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Thread readAny tips on ambient field recording with Minidisc?[Recording & Mixing]0Lanky Bastardos35809/14/2005 03:51
by Lanky Bastardos
Thread readHaving trouble mixing with new speakers[Recording & Mixing]4Ricko_en88708/18/2005 05:33
by Axeman
Thread readOpinions on mix[Recording & Mixing]2Gjo74408/17/2005 06:57
by Gjo
Thread readCan anyone rate my new song?[Recording & Mixing]0M4ca29807/19/2005 11:07
by M4ca
Thread readAnyone spare some time to crit?[Recording & Mixing]0mintyjones29007/18/2005 20:50
by mintyjones
Thread readWho has t Tracks that can send it to me?i need it really bad[Recording & Mixing]1ElCubanito30505/23/2005 19:27
by KitC
Thread readNeed More DepthGo directly to the latest post[Recording & Mixing]11HazeBlazer159705/23/2005 19:23
by KitC
Thread readWonder why your recordings never sound like major releases?[Recording & Mixing]0Covenant6628803/09/2005 13:19
by Covenant66
Thread readHow to Burn a CD in DTS format[Recording & Mixing]0Sepand32902/24/2005 02:37
by Sepand
Thread readPre-mastering/Redbook standards? Anyone?[Recording & Mixing]0mackovyak44402/03/2005 09:02
by mackovyak
Thread read[b]Korg D1200[/b][Recording & Mixing]0BrazzBass42602/02/2005 00:05
by BrazzBass
Thread readguitar solo not sittingGo directly to the latest post[Recording & Mixing]20mikey_j_420314701/24/2005 09:08
by mikey_j_420
Thread readHarcore pan recording help!![Recording & Mixing]3Harout74212/04/2004 08:12
by mackovyak
Thread readTime Stretch Tips[Recording & Mixing]2sta-Jim49011/22/2004 10:21
by sta-Jim
Thread readNeed some feedback[Recording & Mixing]3Axeman57511/07/2004 13:34
by Axeman
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