Electronic instrument user reviews

  • Roland JD-Xi

    Roland JD-Xi - "This tiny synth could have been a giant – alas..."


    I’ve tried the JD-Xi at length for almost a month, but I haven’t kept it in the end. It’s a nice small synth with many an asset but also too many flaws (some related to its youth maybe?) led me to return it. It’s a real pity as this small machine …

  • Behringer Neutron

    Behringer Neutron - "A switchblade that looks like a penknife"


    August 2018 update Serendipity I had gone to a local shop to demo the Model D, and pure chance made me get out with this Neutron. What a great idea! My reference in terms of synth is the 80s poly models – both analog and digital models, and …

  • Novation Circuit

    Novation Circuit - "A nice plaything with potential"


    I’ve tried it for an hour or so before writing this review but I’ve also spent t least 10 times as much reading other review on it on the internet, so I knew what to look after ;) I had never really used such a machine or pad controller before, so m…

  • Yamaha GENOS

    Yamaha GENOS - "Genos, the magnificent" has images


    I’ve been the happy owner of this keyboard for a little over a month now. The Genos is now the core of my studio, I write music for events (e.g. soundtracks) as well as for my own pleasure in an Electro/Chill genre. I quit my previous "100% in-the-b…

  • Arturia BeatStep Pro

    Arturia BeatStep Pro - "Easy to use, efficient and practical!"


    I’ve used in in a homestudio with a DRM1, a Doepfer modular, a Matrix 1000, a TX81Z, a SUB 37, an Alpha Juno, a Werstatt, Cubase and OSX. Once the firmware updated, no compatibility problem so far. The metal box seems sturdy, it’s heavy, the kn…

  • Korg MiniKorg 700s

    Korg MiniKorg 700s - "Superb!" has images


    Hi all, I won’t get much into the details as to the Mini 700’s specs, (if you need it have a look at the Mini 700 reviews: https://en.audiofanzine.com/analog-synth/korg/minikorg-700/user_reviews/ ) I’ll mostly develop the question of the Mini 7…

  • Music And More MB33 RETRO

    Music And More MB33 RETRO - "A great and unique sound, but a disappointing(!) manufacturing quality"


    I’ll try to make it as short and straight-to-the-goal as possible. I play analog acid and work live with MIDI-driven synth using Ableton. This machine is ideal for my setup as it’s light and easy to carry. Pros: Lowest price on the TB c…

  • Sequential Prophet-6 Module

    Sequential Prophet-6 Module - "Elegant, punchy and well-balanced: the new wave!"


    I was sent a request to give a review on this device, but I’ll get more into my feelings than technical considerations. As for technical aspects, you have professional reviews here or there. For which specific applications or uses have you chosen…

  • Roland CompuRhythm CR-78

    Roland CompuRhythm CR-78 - "Full of vintage charm"


    I bought it on the spur of the moment, only realizing afterward how iconic it was (a good thing for me!). Of course, its sounds felt familiar and though it is mostly a preset machine you always have a good time trying the different possible combinati…

  • Moog Music Mother 32

    Moog Music Mother 32 - "A sequencer + a patch panel, resulting in… THE ONE AND ONLY MOOG SOUND!"


    For which specific applications or uses have you chosen and do you currently use this synth? I use it to produce electronic music, and sometimes sound design – all only in the studio though it’s largely useable on stage. Does it seem sturdy …