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Hybrid synthesizers user reviews

  • Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1

    Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1 - " This small Casing is a killer!"


    Shruthi-the concept of an approach based on a "you made the same", so normally you have to play the soldering iron to turn the kit supplied in a small and friendly synth oprationel. Mono, the Shruthi-1 is based on a hybrid basis synthse numriques …

  • Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1

    Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1 - " small but strong!"


    I'll let you read the adjacent t say the notices previous ones, are the charactristiques résumé. UTILIZATION it takes a little time to understand how the menus, the manual is simple and clear. Be aware that plugins are available for Ableton Liv…

  • Korg Dw-8000

    Korg Dw-8000 - " Huge for his age"


    hybrid synth oscillator analog, digital parameters, ployphonie 8 channels, 64 memories to store sounds, about sixty parameters. output line L / R separate MIDI IN, OUT, THROUGH, pedals. 76-key weighted keyboard with velocity. Arpeggiator, detune, j…

  • Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1

    Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1 - " evolver killer?!?" has images


    2 wavetable osc (unfortunately only a USER) and many thoughtful (like the rest of the synthesizer to writing code whichis a model of clarity and didacticism of the door is wide open to hackers at all levels since it is the DIY but also in the OS and …

  • Casio HT700

    Casio HT700 - " Daddy, you play the subtractive?"


    Basically mini keyboard families (factory sounds ridiculous, ballochi accompaniments), the HT700 has the distinction of having under the hood of a subtractive complete chain fully editable. The DCO has 31 waveforms PCM, the VCF (yes, a real VCF!) Is …

  • Casio HT6000

    Casio HT6000 - " a jewel!"


    He has a look of poor casio keyboard arranger that we find in Carrefour during the holidays, and yet it is a real bomb. On the inside everything is analog. Dco, filters, chorus, modulation. It is a powerhouse had concocted to try to counter Casio Y…

  • Dave Smith Instruments Evolver

    Dave Smith Instruments Evolver - " Huge ..."


    They were given without previous notice. UTILIZATION Taking but is really very simple. The matrix is ​​printed on the hull ... All boheur. The manual is clear and very useful both because it is very easy to approach. SOUNDS The sonoritées a…

  • M.F.B. Polylite

    M.F.B. Polylite - " Small but mighty"


    The Polylite is a plastic box without potentiometers that features a hybrid synthesizer analog / digital (oscillators digital / analog filter 24 dB) with 4 voice polyphony. It has a mono output, a mono input, one MIDI input and output in 5-pin DIN …

  • Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1

    Mutable Instruments Shruthi-1 - " "GENIAL""


    Monophonic - SMR-4 filter - Filter cem3379 UTILIZATION simple .... and effective SOUNDS love, since I'm monté1 filter SMR-4 2 and other cem3379 with filters and it is simply excellent. Good big bass to treble acids leads! ... Demo ... Muta…

  • Dave Smith Instruments PolyEvolver Keyboard

    Dave Smith Instruments PolyEvolver Keyboard - Wavinghand's review


    See the link for the manufacturer to the exact configuration. We appreciate the separate outputs for all 4 channels, especially since they are stereo, as odd oscillators are wired to Left and even on the right. 4 channels polyphony, expandable via …