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  • RMI Acouswitch IQ DI

    RMI Acouswitch IQ DI

    06/05/12 in Ruppert Musical Instruments Acouswitch IQ DI

    Starting this month, the new RMI Acouswitch IQ DI will be available a whole range of dealers.

  • Vintage Revolution PedalPro

    Vintage Revolution PedalPro

    06/04/12 in Vintage Revolution PedalPro

    Vintage Revolution has released the PedalPro System, which includes an analogue multi-effect processor and foot controller.

  • Fender Machete Review
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    Fender Machete Review

    06/04/12 in Fender Machete Combo

    The Fender Machete represents a new direction for the manufacturer. It's not like they want to start to making cutlery but rather they want to enter the heavy distortion world. This strategical decision caused many reactions in the guitar world. So, with mixed feelings I leave the sandy roads and whiskey smell of Mississippi to enter the country o…

  • Blackstar HT-1 June Rebate

    Blackstar HT-1 June Rebate

    05/31/12 in Blackstar Amplification HT-1

    Blackstar Amplification is currently offering consumer rebates on the HT-1 combo amplifier.

  • VOX Tonelab June Rebates

    VOX Tonelab June Rebates

    05/31/12 in Vox Tonelab EX

    VOX Amplification is offering consumer rebates on its ToneLab ST and ToneLab EX modeling pedals.

  • Electroplex Rocket 35-EL

    Electroplex Rocket 35-EL

    05/30/12 in Electroplex The Rocket 35-EL

    Electroplex announces the EL34-powered Rocket 35-EL to its line of Rocket tube amplifiers.

  • Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier Review
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    Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier Review

    05/29/12 in Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier Twenty Five Head

    We are living in an era of miniaturization, and guitar amp manufacturers aren't an exception. Many of them already offer compact amps and now Mesa Boogie presents its second small sized (and with reduced output power) amp head. Let's see if the Californian brand still sounds as proud!

  • Source Audio Dual Expression

    Source Audio Dual Expression

    05/21/12 in Source Audio Dual Expression Pedal

    Source Audio are expanding their Utility line of products with the release of their new Dual Expression Pedal.

  • Kemper Profiling Amplifier Review
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    Kemper Profiling Amplifier Review

    05/09/12 in Kemper Profiler Head

    The world of amp modeling is merciless. It's been a long way since the first 6U rack processors came out with their utterly obscene prices and a sound that would make every POD Mini owner laugh out loud today.

  • Port City Amps Pearl Combo w/ Reverb

    Port City Amps Pearl Combo w/ Reverb

    04/29/12 in Port City Amps Pearl Combo

    Port City Amplifiers offers the Pearl with reverb.