Native Instruments Maschine MKI
Native Instruments Maschine MKI

Maschine MKI, Loop Sequencer from Native Instruments in the Maschine series.

All user reviews for the Native Instruments Maschine MKI

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Average Score:4.3( 4.3/5 based on 49 reviews )
 22 reviews45 %
 18 reviews37 %
 2 reviews4 %
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Audience: Anyone Value For Money : Excellent

RedPen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" My tool work! Great!"

Native Instruments Maschine MKI
Maschine gave me the eye for a long time. I wanted an MPC to start, and then I changed my mind, so I tried it side Native Instruments.

-Installation takes about thirty minutes to install the software and its banks provided, it is a bit long but hey, no choice. Once registered on the Maschine Service Center in NI, it's gone!
==> Internet is full of tutorials, the manual has not been useful to me.


Better to have a powerful computer to run Maschine.
It may very well turn the app on a small standalone processor (and again, not too loaded VST instruments in the soft Maschine) but to be able to enjoy as route Maschine in Ableton Live or Logic Pro, open multiple instances so a powerful computer is better!

Soft demand still okay resource for my part I'm on a MacBook Pro I7 2012, and it runs itself. The app crashed a few times because I had not done some updates on VST which opened with Reaktor but nothing too bad. See however in the long term, based on the advice of other users who may have encountered other problems, for example.

The app is a bit confusing at first, but within a few hours we made it, and within days you can actually control it well.
Additionally, NI offers a library of 6gigas of sound, which is quite big, and if you do not like, you can buy other banks or sounds then make yours ;)


I use it for the month of October, so almost three months.
I never had a product of such a kind hands, and I must say that I can not separate myself! Sampler, Slicer, Composer, you can insert his VST ... it's just enjoyable! the first grooves come quickly and it's addictive limit for me!
The hybrid combination Hardware + Software is really a good idea, you can enjoy the flexibility and ease of software while being able to compose on the Hardware, you can actually detach his eyes and attention of the computer to focus on the Hardware !
I did everything on Ableton Live Maschine before but since I'm doing it, and I export my patterns in Ableton Live, I reorder etc ... it's endless!

At the time of this writing, Maschine Studio is released and given size it does not want me, unlike soft Maschine Drum Synth 2.0 and I intend to buy soon! The upgrade is against pay 99 euros, it's a shame ...

I remake this choice without hesitation!

Tom97531's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Can not do without"

Native Instruments Maschine MKI
Level installation, configuration, that is all that there is more simple.
Just follow the instructions and be a little patient for the scan of the library at first launch.


I used maschine on a PC with an i5, 8GB of RAM and an SSD. It runs perfectly, really no crash in more than 2 years of use, either in stand-alone mode or plugin mode in Live.

The best performance boost has occurred thanks to the 2.0 version of Maschine. The app is finally supports multi-core and I saw the CPU load down tremendously. Although I have never exploded CPU with version 1.8, it's always nice to reduce the cpu consolidated, especially when using Maschine with other software.

I will not étaller me on the fact that the controller is super well built, it is the best in the world equipment and software in a single product, it has been said 1000 times.


Moreover, I recommend everyone to update the v2.0. Additions to this version are well worth the $ 99. The Drums Synth them only fill the $ 99. I considered buying a Volca Beats to be able to adjust my drum sounds. Once I discovered the potential and versatility of synth drums v2.0, I realized that it was not necessary to spend $ 150 more. So, yes, but this is not a true analog sound, it's not comparable, blah. All I can say is that in a full mix, we see that fire, analog emulation of kick and snare are just bluffing. Not to mention the physical modeling are also excellent. I do a lot of finger drumming, and it is a pleasure to feel much subtlety in his fingers.
And about the update, I have not spoken emulation Rohdes, which is also fabulous, limits on the number of group effect have been removed and so on ...
I am less a fan of the new Prism synth, but hey it is a matter of taste. And I think the idea of ​​a mixer view is good, but against what is unfortunate is that there is no particular method to mix the material interface. So ultimately not very useful.

The biggest reproaches I can do a maschine is that it is impossible to use a mono input of the sound card and bring it out in stereo. Let me explain, for example, if I want to play a bass line with a hardware synth that is connected to the left input of my sound card, the sound will just left. And I have not really found a solution, the better it is to use a plugin to refocus its ... But hey I'm not a fan of this kind solution a little patch ... It is usually at this point that I decided to release Live :)

In any case, I do it again this choice without any hesitation. The egonomie, quality banks of sounds, synths (Massive foremost) make maschine is the centerpiece of all my productions.

I advice everyone who is looking for a box sampler pace. Besides, I think the other versions (and MKII Studio) does not bring much more compared to this version. And as the beast is solid, it's worth it to look to the occasion and keep her in for something else, like packs of sounds, synths ... We are all the same, we still lack something then keep all of what to invest for the next box blip :)

raloufkike's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Full intuitive and addictive ..."

Native Instruments Maschine MKI
Simple and efficient software samples and very complete.
You asked what we can do with it?


Mac that's all just perfect never a latency
PS: I have an SSD


Almost 2 years and I do not use voids again my mouse to produce a piece of music ...
Mr Dub10/09/2012

Mr Dub's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Very good investment!"

Native Instruments Maschine MKI
The installation is no problem, it installs the software and the driver for the controller. You connect the maschine, the OS recognizes it and it's done!
Then you activate the app via the NI Service Center.

No conflict for me.

No problem for configuration (audio driver, controller, MIDI, etc ...)

The manual is clear and fairly comprehensive.


My config. : Laptop, core i5, 8G RAM, M-Audio Profire 2626

I said that I have the first version of Maschine (MK1)

No problem on my config., The app runs very well. To get an idea: I have sessions with several large banks Kontakt, some synths and FX, all with very low latency, and it runs smoothly. I would add that the number of crashes for 3 years can be counted on the fingers of one hand (and I think they were rather due to my old PC)

The controller responds well, the pads are excellent, with some cons buttons might have earned a little less "soft", ie it is sometimes necessary to press hard on the buttons above for certain key combination.

In any case I think this is well thought maschine small, we can do almost everything via the controller and also use it as a MIDI controller simple (once I use it for other samplers or to control ableton live).

Small flat against by the sequencer for I sometimes find ..... "Binding" when it was used in sequencers "classic" (cubase, pro tools, etc ...) I think it still needs some time to adapt, think phase components a bit differently but in the end we made it. Also, not being able to only 3 per FX "sound" is a bit simplistic, but hey you get there anyway.

On the sounds included in the software: Most kits drums sound good, and some are very "original", but I will say that the sound quality "instruments" is a little below the rest, understand: they are friendly, quite useful but they do not break bricks. For my part I generally use other sound banks. The sampler is a bit "basic" what he expect him ie: cut, truncate, edit, trim, slice, etc ...

Note that different Upd improved several things: the sampling becomes more complete with the addition of time-stretch, his bank was subsequently expanded + Komplete Elements being offered, and you can load VST directly from the controller .


I use it for 3 years.

To know that I also have the MPD32 and MPC100, so I could test all that long, and the Maschine pads are really the best. The controller is solid, and the feel is excellent.
In addition, the workflow is unique, having a controller + an app is really more more accessible, more options more better what.

What I love most: the controller, the workflow, the spirit
What I like least: spinach

Good value for money although it would often be cheaper than that!

With experience, I would even want to buy the new version (MK2) ... soon I hope ...

freezerman's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A rustic sampler, sequencer slightly edited, a proper VST host"

Native Instruments Maschine MKI
RAS on the installation, shuffle on my 11 inch with Lion. In 10 minutes everything was settled.


Flush with the side stability. But hey, I'm running Maschine in standalone, nothing goes next.


I used Maschine for a month. Note that I am the sampler since 1997, I thoroughly mastering a lot of samplers / sequencers material (notably the MPC4000 Akai and Yamaha RS7000, which are far from basic instruments) and I am very very very squarely disappointed with the party sampler and sequencer part of MASCHINE.
My main disappointment is that I expected to find a sampler / sequencer with lots of advanced features, when in fact everything is archibasique, and very short of what I could atendre a sampler in 2012 .... especially to run on a computer. I MASCHINE with the painful sensation of stepping back rather than leap forward. Amazing is not it?

It lacks basic functions like time stretch and pitch shift.
Looping samples is totally unintuitive
We lack MATERIAL CONTROLS for sample editing (the PLAY FROM, TO PLAY, PLAY LOOP MBM particular are absent).
The slice mode is OK, provided you have short samples. If you must cut the sample in more than 16 slices we retroucve with slices unusable because not mapped on the pads. It's like twelve years ago with the MPC2000XL.
No Reverse loop: the loop is still playing in the same direction, you can not read the buckles 'ping / pong' as the MPC4000.
No editing of the pan of a sample (stereo to mono for example).
The extraction of a slice from a sample slice is impossible (to map the keyboard for example). Must duplicate the sample for that.

Pattern editing: Choose and edit the events with the mouse is painful and nearly impossible with the hardware. It's disappointing.
No pattern stretch.
No playback of MIDI files (that's ridiculous, frankly)

Compatibility with MPC programs:
Do not believe them, only some programs are properly imported, tired layers, the mute groups, etc. are recognized aps. Programs with more than one bank (over 16 pads) are imported from several GROUPS maschine els which makes difficult to use ...

My advice: buy one rather than MASCHINE hardware controller of your choice (cheaper) and give you a license REAPER (60euro) which is 1000 times the MASCHINE software in the sense that it offers the same features (and more) and more and more (such as audio editing, multitrack tracking etc.).

The only real plus point of MASCHINE (compared to my hardware samplers) is the host and chaining VST effects: three effects available at the GROUP, then 4 still possible at the MASTER it allows to make really sound level. It happens that I do not work like that of the blow for me is not really a plus.
The quality of PADS is also noteworthy, very responsive and pleasant to use. However in play live I do not see what use my stuff, other than for sets archisimples because the PAD MODE with its three functions available on each PAD is a bit messy.

lemarquis01's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Native Instruments Maschine MKI
I give this a 9 rating mikro maschine simple and friendly

yanki's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A "maschine" war of all trades ..."

Native Instruments Maschine MKI
Installing Mac Lion is no problem, the software is stable, both as standalone plugin.
The manual can be downloaded on the website of Native Instruments and is relatively complete.


On my Macbook pro in 2011, no major problems.


I use Maschine in recent months.
I've never been interested in the MPC, although having tried, I found these relatively powerful machines.
Maschine is pretty nice to produce grooves like a MPC.
But where it all goes bad ... Integration is another sequencer.
It is quickly lost, as if we had a sequencer inside another sequencer ...
Opt-so the standalone and export your grooves directly into a sequencer in the future.

As for the controller, it is of outstanding quality!
Both the precision of his pads (better than Akai MPD from home), by his ingenuity to do without fully looking at the screen. A very good point!

If you are looking to make a mobile station (with a macbook for example), I do not think Maschine is for you ... the controller is still relatively bulky ... anything for the live, it would quite the case.

Look also at the side of MOTU BPM ... or the new Gheist of Fxpansion ... If you find a software for creating drum controller without ... or if you have the chance to have Ultrabeat in Logic ... you will more than spoiled;)

psantoni's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good sampler, creative and innovative"

Native Instruments Maschine MKI
The installation goes smoothly, attention every time to update, be sure to follow the recommendations of the publisher.
The configuration is fairly well thought out, simple at first, but it may be complex and frustrating as use cases.
No software or hardware incompatibilities encountered.
The manual is clear, but the video and the internet research is needed to discover advanced techniques of composition and really take advantage of features offered.

For user support and updates
- Regular updates from NI (all 3 / 4 months)
- A lot of bug fixes, a few more features (midi out, VST ...)
- Some functionality necessary for a sampler are still not integrated
- The product operates well and pay no update yet ...


I use maschine on a MacBookPro 13 "of 2009:
In Standalone, VST without:
- Very stable, does not crash ever, everything is fluid and it was the foot
In Standalone, VST with:
- The flow is no longer appropriate, but it's still stable and usable if it does not load the mule
VST mode:
- Excessive CPU consumption (does not support dual core), bug displays etc., a horror ...

In general use:
- Interface NI we like it or not ...
- The hardware is good and I do not soft touches virtually
- The pads are sensitive to the touch and nice: /
- The VST is well integrated, convenient for ... SAMPLER!
- The management of audio channel is very well done and routing possibilities are interesting
- The effects are simple but combined and sequenced it became very interesting
- Management of MIDI is basic and pretty bug, the piano roll mode is VERY BASIC
- Synchronization with MIDI hardware is nickel
- Many sub-menu button and use the shift function for "advanced"
- The controller is well designed and main functions are directly accessible throughout.
- The function Swing .... strange?
- The couple Sampler / Sequencer is simple but incredibly powerful for improvisation and live
- The MIDI controller mode enables a lot of different configuration (Live, Tracktor ...)


I then used one and a half years I have owned some classic (mpc20/2000) but there was a lot of time ...
Overall I love maschine in standalone and I hate VST.
I do not think it can be currently used as a DAW, integration with MIDI hardware is tedious and a lot of small bugs and missing features it lacks.
However this is a great sampler and a very good drum machine. Coupled with other non-computer tools that get very interesting because of its ability to improvise and remix live.
In the end I do not regret my purchase:)

BlakeS's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" I found what I wanted!"

Native Instruments Maschine MKI
The installation went very smoothly how long can that especially when you have hundreds of gigabytes of VST! (The time Maschine gets all the first time).

No problem of incompatibility as I am on Mac and everyone knows the reputation so I would not say anything ...

The manual I seem to be enough, but actually I really fly. I much preferred the youtube videos NI data is clear.


I have an Imac Intel from 2008 with 4G ram. (The trick to what date ...) But Maschine works fine on this config and software has never freeze once since I use it.


I use it for a year and I must say that Maschine continues to amaze me! You should know that when it came out I wondered what was rotten stuff out yet and I have boycotted until last year without ever having not tested ...
Version 1.5 and 1.6 have all changed with the ability to import VSTs (any kind), MPC60 and MPC3000 mode, export audio, the best integration with the software and especially the Drag-and-Drop which is among other a revelation!

I like the interface Maschine I think we found it fast enough even if it's quite confusing when you come from a world MPC (Groups? Scenes ?...).
The pads are nice and Maschine is super light so you can take it anywhere. Basically, as Needlz says it can do almost everything that an MPC ... but faster! (The higher the drag and drop).

On the negative side, I'll stay on this problem between hardware and software ... SOUND! I still have my MPC 5000 and the difference is clearly felt (the sound is colder ... The sound of Maschine software what)
And with Logic and if you not understand the Logic of Drag and Drop (including tips and its found in the forum) it can become a plague in the first place.
The fact of not having audio output does not record directly from the PC (or Mac) BUT there is a little trick that works great at home but I'll let you look on youtube. There is a guy who gives it;).
THE new Renaissance MPC out soon, that does not look terrible at the moment, but which can become overwhelming just because it's Akai.
Ah yes! The Midi Change of Logic Maschine, never found someone who knows the solution but hey it's not a problem

In summary, to speed up your compositions is extraordinary and in addition there are a thousand ways to do it but beware of the Renaissance and MPC do not give up the case if you are on Logic.


ThisIsTheSky's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"More marketing and efficiency"

Native Instruments Maschine MKI
The installation of version 1.5 was done without problem, which has not been the case of update 1.7 or nothing worked at first.

Notes updates were not at all clear. It should be galleries in obscure forums to find information.

But it's still correct, so 6 / 10


Mac ProBook DuoCore 2.6 and 4GB Ram iMac DuoCore 3.2 and 4GB Ram.

Yes, it turns easily on my setup that is not the most powerful cry last, but not the slowest either.

However, the product is still a bit unstable, but I know worse: Ableton Live 8!!


I used it for over a year before I decided to revendredernièrement. Primarily because it never entered my "workflow" in my way of working. I retrouvaisfinalement to enter my notes with the mouse in Reason 5 & 6 or keyboard in MOTU BPM is to say!

The controller hardware is of excellent quality, nothing to say! The pads are significantly higher than those of midi controllers Akai MPD series. They are downright fun to play with. The two LED screens are small but effective and visible. We can really do without the mouse if desired, no matter what the knobs are not worth those of my Moog synthesizer in "tournabilité" and strength. Personally, I can only hardly do without the computer screen and mouse as a matter of comfort, and that's where the bottom lies.

The interface software is simply zero. This will surely improve with time, but in the state, I find poorly thought as often in NI. Frankly, it does not invite me to work. The controller also has its share of flaws ergonomic. Of course, these are details, but it contributed to the fact that I put aside gradually Maschine: tedious multiplication of sub-menus, use the "shift" for some vital functions, the metronome difficult to engage, the absence of pre-account (like 4 clicks before recording) or automatic triggering of the recording (as on sequencers Roland keyboards), the function to be lousy swing (Roger Linn is not been there) The absence of an arpeggiator worthy of the name, and especially the height of idiocy, the function of quantification "50%" you quantify what you have done instead of focusing on your last entry. Then it might be me who does not know how to use this, but in this case, Maschine is not at all intuitive as I have watched many times in all menu options and preferences.

The bank is provided with a good quality, comprehensive and wide enough, the sounds are very typical and NI Berlin scene. Very good for all afficiados of Electro House and other genres minimum. This is not my case. I am a nostalgic and I love his old school, both for electro, hip hop, techno or progressive pop. But for those who live with their time and hype, the bank comes with a 1GB should make them happy easily. Then we can load all the samples you want, NI producing its own additional sound banks that I have not tried.

The integration of VST and Komplete 8 allow some use Maschine as a full DAW. Personally I do not like its interface and software for instrument loops if the fly, I prefer to use Ableton Live (despite its big stability problems), the functions "browser" of a DAW like Logic or Live, and the uses a keyboard sound that still largely in my favor production of melodic lines. Regarding the use of VST plug-in like effects, again, I prefer the Logic mixer or the concept of Live.

Add to this that Maschine fits poorly to a DAW, making it unstable and hyper showing latency problem, for me the dice are loaded.

In summary, if I am aware that Maschine can completely satisfy its users, particularly in "stand alone", that it is perfect music to some kind (minimal, hip hop as a solid alternative to MPC) it never managed to convince me and the finish I prefer my keyboard with weighted keys AKAI MPK88, Motu BPM Kong or 6 Reason to produce rhythm parts, and my usual two DAW (Live and Logic) to record and sequence of melodic parts. I had bought Maschine because I still have in me nostalgic for my first drum machines. Today and tomorrow I separated, I expect Tempest Dave Smith is to come in the mail :-) a completely different product to hopefully other types of rewards.