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Jackson V/XPL/FB Shaped Guitars user reviews

  • Jackson JS32T King V [2010-2012]

    Jackson JS32T King V [2010-2012] - " input solid line!"


    I used the last two years it is placed in entry-level brand, owns two passive humbuckers "jackson", a screw in four very broad and flat point round which seems to be ideal for shred but ... Access to acute is pretty bad unfortunately due to a junc…

  • Jackson PS3T Rhoads

    Jackson PS3T Rhoads - " A good scratch metal"


    Made in Japan. Floyd rose bridge. Flat handle 22 boxes. 2 humbucker pickups Jackson 1 micro switch. 2 volume knobs and one tone knob. UTILIZATION The handle is very nice, you feel you can play it fast. This is the opposite of a handle LP fo…

  • Jackson JS32 Rhoads [2010-2012]

    Jackson JS32 Rhoads [2010-2012] - " Good basis"


    Jackson JS32 Made in Indonesia This is a Rhoad with a Floyd Rose licensed. The bolt on neck is rather thin, flat with easy access to acute. Normal given the shape of the guitar. We play with 24 frets, pickups are passive brand. (CRV2) A in the …

  • Jackson JS30RR Randy Rhoads

    Jackson JS30RR Randy Rhoads - " Very good for metal scrapers"


    Everything has been said before. We retain the essential: - The form RR - 24 cases - No Floyd - Handle very fast UTILIZATION Handle it like it or not. Lovers of good big metal will appreciate. Access to acute is not a problem. The wea…

  • Jackson King V KVXMG

    Jackson King V KVXMG - " Guitar very nice mid-range"


    Made in India, it is equipped with a Floyd Rose licensed neck-through, 24 frets, 2 EMG (81 and 85), a tone and volume. UTILIZATION The neck is quite thin in width and is relatively large. Suddenly, gripping the guitar is pretty easy. It was alrea…

  • Jackson KV5FR King V

    Jackson KV5FR King V - " thrash or die!"


    Alder body Maple neck rosewood fretboard (rosewood) 24 frets 648mm scale 1x Seymour Duncan JB (bridge) and 1x Seymour Duncan Jazz (neck) pickups Floyd Rose FRT 2000 tremolo is a Japanese-made conductive with handle. volume, a selecto…

  • Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads

    Jackson RR3 Randy Rhoads - " Jackson RR3 .. Perfect! But ..."


    For description check out the site builder. 2 micro ringing after his tastes and colors .. I have put the paf joe or above those of the guitarist of Avenged Sevenfold .. But it seems to drool too .. On youtube you can find videos test. Aft…

  • Jackson Randy Rhoads RR24

    Jackson Randy Rhoads RR24 - " Not bad!"


    So Easel floyd rose (real), a micro emg 81, a volume knob, a handle end a little extra to the ibanez but more comfortable and slippery. The paint is gold and black, nothing to say at the features, this guitar is great! UTILIZATION The handle is v…

  • Jackson KE3 Kelly (Before 2006)

    Jackson KE3 Kelly (Before 2006) - " A single model ..."


    Made in Japan model with a Floyd Rose for Jackson. Reverse handle (this is the only model I've seen with this configuration ..) 24 frets rosewood with mother of pearl shark teeth embedded. Two micro Humbucker signed Jackson (I've never seen this…

  • Jackson RX10D Randy Rhoads

    Jackson RX10D Randy Rhoads - " My Favorite Guitar"


    So beware, when I read the reviews here, I think that there is confusion on the model. Mine is a Japanese and changes everything. C is the same as the CE-3 except that it nya that a single knob, no pickguard and the input jack is placed under the low…