced its new Mobile AC acoustic amp and Mobile BA battery-powered stereo amp.

  • Source Audio Hot Hand 3 Controller

    Source Audio Hot Hand 3 Controller

    09/07/12 in Source Audio Hot Hand 3 Wireless Effects Controller

    Source Audio introduces its Hot Hand 3 wireless effects controller.

  • New Fender Machete Head & Cabs

    New Fender Machete Head & Cabs

    09/06/12 in Fender Machete 50 Head

    Fender expands its amp and cab offering with the introduction of the Machete 50 Head, Machete 112 Enclosure and Machete 412 Enclosure.

  • Two Notes Torpedo CAB

    Two Notes Torpedo CAB

    08/29/12 in Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo C.A.B. (Cabinets in A Box)

    The Two Notes Audio Engineering Team recently announced the launch of the Torpedo C.A.B., designed to be used with your favorite effects.

  • ZT Amps ZT Junior Amp

    ZT Amps ZT Junior Amp

    08/22/12 in Zt Amplifiers The Junior

    ZT introduces its new ZT Junior combo.

  • ADA GCS-2 Guitar Cabinet Simulator and DI Box

    ADA GCS-2 Guitar Cabinet Simulator and DI Box

    08/19/12 in A/DA GCS-2

    ADA introduces their new Guitar Cabinet Simulator, the GCS-2.

  • Koch TwinTone III Review
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    Koch TwinTone III Review

    08/19/12 in Koch Twintone III

    There are brands of guitar amps we see quite often in stores but we rarely try out. Any reason is good enough to skip such amps: no time, fear of the unknown, or simply no interest in testing new things. But this time, there's no excuse! I head out to the Netherlands. Rumors say Koch presents a new combo that is worth our attention. I take my hat,…

  • EVH 5150III Review
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    EVH 5150III Review

    08/05/12 in EVH 5150 III 50W

    When Fender launched a new amplifier featuring a new "EVH" logo and the traditional "F" next to the 5150 III logo, questions were certain to arise. Rumors said this new monster is made for metal. There are too many secrets surrounding this new amp — it's time for me to jump into my van and find out the truth.

  • 3 New Headstrong Amps

    3 New Headstrong Amps

    07/22/12 in Headstrong Verbrovibe

    Headstrong has released the first 3 Custom Shop Limited Edition Series amps: the Verbrovibe, the Royal Reverb and the Blue Lamp 112.