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Cables and connectors user reviews

  • Mogami Silver Series Instrument Cable

    Mogami Silver Series Instrument Cable - "Excellent quality for a reasonable price."


    For years the name Mogami has been synonymous with high quality studio grade cabling. After all the money and time we spend getting our perfect rig together it makes no sense to break things down by using a poor quality cable. I ordered three …

  • Art SplitComPro

    Art SplitComPro - "Splits and combines mic signals"


    The Art SplitComPro is a small box, designed to both split and combine microphone signals passively. It has two inputs, two outputs, and two control switches. It has rubber feet that come up on the sides of the box, making it very sturdy and stable w…

  • Planet Waves Gold Instrument Cable

    Planet Waves Gold Instrument Cable - nickname009's review


    I used to only buy planet waves cables and these were the only ones I used to buy. They have upgraded them since and I believe they are better now. Previously the jacks were compressable so that it'd be a tight fit in the input jacks of amps and guit…

  • Planet Waves Jack/jack

    Planet Waves Jack/jack - "high quality cables"


    I've been using Planet Waves Jack/Jack instrument cables for about seven or eight years. I have a number of them and they are a mainstay in my guitar set up. I have found these cables to be beyond reliable. I have never had one break, and the gold t…

  • ProCo Sound MAX20

    ProCo Sound MAX20 - moosers's review


    The ProCo Sound MAX20 is a -20 db pad that you insert in between your mic cable and microphone to give you some more head room and -20 of attenuation with hot mics and on loud signals. There isn't really anything that you need to know other than tha…

  • Horizon IPad-10

    Horizon IPad-10 - moosers's review


    Before there was Apple's iPad, Horizon released a much lesser known device called the Horizon IPad-10. The comparisons will stop there, as of course this serves a completely different function, as it's a -10 db pad for use in the studio. In theory …

  • Hosa CRA803 Octo RCA / RCA 3m

    Hosa CRA803 Octo RCA / RCA 3m - "Good, standard snake cables"


    The Hosa CRA803 is an audio snake with 8 individual cable connections in a 3 meter long length. The connections are available as RCA-RCA, or 1/4"-RCA. In either case, the cables are unbalanced, which means the shorter the cable length that's being …

  • Whirlwind DCT-9 Tester

    Whirlwind DCT-9 Tester - moosers's review


    The Whirlwind DCT-9 Tester is a cable test that can test all sorts of cables to see if they are in working condition or not. I don't own one of these as I don't own a large enough studio, but if I did I would be all over this. Having worked at vari…

  • Little Labs STD Mercenary Instrument Cable Extender

    Little Labs STD Mercenary Instrument Cable Extender - moosers's review


    The Little Labs STD Instrument Cable Extender is a simple and unique device that allows you to extend your instrument cable without losing any quality. If you didn't know, using really long instrument cables can actually cause you to lose some tone,…

  • Tascam PB-32P

    Tascam PB-32P - moosers's review


    The Tascam PB32P is a simple 1/4" 32 point patch bay that can be used in any sort of studio setting. I've used the PB32P a bunch at a friend's home studio where he has it hooked up to some outboard gear. You probably know this if you're reading thi…