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Thread readNewbie - Mixing Tips for Orchestra[Recording & Mixing]0sh33669752411/17/2005 18:22
by sh336697
Thread readStereo Placement of 3 Guitars???[Recording & Mixing]0mackovyak50010/17/2005 17:03
by mackovyak
Thread readMixing Vs. Editing...which is more important?[Recording & Mixing]4gishkid53810/10/2005 17:04
by Axeman
Thread readsearch for the best sound[Recording & Mixing]0slaveming28909/28/2005 16:06
by slaveming
Thread readFostex VF80ex Digital multitracker - adding effects[Recording & Mixing]2CPCC88809/23/2005 02:40
Thread readFree online Mix De-construction videos[Recording & Mixing]0BruceAMiller40109/20/2005 13:45
by BruceAMiller
Thread readUsing Reason 2.5 as a mixer?[Recording & Mixing]3jproark54909/17/2005 13:33
by johnnyboy_en
Thread readneed help again![Recording & Mixing]8TMB114209/15/2005 01:33
by Iipekki
Thread readOriginals in the works - soliciting feedback on the mix (sound clips)[Recording & Mixing]2Deaj56009/14/2005 21:26
by Deaj
Thread readAny tips on ambient field recording with Minidisc?[Recording & Mixing]0Lanky Bastardos31309/14/2005 03:51
by Lanky Bastardos
Thread readHaving trouble mixing with new speakers[Recording & Mixing]4Ricko_en76108/18/2005 05:33
by Axeman
Thread readOpinions on mix[Recording & Mixing]2Gjo64408/17/2005 06:57
by Gjo
Thread readCan anyone rate my new song?[Recording & Mixing]0M4ca25407/19/2005 11:07
by M4ca
Thread readAnyone spare some time to crit?[Recording & Mixing]0mintyjones25607/18/2005 20:50
by mintyjones
Thread readWho has t Tracks that can send it to me?i need it really bad[Recording & Mixing]1ElCubanito21605/23/2005 19:27
by KitC
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