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Jackson V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitars user reviews

  • Jackson RR5 Randy Rhoads

    Jackson RR5 Randy Rhoads - poufinou's review


    Short story: In September 1977, Grover Jackson returns home as Wayne Charvel guitar rparateur. He bought the ailing company in November of the following ANNR continuing the work of Repair Tool and customization of guitars. End of 1980 he met the youn…

  • Jackson Randy Rhoads RR24

    Jackson Randy Rhoads RR24 - Anonyme's review


    Guitar Japanese Good Manufacturing, 24 keys with floyd rose, a single volume knob UTILIZATION Handle very flat, very acute ais access to at least until the 21th box, very good ergonomics. SOUNDS Guitar not versatile type only mtal his very bo…

  • Jackson PS3T Rhoads

    Jackson PS3T Rhoads - Lecrokmitn's review


    Floyd Rose String Block a 3-position selector 3potards of tonalitvolume 22frets 2 humbucker UTILIZATION Channel enjoyable round super thick and end in a large pile on the frets The shape can s'averrer not practical to play sitting but not…

  • Jackson JS30KE Kelly

    Jackson JS30KE Kelly - Eternal Kelly's review


    It was manufactured in India. It has 24 frettes.Deux Jackson CVR Humbuckers in bridge and neck. For the bridge is a fixed string with the through, so a good sustain. Level knobs were the classics: one volume, one tone and one 3-position selecto…

  • Jackson JS30RR Randy Rhoads

    Jackson JS30RR Randy Rhoads - wardead's review


    All say about further notice USE Ah use is bizzar since the entry of the jack is placed at a location zarb SONORITS All said about the other NOTICE GLOBAL Franchemnt I lai depui 3 months and I find it great but the big major defect …

  • Jackson PS6T Kelly

    Jackson PS6T Kelly - tanador's review


    24 frets, 2 double original jackson, replaced with emg 81 and 89. licensed floyd jackson a tone, a 3-position selector end round, flat, wide asssez. UTILIZATION Handle very nice! access to a treble a bit difficult from the 22 th but used it…

  • Jackson KE3 Kelly

    Jackson KE3 Kelly - w7macleod's review


    -Guitar made in japan. (Excellent compromise for the price of the series United States) -24 Boxes. -Alder body. -Pickups: Seymour Duncan: 1 sh2 jazz humbucker neck and a humbucker in bridge TB4. Floyd rose tremolo-s / jackson license. Slcte…

  • Jackson KE3 Kelly

    Jackson KE3 Kelly - nicocobhc's review


    Japanese-guitar. -24 Frets. -Alder body. -1 Sh2 jazz humbucker neck and a humbucker in bridge TB4. Licenced floyd-jackson. A 3-position switch and a volume knob. Jackson-sleeve screwed into Rabl. -Back "shark teeth". -Black hardware. …

  • Jackson WRXT Warrior

    Jackson WRXT Warrior - Makian's review


    Channel 24 frets. Japanese manufactured. Floyd Rose tremolo. 2 knobs: one for volume, one for tone. A selector 3 positions. Duncan Designed pickups UTILIZATION The handle is great. It glides well and is not too large, you can just blame…

  • Jackson Randy Rhoads RR24

    Jackson Randy Rhoads RR24 - capo jordison's review


    It looks to me more than correct USE Ideal for metal SOUNDS EMG 81 bridge its position to do very poorly NOTICE GLOBAL Hi So I find this beautiful skyscrapers vrément a tone as I love and I'd like to aquérir not know too expensive y…