Software modulation effects user reviews

  • Digidesign AIR Chorus

    Digidesign AIR Chorus - "Great chorus"


    AIR plugins are part of the set of plugins that come together with Pro Tools. AIR stands for Advanced Instrument Research, and these are highly versatile plugins that really help expand the overall usage of Pro Tools. First of all, there are no com…

  • Oli Larkin LFO Chopper

    Oli Larkin LFO Chopper - moosers's review


    Oli Larkin's LFO Chopper is a free VST plug-in for Windows operating systems. It's basically a tremolo plug that works with a variety of different LFO waveforms. Unfortunately, the scope of those who will be able to use the plug-in is limited since…

  • Eventide Instant Flanger Plug-in

    Eventide Instant Flanger Plug-in - moosers's review


    The Eventide Instant Flanger Plug-in is one of the plug-ins that's included in the Anthology II bundle. I don't believe you can purchase it outside of this bundle, but I'm not 100% sure on this. I wasn't at all involved with installing the plug-in …

  • Clone Ensemble Bass Chorus

    Clone Ensemble Bass Chorus - moosers's review


    The Clone Ensemble Bass Chorus is a free plug-in for your DAW running on Windows. You can use it as either a VST or Direct X plug-in, but it’s still limited in it’s reach since you can only install it on Windows as far as I know. The plug is downlo…

  • Clone Ensemble Bass Phaser

    Clone Ensemble Bass Phaser - moosers's review


    Clone Ensemble's Bass Phaser is a free plug-in for Windows that comes in VST and Direct X plug-in formats. Unlike some of Clone Ensemble's other plug-ins, this one is all free and doesn't have any restrictions on how you can use it. I'm no longer r…

  • Clone Ensemble Clone Ensemble

    Clone Ensemble Clone Ensemble - moosers's review


    The Clone Ensemble plug-in, made by the brand of the same name, is an in depth software chorus for Windows based operating systems and in VST and Direct X plug-in formats. This is Clone Ensemble's main plug-in, hence the name. You can download a fr…

  • Nomad Factory BT Dual-Analog Chorus CH2S

    Nomad Factory BT Dual-Analog Chorus CH2S - moosers's review


    The Nomad Factory BT Dual-Analog Chorus CH2S is a plug-in for your DAW that is one of six in the Blue Tubes Effects Pack. I don't think you can buy this as an individual plug-in, but I'm not 100% sure on this. The plug-in is pretty in depth and uni…

  • Soundhack +phasor

    Soundhack +phasor - moosers's review


    The Soundhack +phasor is a newer free plug-in for Mac systems that can support VST plug-ins. Right now it's only available in this format, but on their site it says it will sometime be available in other formats as well. I only tried out this one i…

  • Waves Mondo Mod

    Waves Mondo Mod - moosers's review


    The Waves Ltd. Mondo Mod software is a versatile modulation effects plug-in, compatible with all DAW's that I'm aware of. The plug-in can be purchased individually or within a number of different bundles. I installed the plug-in along with the full…

  • Waves Doubler

    Waves Doubler - moosers's review


    The Waves Ltd. Doubler is essentially a chorus plug-in that comes in formats of all types. The plug-in is found in almost every Waves bundle, so if you've got any of their bundles, chances are that you have this one. It shouldn't be hard to install…