Modulation effects pedals user reviews

  • Fender Starcaster Chorus Pedal

    Fender Starcaster Chorus Pedal - "Fender Starcaster Chorus"


    This is the hideous puke green Starcaster Chorus pedal put out by Fender. The Starcaster is Fender's super cheap line that is mass produced and sent all over to places like Best Buy, Target and some music stores. This pedal by fluke does a cool…

  • Boss CE-3 Chorus

    Boss CE-3 Chorus - "Decent chorus"


    The Boss CE-3 is a fairly overlooked chorus pedal on the market. More people seem to go for the CE-1 or CE-2, and I can see why. This pedal features three knobs -- a rate knob, a depth knob and a 2 way rotary knob to select between two voicings. I…

  • Electro-Harmonix Pulsar

    Electro-Harmonix Pulsar - "Pretty Interesting Vibrato Pedal"


    This is a Tremolo pedal for guitar. It can also be used with other instruments like keys and bass but I haven't tried it in those respects. It has a 1/4" input and output and can be powered with a nine-volt battery or adaptor. I recommend the adaptor…

  • Ibanez AF2 Airplane Flanger - Paul Gilbert Signature Flanger

    Ibanez AF2 Airplane Flanger - Paul Gilbert Signature Fl… - "Solid Flanger and Then Some"


    The AF2 comes with two modes, the first of which is Taxi; this is just your standard flanger, and is 80's-tastic. In case you were wondering if you could relive "the good ol' days with this," you can, whether we like it or not. The second mode is Tak…

  • Blackout Effectors Whetstone Analog Phaser V2

    Blackout Effectors Whetstone Analog Phaser V2 - "Top Shelf Phasery"


    I will assume some level of intelligence on your part (probably not my best move on the internet) and believe that you have not stumbled here by accident, you know what this pedal is, and what it does, and I will not bore you with a retelling of the …

  • Danelectro CV-1 Vibe

    Danelectro CV-1 Vibe - "Amazing rendition of an old favorite"


    Like it says on the box, this is a vibe pedal. Amazing wobbly tones can be had from it. It is different than most vibe pedals and I think it is a simulation of an actual vibe but it sure sounds great. Speed and intensity controls are typical for vi…

  • First Act Chorus Pedal

    First Act Chorus Pedal - "Great Chorus Pedal for Cheap"


    This is a great little chorus. It has a Volume Knob(which effects the volume even when bypassed), an Intensity Knob(which determines the amount and volume of the affected sound) and a Speed knob (which effects the speed of the wet signal). It has an …

  • Line 6 Tap tremolo

    Line 6 Tap tremolo - moosers's review


    The Line 6 Tap Tremolo is a guitar pedal that's no longer being made. It's a digital pedal that gives you the chance to, as the name clearly states, actually tap out the speed you'd like the tremolo to run at. The pedal is not rack mountable since …

  • Boss CE-2 Chorus

    Boss CE-2 Chorus - "Very cool chorus pedal"


    The CE-2 that I owned was a really good chorus pedal. I had an old one, it was used plenty by its previous owner and it sounded very good. Only 2 controls but it did not need more. It's all analog and people are still looking for these so they tend t…

  • Maxon PT999 Phase Tone Reissue

    Maxon PT999 Phase Tone Reissue - "Small box, big sounding phaser"


    The PT999 is an oldschool type phaser, basically like the old orange box from the seventies. I really dig the look of this pedal, nice color :-) It is a simple pedal although there are some tricks under the bonnet. Basically, you have just the rate …