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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 24 reviews )
 11 reviews46 %
 11 reviews46 %
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Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent
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cou d'bouteille01/27/2011

cou d'bouteille's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" rode do the job"

Robust lightweight microphone with a membrane hyper sensitive where we go from 48 volts and that's worse
ideal for miking vocals, choir, guitar ... etc. ... studio work and live
Brief sturdy and versatile


I use it for 5-6 years, and with experience I'll take two,

radiobomb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent mic for the price"

vocal microphone, instrument & copper & room-mic
48v phantom power-
Cardioid pattern
1 "gold diaphragm splutter


Use [since purchase] on vox / copper / room-mic battery
Very quiet [5db self-noise] [ideal for compression without background noise.]
very nice mid & hi detail, bass roll-off to 200Hz [sweet].
presence of smooth and well 'luxury' without adding color.
very happy with this mic.
recommended for the quality / price ratio.


Webmusicprod's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Rode NT1"

The characteristics for this is a large diaphragm studio microphone for vocal and string instruments (classical guitar ...). Food in 48v.


Made several years that I use for my vocals. Sometimes for acoustic instruments.

I also have a Rode K2 which I bought after my exprience with the NT1.

It is a versatile microphone that is sensitive ass just to catch a bit everywhere (in soundproofing a minimum).

The ratio quality price is final. See anything with all that that fact in the same price range. I is cost of Berhinger and company, forget all these types the eye scam that promises you the moon. Take the Rode NT1.

For the price I would resume the same mic without problem, I advise besides all home studio which accounts for investing too much, too late once ds, compulsive buying is done with purpose ( I understand, it is exhilarating to wait).

It was nice to tell me or else I Prodipe RODE stays true, it's really good mic all ranges. For 180 need not deny this. I still serves as model, I sometimes even not to repeat my shots with the K2 so this little microwave is clean.

Marcøditive's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Hmm not bad"

See above. Good


already arrested should always compare stage with microphones studio condenser microphones. Often in the opinion of microphones on Audiofanzine seen guys who kind of compare Neumann TLM or others with Beta 58 or SM58.
Frankly it's still not the same thing.

The good NT1A. Bah I use it for quite some time, having worked with many microphones, I must say he is doing pretty good. Especially for its price.
Quite colorful and very hot in the above, it is super simple to work. And what is his famous bump in the upper medium is really not bad and more importantly, it gives a little to the mix taf. It will not be alone either!

However, beware! It's a real "vacuum cleaner" sound. He will pick up a fly to 25m! For a so-called cardioid is missed. It has a very wide opening.
Compare AKG C 2000 which for once is a "real" show great cardio cardio.
So for a good grip with this NT1A, the silence absolute must!

Of course, we regret at least a little low pass. Obviously this is not Braunn or Violet Design but otherwise, very good value for money.

jason8's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Cardioid Condenser Microphone

for vocals, guitars may


I use it for six months, it's a really nice mic with good clarity
I love her the most stylish look a little neumann and its
I have a ream ElectroVoice RE20 (very good micro) a shure beta 58 and A Neumann
I do not remember what series

for the price it is in the entry-level and I think it's already good enough for a beginner or amateur,

Hint: it has a micro sense yes c the side with the screw on top, I say this because
at first we did not notice it and we end up with lots of reverb

otherwise very good micro but I redeem more than I will take a Neumann TLM 103 with the experience.

Nico53's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Versatile condenser microphone.


Used for over a year.
very attractive price, suspension provided.
I knew a few microphones in the studio project that work OK but not very versatile.
very good value for money ... instantly I almost bought a second to have a couple but we see the use of some subtleties ...
Indeed, it is almost always required to touch the upper midrange and treble very active with this microphone. Sounding a little rough, very grainy ...
it's still a very interesting micro over head, some female vocals, classical guitars, amps ... Here is a great tool to have but not so versatile that it ...

Nonolepiano's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Static condenser microphone for singing acoustic guitar ect ...
That says it all, we would have AIM a low cut and-10dB pad


The microphone is super lightweight, the beginners had not put in trust ...
I like the sound, it's my first set from my Rode NT3 and j'aprhendais a little bump in the famous mdium up, well I found the sound really great ... I love it.
I have an AKG C3000B, less well on the voice, a Rode NT3, a T-Bone SCT2000 gnial, but must wait until the lamp is warming up, so when I need a little taken quickly done well, I rode the NT1A is really nice. I had a Joemeek JM37DP, which I find less but more versatile, and SM58 dynamics, E845, ect ... l see anything ...
I compare it to the end of the week with a TLM103 and I will put my mind daily.
In any case, I would do without this choice problem and may even be that I'll end up taking a couple.
I love his trs trs low noise.

n.b-sound-track's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Micro static transistors, we will not rpter btement adj t say that so far.


APRS have bought faithful work in team with his great ERRF, the NT1.
The diffrence between the NT1 and it does conserne the design that does a little more careful and lgre a correction at the high mdiums we should systmatiquement rework the socket.
That said, with it must be all the same again a small correction, so let's just say we made a step forward compared to the brother.
I am one of people who believe strongly that it is a micro trs Polyval may as well take a voice, a guitar amp, bass or even still be placed overhead.
THE FIRST A costs, we might say that it is a copy of Noman U87 but small budjet but After a few time with the squire, he is s'apperoit beautiful and well a personality is he.
Serves, we can always do better but in any case, in the area of ​​price and quality I find it really excels.
Come on, I put a 9 for that story correct spectrum. Even if a file becomes a habit at the time, a case can be trs candy at times.

Trs regards,


strobo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

It is a micro home on all sorts of instruments, but has chosen to t the voice in which he is beautiful.
It is a cardioid condensateur.qui needs a phantom power supply (48V or 24V)


I've had a few days. I chose it for its reputable, reasonably priced and the REFERENCE Rode.

What immediately impresses is the sensitivity of the subject and lack of background noise. You push the gain, but no background noise. Voice (I record mainly) is beautifully made, with that little grain CHARACTERISTICS microphones of this kind.

It should be a filter sr antipop being protected for the capsule pops and post-boys, and it is well insulated from ambient noise because it captures all around. I think it's the CHARACTERISTICS of this type of microphone, but it's really impressive to hear a sound when the microphone is 5m! He's a real, trs enjoyable and cash!

I heard a dj audio technica 4033, and a lot of micro dynamic!

Although sr, it has nothing to do and what micro-level is 4033 and outperforms any Dynamic.

My criticism comes from the brilliance of this micro enough brand and can s'avrer problmatique on certain types of votes (vrifier). However, I find the grave Dfine well, with good DEFINITIONS.

Without a doubt, I do it again this election is a real favorite.

August 2007 EDIT: APRS 2 years of use, I Rode tjrs this but I am considering the more upscale Submitted. My biggest criticism about it is the brilliance of the treble, which goes well with my voice, but becomes trs problmatique with taking instruments. It is mandatory TRIMMING derrire (especially folk guitar playing mdiator, the shine was too much!)

Elfredo_sono's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Everything already said!


I use it for 5 years. Taking voice and guitar amp between 1m - 1.50m. Acoustik Guitar & electro.
No flitre low-cut, unfortunately. Rode should provide antipop .......... can quickly clip the capsule and it cracks ... But problem metrizable.
Rendering depends on the source. I'm happy about the decision-guitars, the brilliance of the medium is high for some things, but the voice, it quickly becomes complicated. Good quality / price ratio, iéal for home studio.