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  • [Musikmesse] Audio-Technica BP40 microphone

    [Musikmesse] Audio-Technica BP40 microphone

    04/14/15 in Audio-Technica BP40

    Audio-Technica will introduce tomorrow at Musikmesse 2015 a new dynamic large diaphragm vocal mic for broadcast, the BP40.

  • [Musikmesse] New Lauten Audio Eden tube microphone
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    [Musikmesse] New Lauten Audio Eden tube microphone

    04/13/15 in Lauten Audio Eden LT-386

    Lauten will debut on Wednesday at Musikmesse the new LT-386 tube microphone designed in collaboration with Fab Dupont, and nicknamed Eden.

  • [Musikmesse] Tascam TM-80 condenser mic

    [Musikmesse] Tascam TM-80 condenser mic

    04/10/15 in Tascam TM-80

    Tascam introduces a new very affordable condenser microphone for home studio, the TM-80.

  • PluralEyes offered with a Rode microphone
    Special price

    PluralEyes offered with a Rode microphone

    04/10/15 in RODE VideoMic GO

    Until the end of the year, Rode offers purchasers of one of their microphones the Red Giant PluralEyes audio/video sync software.

  • CAD U39 USB microphone

    CAD U39 USB microphone

    02/27/15 in CAD U39

    CAD introduces an evolution of the U37, the U39 USB condenser microphone equipped with a headphone monitoring circuit.

  • [NAMM][VIDEO] Blue Microphones Hummingbird
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    [NAMM][VIDEO] Blue Microphones Hummingbird

    01/25/15 in Blue Microphones Hummingbird

    Audiofanzine visited the Blue Microphones booth at NAMM 2015 to know more about the Hummingbird small diaphragm condenser mic.

  • [NAMM] Rode NTR ribbon microphone

    [NAMM] Rode NTR ribbon microphone

    01/24/15 in RODE NTR

    Rode is at NAMM 2015 to introduce several new products, including the NTR ribbon studio microphone.

  • [NAMM] 2 new TC-Helicon products at NAMM
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    [NAMM] 2 new TC-Helicon products at NAMM

    01/21/15 in TC-Helicon Ditto Mic Looper

    TC-Helicon will introduce tomorrow at NAMM 2015 two new products, a looper for microphone in the Ditto Series and the MP-76 dynamic mic.

  • [NAMM] Blue Microphones Hummingbird 


    [NAMM] Blue Microphones Hummingbird 

    01/19/15 in Blue Microphones Hummingbird

    Blue Microphones will unveil at NAMM 2015 a new small diaphragm condenser microphone for instruments, the Hummingbird.

  • [NAMM] Audix D6 Anniversary edition

    [NAMM] Audix D6 Anniversary edition

    01/15/15 in Audix D6 Anniversary Limited Edition

    Audix closed the celebrations of its 30th anniversary with a special edition of its D6 kick microphone, which is limited to 750 copies worldwide.