SPL user reviews

  • SPL Madison

    SPL Madison - " The best value for money!"


    Madison is a 16in/16out MADI converter. The analog I / O are on DB25 connectors. Digital connection is optical MADI. You can choose the frequency of conversion from 44.1 to 192Khz + -10% The analog part is 36V >> large headroom. You can cho…

  • SPL Transducer

    SPL Transducer - " interesting"


    it is the simulator for practice amp head with: - An input impedance of 8ohms - A 8ohms output to attack a real cab - Mic output jack / XLR - Two Line output jack / XLR all hand made in our German friends at SPL transistor rack-mount 2U19 …

  • SPL SPL ALL 2012 Bundle

    SPL SPL ALL 2012 Bundle - " The great German"


    installation is that there are more simple. No incompatibilities. A manual? no need. SUITABILITY/PERFORMANCE I use it on macbook 2006 dual core 2.33 Hz with 2G of ram so not a machine Compete and TWIST! I'm working on Nuendo 4 and Cubase 6. Eve…

  • SPL Transient Designer 4

    SPL Transient Designer 4 - generalk's review


    SPL Transient Designer is a formidable device since it allows having drum ultra striking but must have the use wisely ... It may have the effect of a gate or as a comp with 2 button per channel only, you can very easily sculter the volume of the at…

  • SPL Channel One Premium

    SPL Channel One Premium - " Effective and transparent!"


    It is a preamp / compressor-channel rack lamp, complete connectivity to the rear input / output XLR and Jack, digital input / output (optional but present on the one I purchased *) stereo inputs for playback, instrument input, headphone jack and fron…

  • SPL Transient Designer 4

    SPL Transient Designer 4 - " Forget plug-in SPL!"


    4 inputs / 4 outputs on XLR, 2 buttons per channel (Attack / Sustain) and possible linker 2 channels. UTILIZATION Given the number of buttons, I think I have nothing more simple in my studio! SOUND QUALITY No loss when you go in, no staining.…

  • SPL 2Control Gray

    SPL 2Control Gray - " fine"


    used for 6 months out of my sound card beautiful, beefy neutral, huge headroom, Crossfeed checker to some extent the problems of phase headphone, so a comparison more inputs and outputs high quality outputs double headphones and the same qua…

  • SPL Reducer

    SPL Reducer - " Does what you want it to! Transparent!"


    Handwired passive attenuator. Selectable impedance (4, 8 or 16 ohms). Attenuation 0dB to infinity. Dual input / output. The fact that the attenuator is passive is very useful I find is always a power supply less to lug around, we just add th…

  • SPL De-Esser

    SPL De-Esser - " have nothing to do with the other"


    Esser is all. Rack is a esser does not work like other compression in fact it is a scan hf and he works out of phase suddenly no Seveux on the tongue or other artifacts ... UTILIZATION This is a childish device you balance a singer like spo…

  • SPL Charisma 2

    SPL Charisma 2 - EKAA's review


    "Preamp" stereo tube. Rack IN / OUT XLR or Jack Basic UTILIZATION Nothing more simple. 3 buttons per channel, manual absolutely useless ... we need to find the balance, or the desired sound playing on the drive and charisma .. and adj…