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  • Apple Logic Pro 9

    Apple Logic Pro 9 - "New owner, same sequencer..."


    Seeing that Logic is MAC only it's pretty much a no brainer on OSX. The manual is ok at best, however there are numerous on-line resources to help with those short comings. Install from the DVDs will take a while for all the extra loop and instrumen…

  • Apple Logic Express 9

    Apple Logic Express 9 - "lets go mac!"


    Apple Logic Express 9 is a solid piece of software. It worked great on my Quad Core computer and never crashed once. I have used Express 9 for about a year before leaving to go to Acid. But all Express 9 users will tell you that this software is gre…

  • Apple Logic Express 9

    Apple Logic Express 9 - Kierkes's review


    Apple's Logic Express 9 is not that much stripped down from the full fledged version. Granted, there are things that Logic Pro contains that a express and essential version will not, but if you are just getting started, there is not much harm in tryi…

  • Apple Logic Pro 9

    Apple Logic Pro 9 - Kierkes's review


    Logic is that program that people all recognize. It can almost be considered second fiddle to Pro Tools in ubiquity. Do not take that with the negative connotation that that phrase normally comes with. Logic is essentially the program that Macs users…

  • Apple Logic Pro 9

    Apple Logic Pro 9 - "Logic rules"


    I started out in Logic 7 and have enjoyed Apple's commitment to constantly improving. They have had some bugs with upgrades and updates but work quickly to get them fixed and I've never had to stop working because of any bugs. I haven't had much exp…

  • Apple Logic Studio 8

    Apple Logic Studio 8 - "i love logic"


    I have been a Logic user since long before it was an Apple product and have to say that this latest version is by far the best yet! Avid/Digidesign keeps giving me more and more reasons to consider ProTools but the bottom line is why switch when I al…

  • Apple Logic Pro 9

    Apple Logic Pro 9 - ericthegreat's review


    I purchased apple logic pro 9 for 450 dollars on sale. That is still pretty pricey for any music production software when there are ones that are 200 dollars cheaper than can do the same thing as this one. I like Logic Pro 9 because of some of the so…

  • Apple Logic Pro 8

    Apple Logic Pro 8 - "One of the best DAWs out there"


    Logic has been one of the main competitors to Pro Tools for quite awhile. Ever since around Logic 7, they've really started giving Pro Tools a run for its money. With Logic Pro 8, you get rock solid performance and ease of use that other DAWs don't…

  • Apple Logic Studio 9

    Apple Logic Studio 9 - "Easily rivals Pro Tools"


    Logic Studio 9 is Apple’s latest version of their famous Logic DAW. The package includes Logic Pro 9, MainStage 2, Soundtrack Pro 3, tons of plug-ins and various production utilities to help you further polish your sound. This version combines the …

  • Apple Logic Pro 8

    Apple Logic Pro 8 - "It's not that great."


    Logic Pro 8 is an electronic music software made by Apple Inc. that is made for music production under a limited amount of sounds and tools as well as to recording in the software. To start off the software, there were no compatibility issues as it w…