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Electronic instrument user reviews

  • Squarp Instruments Pyramid

    Squarp Instruments Pyramid - "Squarp Pyramid, or how to get rid of your computer!"


    I’ve used it for a few months now for electro/hip-hop prods in a home studio, and soon in a live context where it will control an Arturia Minibrute, a Moog Sub Phatty, a Korg Minilogue, an Elektron Rytm and an MPC 2500 XL. I control the sunths using …

  • Arturia DrumBrute

    Arturia DrumBrute - "A nice drum machine."


    I use it in my home studio which is (temporarily) deprived of my pc. The machine’s qhality is very good (I suppose Arturia change dits Chinese supplier ^^) The knobs are very nice, the pads are pleasant and the ribbon controller is really coll.…

  • Dreadbox Erebus

    Dreadbox Erebus - "A real chameleon with a vintage, mellow sound"


    The Dreadbox Erebus is a very interesting synth hailing from… Greece! It’s a monophonic/paraphonic, 2-voice and semi modular model. Granted, its look is quite peculiar but I really like it, plus it seems sturdy. It’s a rather basic memoryless syn…

  • Roland D-05

    Roland D-05 - "The D-50 was my all time favorite keyboard, the D-05 reminds me why"


    I've never thought much about the boutique series, especially since they're only 4 voice, although I'd consider one of the Juno models. Anyway, when I saw the re-issue of the D-50 I was very excited. I was stuck using samples in a NI player app. M…

  • Roland D-05

    Roland D-05 - "Probably the best in the series"


    Hi, I’m not a big fan of Roland’s Boutique series. I’ve owned the Juno, the Jupiter and the TR-09, and I’ve long hesitated before getting this D-05 in loving memory of my good ol’ D-550 ;-) Well, I ‘ain’t been disappointed! It’s really lovel…

  • Yamaha Montage 6

    Yamaha Montage 6 - "A terrible disappointment"


    After 3 months spent watching videos and dreaming to lay my hands on this new synth, the day has finally come. As an owner of an MO6 and Motif XS, I really believed the Montage would be Yamaha’s most elaborate synth, but in the end the longer the wa…

  • Seiko DS 202/310/320.

    Seiko DS 202/310/320. - "A towering gear with interesting sounds" has images


    The basic synth is called the DS202 , with two expansion – the DS310 digital synthesizer and DS320 sequencer. Once everything mounted on the synth, the size is quite impressive. A sturdy and well-conceived gear, for a total 16 to 17 lbs. No MID…

  • Roland EM-101 SoundPlus

    Roland EM-101 SoundPlus - "Simple old-school analog presets"


    Roland’s EM-101 Sound Plus is a MIDI expander that features 6, non-editable Juno voices: 8 poly presets, 8 mono presets and 8 (surprise !) hidden presets. Unrealistic analog, then. Controls include Volume, Attack, Dynamics (allowing to modulate the …

  • Roland KC-550

    Roland KC-550 - "Sounds Like Just Home!"


    It doesn't get any better (at least not yet). The sound generated is as clean as you could imagine a sound being; no distortion and hardly any EQ really even needed to be done (depending on what you're playing). I'm running my Roland Fantom X8 throug…

  • Akai MPC Live

    Akai MPC Live - "A well-conceived, efficient and inspiring device"


    I wish I could have given it 4.5 out of 5, but as you can’t give half-stars… I’ll go with 4, as it’s still perfectible! :-D After using it for a few days, I think I can deliver a review on this MPC Live and the said review is all the more positive…