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  • DigiTech Vocalist Live 4

    DigiTech Vocalist Live 4 - " Very impressive!"


    Vocal harmony using the principle of harmonization in conjunction with an instrument (mainly guitar), ability to add 1-3 extra votes according harmonization programs pre-programmed (factory preset) or manually configurable and storable. UTILIZATION…

  • DigiTech Vocalist Live 2

    DigiTech Vocalist Live 2 - " A chorus of your orders ..."


    Effects: Compressor, Enhancer, and especially hamoniseur Reverb. Model pedal technology, digital audio connectors no noon no editing PC. UTILIZATION There is no easier to use, the manual, I did not even look. Note phantom power for microphone a…

  • DigiTech DSP 256 XL

    DigiTech DSP 256 XL - blackle's review


    Multi-purpose Midi. UTILIZATION Multi-effect is not unlike the SPX 90, even cross-key layout, except that in this case they are rather strong (see cheap) and to switch from one program to another or from one value to its neighbor, we must develop…

  • DigiTech Vocalist Live 2

    DigiTech Vocalist Live 2 - "Great, but ........."


    * What are the effects, types of effects available? A / Approximation of the singer's voice, respecting its tone (and its proxies or quacks) in unison, above or below the note based on chords played by the instrument plugged into the case. I insi…

  • DigiTech MV-5 Midi Vocalist

    DigiTech MV-5 Midi Vocalist - " Can still serve but exceeded!"


    Hello, Harmonies, Detune, Choral, Vocoder. a processor. Analog (1995). Rack-mount, was the delight of Pro studios at the time. Quite limited for editing and storage. Connectivity options for the of a microphone and a MIDI keyboard. Single XLR in…

  • DigiTech Vocalist Live 3

    DigiTech Vocalist Live 3 - " ♪ ..... ♪ like effect ..."


    There a doc in French on the site. No PC connection. 2 Outputs guitar, mixed to the microphone output (with a reberb and chorus) and an output amplifier to the thru. Stereo output not convincing ... Effective noise gate, compressor, but also to t…

  • DigiTech Studio S100

    DigiTech Studio S100 - " not bad for an entry level"


    This is a rackmount model (it is 1 unit), there is most commonly used effects, the reverb, delay, flanger, phaser, chorus, pitch (quite simply amazing to have a voice or ant king kong) vocoder (pretty basic), compressor, gate. I think it is digital, …

  • DigiTech Studio S100

    DigiTech Studio S100 - KaeRZed's review


    It is a small multi-effects rack (1U), the effects available are more traditional: - Modulation / Pitch - Delay - Reverb - Others (Vocoder and other bizareries) These effects are available on each of these two effects engines in the machine. …

  • DigiTech Vocal 300

    DigiTech Vocal 300 - acromontagne's review


    Does everything said in the review previous ones. The + is between the XLR microphone (at the same time for a voice effect!) UTILIZATION The setup is fairly simple. Use too. SOUND QUALITY While the effects. All dpend what you want to do. If…

  • DigiTech Vocalist Live 2

    DigiTech Vocalist Live 2 - jimbee's review


    Finally I used acht illico test yesterday and until late at night. It is super perfect. Done everything I expected with three major aspects: 1 - it is easy to use and good quality (I'm playing live or work in rept home and does not studio) …