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  • [NAMM] Phonic AM 440D Mixer

    [NAMM] Phonic AM 440D Mixer

    01/09/11 in Phonic AM 440D

    The AM 440D is a 4-Mic/Line 4-Stereo Input Compact Mixer with DFX

  • Carvin XP800L Mixer

    Carvin XP800L Mixer

    11/04/10 in Carvin XP800L

    The XP800L Stereo 6 Channel powered mixer features 8 inputs and 500 watts RMS (750 watts peak) power from 2 amplifiers in a 10 lbs enclosure.

  • SSL AWS 948 Console

    SSL AWS 948 Console

    10/27/10 in SSL AWS 948

    Solid State Logic presents an update to the AWS 900 console.

  • Cadac Electronics LIVE1

    Cadac Electronics LIVE1

    10/02/10 in Cadac Electronics LIVE1

    Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, the Cadac LIVE1 compact console is scheduled to start shipping in November.

  • Midas VeniceF

    Midas VeniceF

    09/14/10 in Midas Venice 160

    Although designed for live sound, the audio performance, and the addition of a FireWire digital audio interface mean that the VeniceF can be used for both recording and remixing applications.

  • Tonelux 1628 Analog Mixer

    Tonelux 1628 Analog Mixer

    09/13/10 in Tonelux 1628

    Tonelux released a picture of their soon to be released 1628 Mixing Board, with 16 Channels of Tonelux Mic Pres.

  • Allen & Heath GS-R24

    Allen & Heath GS-R24

    09/10/10 in Allen & Heath GS-R24

    Allen & Heath has published new information regarding its GS-R24 console.

  • Toft Audio Designs ATB-08

    Toft Audio Designs ATB-08

    09/10/10 in Toft Audio Designs ATB-08M

    Toft Audio Designs presents the latest model of Toft Audio Designs' ATB analog consoles, the 8-channel ATB-08.

  • Audient Zen Price Reduction

    Audient Zen Price Reduction

    05/13/10 in Audient ZEN

    FDW Corp announced a price reduction for Audient’s Zen mixing console.

  • Audient ASP2802 Available

    Audient ASP2802 Available

    05/10/10 in Audient ASP2802

    FDW Corp announced the availability of Audient’s eight channel ASP2802 console, launched at MusikMesse 2010 in Frankfurt, combining classic analog features with DAW integration and control.