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Cables and connectors user reviews

  • dbx PB48

    dbx PB48 - "Doesn't hold up over time" has images


    The DBX PB48 is a low-cost, no-frills, 48-point, 1/4" TRS jack front-and-back patch bay. Patch channels can be normalled or de-normalled depending on how you have each module oriented--to change configurations, you loosen a plastic nut, remove each …

  • Planet Waves Custom Pro Instrument Cable

    Planet Waves Custom Pro Instrument Cable - "Great instrument cable for those who don't make their own"


    I bought a Planet Waves 20' Pro Custom cable back in June of 2010 because I needed a second one to run to my amp from my effects. Having used a cheap Livewire cable for over a year I knew that I wanted a cable that was actually decent, and that didn'…

  • Gotham GAC-3 mic cable assembly

    Gotham GAC-3 mic cable assembly - "High quality mic cable assemblies" has images


    The Gotham GAC-3 cable assemblies are high quality low-noise cables available in various lengths and jack colors. Mine employ Switchcraft XLR connectors that hold up well over time: the black metal housings are very strong, and the gold contacts…

  • Evidence Audio Forte

    Evidence Audio Forte - nickname009's review


    * IGL-ECS™ conductors: Minimize the effects of strand interaction, the largest source of distortion in cables, but retain the flexibility of a common stranded cable * High Purity Copper: Allows for open and extended midrange and highs withou…

  • Evidence Audio Lyric HG

    Evidence Audio Lyric HG - nickname009's review


    I've been seeing and hearing mixed reviews about this cable, most of which are positive but at the same time I've seen quite a few of them coming back as defects so it's hard to say exactly how good this cable is in terms of reliability, I was lucky …

  • Mogami 2524

    Mogami 2524 - "Great cable for the DIY people"


    I purchased 50 ft. of this cable when I got tired of my George L's cutting out on my board. I shopped around for prices and could not believe what it would cost to have custom cables made for my board so I decided to take a crack at it myself. I have…

  • ProCo Sound TTXF3

    ProCo Sound TTXF3 - moosers's review


    The ProCo Sound TTXF3 is a female XLR to TT cable for use in the recording studio. We've got a couple of these types of cables on hand in our rooms and in reserve at the studio where I work, as they're necessary for plugging microphones directly int…

  • Rip Tie CableWrap

    Rip Tie CableWrap - moosers's review


    Rip Tie's CableWrap is one of the heaviest cable ties that Rip Tie has to offer. They're a one stop shop for cable ties of all shapes and sizes, designed of course to keep your cables of all types wrapped up and nice and neat. The ties come togethe…

  • Monster Cable Guitare Rock J/j 45cm

    Monster Cable Guitare Rock J/j 45cm - "Price is steep, but warranty and quality are great"


    Monster Rock instrument cables are well crafted and use high quality materials. Monster has all sorts of fancy jargon to talk up their product, such as: MicroFiber® inner dielectric provides better isolation of magnetic fields for improved harmonic…

  • Hosa YPP-111

    Hosa YPP-111 - moosers's review


    The Hosa YPP-111 is a simple 1/4" Y splitter that splits a single 1/4" male into two 1/4" female jacks. It's useful in all sorts of situations, as I've got one at home for multi-purpose usage. Mostly, I use it for home audio purposes for splitting …