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Korg Guitar multi-effects user reviews

  • Korg G1

    Korg G1 - "Korg ToneWorks"


    I bought this guitar effects pedal from Pearsons music company in Greenville, NC I believe I paid around $275.00 for the unit. This processor is a sharp looking unit with a pretty accessible user interface. The layout isn't confusing at all. It h…

  • Korg Ax100g

    Korg Ax100g - "Korg AX100G"


    I Bought this pedal at my local music store, Rimmers music, in a sale for £120. This pedal does pretty much every thing, and for a beginner it is an amazing pedal, and as long as you have the booklet for if you won't have any problems with it, but i…

  • Korg Ax1000g

    Korg Ax1000g - "Korg AX1000G"


    This corker was a present! But had I shelled out for it myself I would probably of expected to pay around £160 for it at the time. This particular model is most likely going for alot less than that now though. First of all it's solid! It must b…

  • Korg Ax100g

    Korg Ax100g - "Korg AX100G"


    I purchased it off of an auction for $120 in a slightly used condition. It looks like it is unused however. The consistently good sound quality on virtually all the effects is markedly better than my previous effects box. Also the extraordinary ar…

  • Korg PX4

    Korg PX4 - "Korg Pandora PX4"


    I purchased this locally at Keepers Music for $199. I mainly wanted a personal headphone amp for my Steinberger, but once I heard the effects, I had to have this box! The box has a ton of effects for its size. The noise gate is much better than …

  • Korg Ax1g

    Korg Ax1g - "Korg AX1G"


    I bought this unit on eBay for around $65.00, which seems about average for this item. Being a "part-time" player, I didn't want to spend gobs of money on ten different stomp boxes when I could just get one effects box that does it all. No more mes…

  • Korg Ax1g

    Korg Ax1g - "Korg AX1G"


    I acquired this unit from Musician's Friend a while back for about $99 because I had just built my last guitar for that year and I needed a small processor to last me for a while. I knew this thing had spunk when I took it out of the box. A cousin …

  • Korg Ax1500g

    Korg Ax1500g - "Korg AX1500G"


    Purchased at Guitar Center, purchased it because of the flexibility of the effects, and the quality of both the effects and the construction of the unit. Paid $299.99. This multi-effects pedal is an all-around great pedal. The construction is soli…

  • Korg PX4

    Korg PX4 - "Korg Pandora PX-4"


    I picked up this bad oscar after reading a review in Guitar World. I'd checked out previous incarnations of the Pandora, and while I liked the concept, the execution left me pretty unimpressed. Then came the PX-4. Whoa. Picked it up at the local …

  • Korg Ax1g

    Korg Ax1g - "Korg AX1-G"


    I bought this from a local instruments shop for about 160 dollars. I bought it because I was looking for a nice all-around guitar effects processor that could spit out pretty much any kind of sound that I wanted. Simply put, it just does the job. Yo…