Modulation effects pedals user reviews

  • TC Electronic Corona Chorus

    TC Electronic Corona Chorus - "Great pedal"


    This is a pedal that has just come onto the market. TC Electronics have been know for their excellent effects rack units such as the 2290 or the G Major models. These units have served many artist and musicians around the globe. Now Tc Electronics i…

  • Zvex Ringtone

    Zvex Ringtone - "Tap-tempo ringmod"


    There aren't many ringtone modulators out there like this, so this pedal is pretty unique in terms of what it does. Basically, it generates a signal with each of the small miniature pots. You can tune those pots to whatever frequency you want and c…

  • Keeley Electronics Phaser

    Keeley Electronics Phaser - "The only phaser you need"


    Keeley is a famous pedal maker from Oklahoma. He started making pedals 10 years ago and put himself on the map by modding pedals and making his own. His original pedals have been used by many famous people like Steve Vai and Brad Paisley. He now has …

  • Boomerang E-155 Chorus & Delay

    Boomerang E-155 Chorus & Delay - "Fancy delay and chorus pedal"


    Boomerang is a Texas boutique effects company. They have a really fancy pedal out called the E-155. The E-155 is a delay and chorus pedal. The E-155 features 3 types of chorus effects Classic, Shimmer and Lush. It has 3 types of delay effect also. Th…

  • Dunlop HT1 Heil Talkbox

    Dunlop HT1 Heil Talkbox - "Great device!"


    This is a talk box. It works by connecting between an amplifier and a cabinet. It essentially is a speaker - powered by a horn - that is connected to a vinyl tube. Insert the tube in your mouth, play some overdriven/distorted guitar, move your lip…

  • MXR EVH117 Flanger

    MXR EVH117 Flanger - "EVH's version of the 117"


    Eddie Van Halen was famous for his usage of the flanger in certain songs. He basically made that "jet plane" sound famous. This is really the exact same thing as the normal MXR 117, but this has the Eddie stripes on it, and it also has a button tha…

  • MXR EVH90 Phase 90

    MXR EVH90 Phase 90 - "Great sounding Phaser"


    The EVH Phase 90 is one of the pedals that Eddie helped design. He was one of the guitarists that helped make this effect really stand out, so it was only natural for MXR to offer Eddie his own signature pedal. The EVH Phase 90 differs from the nor…

  • Dunlop HT1 Heil Talkbox

    Dunlop HT1 Heil Talkbox - "Good talkbox but...."


    Very simple setup...but you may want to use a seperate amplifier to run this talk box. Your guitar plugs into the heil and then goes out to the input of a guitar amplifier...that's it. Your guitar's signal is routed through the talk box and then up t…

  • Jam Pedals WaterFall

    Jam Pedals WaterFall - "The best chorus. Period. " has images


    - Controls for depth and rate - Toggles for intensity(+, -) and chorus/vibrato - True bypass - Hand made, hand painted! - Solid construction, top quality componants - Powered by 9v battery or 9v adapter UTILIZATION Not the simplest c…

  • Analog Man Chorus

    Analog Man Chorus - "Killer chorus pedal!" has images


    - True Bypass - High quality components, durable, well built - True analog chips (1024 stage bucket brigade) - Powered 9v (can take up to 12v) batter or boss style adapter. Inserting an adapter disables the battery drain - Internal gain t…