Electronic instrument user reviews

  • ARP Odyssey Rev3 (2015)

    ARP Odyssey Rev3 (2015) - "Great job! What a sound: pleasant, lively, fat or not, nice sound grain –but a small keyboard though"


    I’ve used it to play some stuff close to electronica, dunno :8O: Well, in any case for that kind of music: https://soundcloud.com/studioliv/sets/my-own-tracks :-D So, it’s used in a home studio alongside a Minilogue and a Slim Patty among other ana…

  • Roland MC-808

    Roland MC-808 - "Enjoyable"


    For which specific applications or uses have I chosen this product? Used for sampling, creating melodies, and experimentation( R&B, Hip-Hop, Lo-fi and Soul) In what context do I currently use this product? I use the machine as a standalone u…

  • Roland VP-03

    Roland VP-03 - "A vintage-spirited vocoder" has images


    I’ve invested in a VP-03 to get credible vintage string machine and vocoder sounds, and the VP-03 perfectly fulfills my expectations. As with all Boutique series products, manufactoring quality is very good. The lower shell is made of plactic, an…

  • Studio Electronics Code

    Studio Electronics Code - "The best current-days analog synth"


    ° Used in the studio. I don’t recommend to use it live as it’s very sensitive to temperature difference and tends to detune quite quickly. This can be disturbing at first, but hey, it’s pure analog with discrete circuitry so consider it’s already for…

  • Novation Peak

    Novation Peak - "The most analog digital synth around!"


    Hello, Here’s my first review, in the spur of the moment after discovering it for an hour now :) First of all, it’s beautiful and the finish is really great! Soundwise, well, what a killer! Everything works smoothly, with no unpleasant digital…

  • Korg T2 Ex

    Korg T2 Ex - "An M1 on steroids"


    In 1991, Korg debuted the T series with three different versions: the T1 (88 keys), T2 (76 keys) and T3 (61 keys). The Ex versions – "T2ex" and "T3ex" – feature an extra ROM with 512 kb of PCM acoustic piano sounds, the best you could get at the time…

  • Roland SE-02

    Roland SE-02 - "MINIMINIMINIMOOG" has images


    ROLAND’s SE-02 is a mono analog synth resulting from the collaboration between ROLAND and STUDIO ELECTRONICS. It is a kind of SE-01 (a rack inspired by Studio Electronics’s Minimoog) in Roland’s “boutique” format. The size was much debated: it …

  • Korg Electribe Sampler

    Korg Electribe Sampler - "A stupid concept"


    Sturdy and well-finished, with good ergonomics. Not bad for trance, provided you only use the rhythm part. Good effects and nice editing features, easy to use. Made for beginners. 270 seconds of sampling. It’s a joke, right? Old time musicians …

  • Baloran The River

    Baloran The River - "Rediscovering the pleasure to discover a machine"


    Hi all, I’m posting this review after trying the said machine for 2 or 3 hours at his owner’s, Sir Baloran. I was slightly biased in favor of the device as I’d seen and heard many demos on the web and they had left me enthusiastic. As a Triko o…

  • Alesis QS8

    Alesis QS8 - "Great Value / almost perfect"


    I have been looking for a decent stage piano that can fill my needs for Rhodes, Wurly, Clavinet, and acoustic piano sounds. Being able to do some decent B-3 tones was not necessary but definitely a plus, as I have another keyboard that fills my need…