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SPL user reviews

  • SPL GoldMike

    SPL GoldMike - " Good stuff"


    Analog semi-lamp 2 XLR inputs and XLR output jack or 6.35 Rackable. 48v, phase reverse, 30dB pad, button "flair" (dig the medium and suddenly makes this the treble and bass), cut down. UTILIZATION Very easy to use, very effective. SOUND Q…

  • SPL Transient Designer 2

    SPL Transient Designer 2 - stereosound's review


    Amendment to the attack and sustain of a sound (broadband) in amplification or attenuation. Analog processing, clean and quiet. Operation "dual mono" linkable by a pusher (to sync channels) Connectors (I must look, he is wired into my rack). In…

  • SPL GoldMike

    SPL GoldMike - Bubbagump's review


    preamp 2 channel hybrid ic / lamp, Class A function (FLAIR shelve @ 2K) etc ... all aa already been detailed. Phantom, cutting down attenuateur.72 db gain. No entry line. UTILIZATION utiisation of the microphone preamp? uh ... So you must …

  • SPL Vitalizer SX2 Pro

    SPL Vitalizer SX2 Pro - StageCrafters's review


    SPL SX 2 Psycho Dynamic Processor USE On everything and anything! I love that stuff. I have no manual, I only know what I've been able to analyze and I can say that it is a time standard, but also very dangerous. The use is very simple and …

  • SPL 2Control Gray

    SPL 2Control Gray - " that's quality."


    I use it for 1 week and I love it, I tested the Mackie Big Knob, which had not liked the noise level because it changed the sound, although that level was more than interesting feature especially for the price. What I like most is the sound is rathe…

  • SPL MixDream XP

    SPL MixDream XP - boogie-raf's review


    Rackable Model 1 unit, Class A UTILIZATION Simple setup. SOUND QUALITY Great sound quality, transparent. I use it to summon the subgroups. OVERALL OPINION - I use it for 2 years. ITB mixes are digital but the differences are not dramati…

  • SPL Vitalizer MK2-T

    SPL Vitalizer MK2-T - " Interresting!"


    No worries on that side, the install is done without worries! A plug SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE light enough! OVERALL OPINION I use it for 10 days, that is difficult to say what he brings but basically it allows interresting work on the stereo (…

  • SPL Qure

    SPL Qure - Furykane's review


    See previous review UTILIZATION The high pass filter and low pass are united, we can not engage one another without engaging and vice versa. What is annoying in some modern productions, hip hop or dance, high pass filter being at least 40Hz it t…

  • SPL Cabulator

    SPL Cabulator - " avoids conflicts with neighbors: o)"


    I, been using it for 6 months environt is the first device that I use in this type j'aime bcp simulations of HP make good DI which allows entry into a sound card (which is stereo parity place stereo effects on the track) I simulations HP and torq…

  • SPL Stereo Vitalizer MK2-T

    SPL Stereo Vitalizer MK2-T - tony-blackman's review


    is a compressor / tube stereo enhancer. the connection is complete. UTILIZATION config is the child that will rule over his ear .... the manual is short but sufficient SOUND QUALITY this rack is very effective on a bus or low DRUM or t…