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Jackson V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitars user reviews

  • Jackson RR5 Randy Rhoads

    Jackson RR5 Randy Rhoads - Lowayk's review


    The guitar was construiste in Japan in the factory they have set up Jackson there in the 80s. It has 22 frets. Two Seymour Duncan humbuckers. Tune-o-matic. Two volume knobs (one for each microphone) a tone knob, and a micro switch. The handle…

  • Jackson Randy Rhoads RR24

    Jackson Randy Rhoads RR24 - elmin0r's review


    A 24 cargo while beauty. A Made in Japan, which has class. Floyd Rose Original Series Portar a volume for an emg 81 active a "fast neck" which become incortournable once tamed. UTILIZATION The Ebony fingerboard is wonderful and mache is s…

  • Jackson USA RR1T Randy Rhoads

    Jackson USA RR1T Randy Rhoads - Keess's review


    Made in the United States, 22 frets, two Seymour Duncan, a TB4 bridge and neck in a sh2n, vol 2 tone one. string thru to sustain incredible, precise sound and well cut. run thru neck (driver) trs smooth, fast. see the site of Jackson ... …

  • Jackson Rhoads EX

    Jackson Rhoads EX - banbanthirion's review


    22 boxes, Bolt, 2 doubles passive 3-position selector knob and a volume. How simple. and vibrato type floyd (yeah ...) UTILIZATION Guitar for the stage rather I would say we can not play sitting, and saw its shape, as the show. In addition it is …

  • Jackson JS30RR Randy Rhoads

    Jackson JS30RR Randy Rhoads - Anonyme's review


    - Guitar made in India - 24 Frets, Micro CVR2 Jackson humbuckers - Fixed bridge - A volume knob and a tone selector 3 position - Channel under, Good end for easy access to acute Willingness to start ...... UTILIZATION At first glance t…

  • Jackson RX10D Randy Rhoads

    Jackson RX10D Randy Rhoads - demonaz's review


    It's a guitar made in Japan, compared to what is said and down, mine was made in Japan and not India. Alder body (that which is put on paper) 22 jumbo frets, 2 humbeker jackson, jackson floyd, 1 volume and no tone selector 3 position handle and ref…

  • Jackson Kelly STD

    Jackson Kelly STD - charcuto's review


    This is a notice about my Standard Kelly made in Japan in 1995. The body is alder, and from what I can see, at least two parties. The neck is maple 24 cases, and also composed of two parts: the handle itself, and the head. The key is rosewood, wi…

  • Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads

    Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads - Gortch's review


    It's a Japanese guitar it has a Bolt with 22 boxes Seymour Duncan easel-like floyd there is a knob for volume and two microphones for I believe look at it is responsible, super geule! UTILIZATION The neck is super enjoyable, trs end, an…

  • Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads

    Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads - monsieur plume's review


    CHARACTERISTICS for all t dja said. I think that micro Contents you can find much better. UTILIZATION The handle is trs enjoyable, it's a pleasure to play. CHAC is the acute impcable. The guitar is really not lourde.La form does not impede…

  • Jackson RR5 Randy Rhoads

    Jackson RR5 Randy Rhoads - poufinou's review


    Short story: In September 1977, Grover Jackson returns home as Wayne Charvel guitar rparateur. He bought the ailing company in November of the following ANNR continuing the work of Repair Tool and customization of guitars. End of 1980 he met the youn…