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Thread readneed help[Recording & Mixing]2stevemac43001/08/2007 06:35
by stevemac
Thread readHas anyone tried Xenix Mixers?[Recording & Mixing]3sunny15277001/07/2007 05:57
by ra7or
Thread readshitty sound Help!!!![Recording & Mixing]5snoopy_en90901/03/2007 02:58
by ra7or
Thread readBehringer Mixer help[Recording & Mixing]4sunny152173701/03/2007 02:46
by sunny152
Thread readI really need a mixer- but not just any mixer... Please help...[Recording & Mixing]1Uncle EZ54912/27/2006 07:33
by HoboZig
Thread readBehringer UB-802 Mixer outputs Question[Recording & Mixing]2sunny152119012/27/2006 03:13
by sunny152
Thread readmastering sound levels[Recording & Mixing]3vic4413953212/13/2006 03:56
by Lawrence78
Thread readMixing with Pro Tools Le[Recording & Mixing]3Rustic132412/10/2006 20:59
by geirisk8
Thread readIn plain English-how do 'assignable outs' work/what's the advantages?Go directly to the latest post[Recording & Mixing]11Uncle EZ325311/09/2006 15:02
by ra7or
Thread readi have problem mixing my reggae songs[Recording & Mixing]0townie40211/02/2006 11:51
by townie
Thread readMixing Desk Failure[Recording & Mixing]4sonnetone82610/13/2006 13:42
by sonnetone
Thread readNeed help with mixing.[Recording & Mixing]2Ltz8759510/13/2006 04:22
by DoA
Thread readGreat step-by-step guide to Djiing with Ableton Live[Recording & Mixing]0DoA59010/13/2006 04:12
by DoA
Thread readHow do I rewire reason into Nuendo or cubase and record it[Recording & Mixing]1dj_budddhika121710/13/2006 01:02
by DoA
Thread readPortable digital audio recording[Recording & Mixing]0a5hfaq44110/08/2006 22:50
by a5hfaq
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