Electronic instrument user reviews

  • Yamaha DGX-205

    Yamaha DGX-205 - "User-friendly fun"


    The DGX-205 is a keyboard that I call "user-friendly fun", because it's VERY easy to use (you don't even need the manual to start using it) and VERY fun to play. I got one of those as an "emergency solution". In the end of 2004, my old Technics keyb…

  • Korg Ix300

    Korg Ix300 - "Old, but good"


    The Korg iX300 is an old arranger workstation and synthesizer. That sentence could mean "bad quality" for some people, but it's actually a great keyboard. It has lots of high quality sounds, with highlights for the Rock Organ ones - can I say that I …

  • Meteoro Wector Keyboard Amplifier 50

    Meteoro Wector Keyboard Amplifier 50 - "Your personal keyboard PA"


    One of the most difficult things for keyboardists is to find the best amplifier for their instruments. Some are compact and easy to transport, but they also lack sound power. Others have a very huge and powerful sound, but they're also way too much h…

  • Yamaha MOX8

    Yamaha MOX8 - "THE keyboard for gigs"


    Do you want an affordable keyboard with top features for gigs? This is the one. If you decided to buy the MOX8, so you're glad of it, because it has anything. I mean, literally. It works perfectly as synthesizer, workstation, master controller and d…

  • Roland SC-880

    Roland SC-880 - "This is what I call "magic"..."


    The Roland SC-880 sound module is what I call "magic". By having one, you can make nearly any keyboard sound "professional". I remember plugging a PSR-275 on it in 2006 and making people impressed with that ;-) The sounds are very 90's dated, but si…

  • Casio XW-P1

    Casio XW-P1 - "The synthesis in your hands"


    This is an instrument that works as synthesizer, organ and rompler, but the highlight is the synthesizer mode. I use it as synthesizer only, just to mention. And I think there's no easier way to edit sounds in real time than the one found on this ins…

  • Yamaha PSR-S650

    Yamaha PSR-S650 - "Nice and versatile keyboard"


    This is a keyboard that can be described as an "all-in-one". If you're still studying music or if you're a music teacher, it's a good learning tool. If you're a composer, it has lots of features that help you on the composing process. If you're a ban…

  • Yamaha PSR-510

    Yamaha PSR-510 - "A great nostalgy-bringing arranger keyboard..."


    The PSR-510 is a keyboard that I got in mid-90's, I think as a birthday gift. There were LOTS of buttons on its panel (!!!) but although it looked difficult for me (I was a preteen at the time), I could learn how to use it real fast. The user manual …

  • Roland EM-50

    Roland EM-50 - "A very versatile and reliable keyboard"


    This is one of those keyboards that I could still have today. Very versatile and reliable, with excellent sounds and styles, top notch MIDI integration, nice design and easy to use. Although it's an arranger, I think it's very good for band keyboard …

  • Yamaha DGX-305

    Yamaha DGX-305 - "If you like both pianos and arrangers..."


    ... but don't have enough budget for a top keyboard that fits your needs, this one is your piece of cake. It's very easy to use - you don't even need the user manual to use it. The Live! Grand Piano patch is very nice - I actually think it's good eno…