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Cables and connectors user reviews

  • Planet Waves Elastic Cable Ties

    Planet Waves Elastic Cable Ties - moosers's review


    The Planet Waves 1/4" Elastic Cable Ties are simple little accessories for your instrument or microphone cables that attach to your cables and allows you to hold it together once it's wrapped up and ready to be put away. The elastic band is easily a…

  • Planet Waves Classic Instrument Cable

    Planet Waves Classic Instrument Cable - moosers's review


    The Planet Waves Classic Series 10 Foot Instrument Cable is a simple cable that I use at home for my electric guitar rig. I recently picked up a few of these just to have a few extra 1/4" cables around. Planet Waves is a company that I wholehearted…

  • Rane SM 82S

    Rane SM 82S - moosers's review


    The Rane SM82 S is an eight channel stereo mixer that will fit in a single space of a rack casing. There is a lot that you can do with the SM82 S, as it has a lot of versatility in terms of connection and routing options. Something like this is rea…

  • Hosa CFS606 6 Pack

    Hosa CFS606 6 Pack - moosers's review


    The Hosa CFS606 is a 6 pack of 6" in length 1/4" cables. They are right angled, making them perfect plugging into pedals. I've only used these for hooking up my guitar pedal chain, as these are perfect for this type of use due to their short length…

  • Hosa MID301N MIDI 30 cm

    Hosa MID301N MIDI 30 cm - moosers's review


    The Hosa MID301N is a simple MIDI cable that I have used in the recording studio for a variety of different applications. I've used these cables with MIDI keyboards to send information to a MIDI interface, as well as for use with a Mackie HUI to sen…

  • Mogami Silver Series Mic Cable

    Mogami Silver Series Mic Cable - moosers's review


    The Mogami Silver Series Mic Cable is a mid level XLR cable that comes in a variety of different lengths. Mogami is one of the leaders when it comes to cabling, so needless to say I was expecting a good amount from this cable when I bought it. I wa…

  • Shure A15AS Attenuator

    Shure A15AS Attenuator - moosers's review


    The Shure A15AS Attenuator is a simple connector pad that goes in between your microphone and your console/preamp/audio interface. It has a few different settings, with a switch for choosing between 15, 20, and 25 db attenuation levels. While certa…

  • Tara Labs Spectrum Instrument Cable

    Tara Labs Spectrum Instrument Cable - mooseherman's review


    There is a certain point when you have to really wonder what the difference is between cables. If you have a crappy amp and guitar, a new cable isn't really going to give you the greatest tone. However, if your gear is in great shape and sounds reall…

  • Neutrik NYS-SPP

    Neutrik NYS-SPP - moosers's review


    The Neutrik NYS-SPP is a 48 point patch bay that sits in a single space rack mountable unit. It has 48 1/4" TRS points on the front panel and 48 1/4" TRS connections in the back, and that is all there is to the patch bay. It doesn't require any pow…

  • Monster Powercenter Hts1000fr

    Monster Powercenter Hts1000fr - moosers's review


    The Monster Cable Power Center HTS1000FR is a truly complete power strip that has eight ports power jacks, four coax, and four LAN jacks. It is designed for use with home theaters as a center piece for power and connections. It is definitely one of…