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Cables and connectors user reviews

  • Grado 1/4" Extension Cable

    Grado 1/4" Extension Cable - moosers's review


    The Grado 1/4" Extension Cable is a simple cable that is to be used in any situation where you would need to extend a 1/4" cable. The main application that we use this for at the studio where I work is for extending headphone cables. This is defini…

  • Monster Cable Guitare Rock J/j 45cm

    Monster Cable Guitare Rock J/j 45cm - "Expensive and Overrated, but sometimes worth it for the warranty"


    These are a pretty excellent cable. In fact, they have some of the most expensive and advanced materials in their construction. Also, far more care is placed into manufacturing each cable than is typical of manufacturers like Horizon or other, cheape…

  • Stage Ninja INS-26S câble rétractable

    Stage Ninja INS-26S câble rétractable - moosers's review


    The Stage Ninja INS-26S Retractable Cable is a unique 1/4" instrument cable that expands out 26 feet. It's designed for gigging use, but is certainly applicable across the board wherever 1/4" instrument cables could be used. This is not something t…

  • Audio Accessories Inc. Ttal96bb

    Audio Accessories Inc. Ttal96bb - moosers's review


    The Audio Accessories 96 Point Patchbay is a standard patch bay using TT style connections. We've got a few different 96 point patchbays at the studio where I work, and I'm not 100% sure that this is the exact model, but the one we have is indeed a …

  • DiMarzio EP17J00 Jumper Cable

    DiMarzio EP17J00 Jumper Cable - moosers's review


    Dimarzio's Jumper Cable Pedal Couplers are small patch cables that are designed for use with effect boxes. They have right angled ends, so they don't take up much space in between your pedals and allows them to be set up as neatly as possible. I've…

  • Monster Standard 100 Instrument Cable

    Monster Standard 100 Instrument Cable - moosers's review


    The Monster Cable Standard 100 is an instrument cable that is designed for uses of all types. I've used these cables for a variety of different applications, but primarily in the studio and on the stage for use with electric guitar. I've also used …

  • Horizon Concert Series 24 Channel Snake

    Horizon Concert Series 24 Channel Snake - moosers's review


    Horizon's Concert Series 24 Channel Snake is a simple yet very sturdy audio snake that can be used in live concert venues or in the recording studio. The place that I've used this snake has been in the studio, as the studio where I'm working has one…

  • Whirlwind Leader Instrument Cable

    Whirlwind Leader Instrument Cable - moosers's review


    Whirlwind's Leader Instrument Cable is a standard 1/4" cable that can be used in any situation desirable. I've used these in the recording studio, as we've got two or three of them on hand at the studio where I'm working. While these definitely are…

  • Switchcraft TTP96AS

    Switchcraft TTP96AS - moosers's review


    The Switchcraft TTP96AS is a simple patch bay that is designed for routing purposes within a recording studio. A studio where I recently did a week long session at has a few of these in their patch bay configuration, along with a few of them from ot…

  • Shure A15TG

    Shure A15TG - moosers's review


    The Shure A15TG is a simple tone generator that fits in between your mic line. It's got XLR connections on either end and is a battery powered device. The tone that it will generator is at 700 Hz, which of course is strategically chosen since it is…