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Electronic instrument user reviews

  • ARP Quadra

    ARP Quadra - "Best Bundle of Analog"


    I purchased my ARP Quadra new in 1979, and used it non-stop until about 2001. It was in storage for a dozen years, but I've brought it out again, and love the sounds even better now than I did "in the day". No longer distracted by trying to emulat…

  • Access Music Virus TI2 Desktop

    Access Music Virus TI2 Desktop - "User interface has taken a leap forward!" has images


    I bought my TI2 as a new unit from US. I can't remember how much it cost, but it has been worth every penny ever since. I'm already a proud owner of Virus Powercore and Virus C, so TI2 was a warm welcome to my studio. First thing I noticed was that …

  • Roland BK-9

    Roland BK-9 - "16 tracks sequencer is useless and other bugs"


    After I bought this keyboard, I thought it would be good. But it was not. The sounds are good, and that's all that is good. I thought the 16 tracks Sequencer would be perfect, but no. You can not record in the same key transpose that you have selec…

  • Casio CT-700

    Casio CT-700 - "I own the Casio CT-700 61 key keyboard"


    I have a Casio CT-700 61 key keyboard. I enjoy playing this keyboard and fun to play on. The only drawback is that it has a 12 note polyphony in which the note drop out when I use the sustain pedal. It has 99 rhythms, and 99 instrumental sounds. The…

  • GEM Equinox 61

    GEM Equinox 61 - "Great instrument, brilliant sounds, excellent synth engine"


    This workstation (synthesizer, sequencer, sample-reader) is a joy to use. The sounds are really great and definately take after GEM's predecessors (the S-series synths). The only two little nags are in the display (waaaay too small) and the lack of p…

  • Casio Casiotone CT-101

    Casio Casiotone CT-101 - "Anny"


    Thanks por información a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a q q a a q a q a a a q QA q. Q q q q q q. Q q q q q q QA aaa a a a a…

  • Roland JUNO-1

    Roland JUNO-1 - "Nice Compact Synth For Live Gigs"


    This was my very first synthesizer. I still use the Alpha Juno on many of my recordings today PROS: One-touch editing for Tone Modify (Mod Rate - Mod Depth - Brilliance - Envelope Time) Hooverlicious sounds! Excellent support site with info and…

  • Roland MKS-50

    Roland MKS-50 - "Classic Synth Sounds!"


    This has been a rock-solid piece of gear in my studio for a long time. No repairs needed except for changing the battery PROS: Performance Patch settings Small 1U rackmount footprint The sounds are Hooverlicious! Excellent support site with in…

  • Roland U-20

    Roland U-20 - "A Great Controller Keyboard/Synth"


    Some very realistic Piano sounds with the default Patches. Can also create some great Sound FX. Wide selection of accessory PCM Cards to add new sounds PROS: Excellent PCM samples. Nothing beats the SN-U110-12 Saxophone & Trombone PCM Card. http:/…

  • Casio WK-7500

    Casio WK-7500 - "Nice instrument"


    I`ve played the Casio WK-7500 in a music store a while back. It can really imitate the draw bars on a Hammond organ. And they have all kinds of instrumental sounds to it, and a transpose button when your not use to playing in a different key. The onl…