Guitars reviews

  • TC Electronic Ditto X2 Review

    TC Electronic Ditto X2 Review - The Return of the Same Thing


    Following up on the success of the original Ditto, which had only two controls, TC strikes again with the X2, featuring more than twice that. Can it give the final blow to its competitors in the not-too-expensive loopers market?

  • Palmer Mutterstolz Review

    Palmer Mutterstolz Review - Make Your Mamma Proud


    Back in the day when fluorescent colors were in fashion, amps resembled fridges, all the songs on the radio had a guitar solo after the second chorus, and the Berlin Wall was still standing (Bingo!, the '80s), German brand Palmer made a name for itself among guitar players with products such as the very popular PI-03 speaker simulator in rack form…

  • Exclusive Line 6 AMPLIFI 150 Review

    Exclusive Line 6 AMPLIFI 150 Review - The Blue-Toothed Combo


    Line 6 enters the Bluetooth era with the new AMPLIFI series, which combines multimedia speakers and a modeling combo in a single box.

  • Gibson N-225 Review

    Gibson N-225 Review - Gibson's Fine Ear


    Gibson, to whom we own a lot of legendary guitars, decided to introduce several months ago a guitar with an original shape (something that doesn't happen every day): the N-225. With a hybrid look halfway between the SG, Les Paul standard and the ES series, we just couldn't resist it...

  • TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini Review

    TC Electronic Hall of Fame Mini Review - Mini Mini Mini...


    "...must be a midget's woooorld". It's probably what ABBA would've sung if they had started their career in 2013. Indeed, this year has seen the appearance of a good number of bonsai-sized and more-or-less useful pedals.

  • Line 6 POD HD500X Review

    Line 6 POD HD500X Review - Are you POD-to-date?


    The final exam of the music course I took at the Audiofanzine academy, read as follows: "With a theorem-article of at least 10,000 characters, resolve the equation LINE 6 POD HD500X where X = (new footswitches + powerful DSP)".

  • Boss Loop Station RC505 Review

    Boss Loop Station RC505 Review - Looper Trooper


    While guitar players might have been disappointed by Musikmesse 2013, keyboard players, sound designers and home-studio owners were delighted by numerous new products.

  • Flickinger Caged Crow, Vicious Cricket and Germanium Griffin Review

    Flickinger Caged Crow, Vicious Cricket and Germanium Gr… - Tone Box from the USA


    Let me introduce you today to a pedal series directly from the U.S. of A.

  • TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Review

    TC Electronic PolyTune 2 Review - Tune To White


    TC Electronic recently announced the second version of its famous PolyTune tuner and we have already tested it for you… Is it a simple evolution or a masterly revolution?

  • TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster Review

    TC Electronic Spark Mini Booster Review - A Spark In The Dark


    In spite of the unbearable Harlem Shake, the awful slim jeans or the my-favorite-black-metal-artist-is-David-Guetta studded ankle boots, trends can sometimes be good.