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  • Blueridge BR160

    Blueridge BR160 - "Blueridge BR-160"


    Purchased on Ebay for $464.00 US Solid Cedar top, solid rosewood sides and back. It has gorgeous tone and lots of volume. MOP inlays on neck and headstock. The saddle was a touch too high for my tastes and I don't like the 'aged' yellow coloured to…

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  • Blueridge br361

    Blueridge br361 - " a very expressive guitar!!"


    the handle looks like a classical guitar neck assé wide but very comfortable fit to play in picking boxes .12 non-cash UTILIZATION ergonomics very good top comfort. very clear sound at the high end martin! accurate and equilibrate. perfect for ma…

  • Blueridge BR 60 CE

    Blueridge BR 60 CE - " Do not look any further ...."


    Channel Martin UTILIZATION Good balance SOUNDS Versatile OVERALL OPINION Stop criticizing primary way China This guitar is Sitka AAA performance ratio is unbeatable. As a luthier will not spend more on a Martin ou6 5 times more expensiv…

  • Blueridge BR 70 CE

    Blueridge BR 70 CE - judeisback's review


    manufactured in China but in the best local factory. UTILIZATION the handle is a highway on which one never pays the toll ... the guitar is beautiful both in the realization that's the sound that emanates from it. SOUNDS this guitar can be …

  • Blueridge BR 341

    Blueridge BR 341 - " A great little 10/10"


    Guitar Parlor type or size 0, a remake of the years 1910 to 1920 Martin Parlor, has run off 12 boxes non-cash Strings steels Produced by SAGA music in China but by Chinese luthier, not a subcontractor of a great brand and it changes everything. …

  • Blueridge BR-183

    Blueridge BR-183 - " convaiquante"


    easy handle, rather cramped without it being embarrassing, it can make the bass with the thumb, it is cut from the block like the heats Martin reported without parts, perfect hooping it was well settled, I had to reduce the 0.5mm nut easel is perfect…

  • Blueridge BG140

    Blueridge BG140 - Larenion's review


    • Top: Solid Spruce • Back & Sides: Solid Mahogany • Neck: Mahogany • Fingerboard: Rosewood • Bone Nut • Highlights: Diamond • Tuners: Vintage Style • Finish Vintage Sunburst UTILIZATION Copy GIBSON J45 -> back of the neck rather ro…

  • Blueridge BR 40 CE

    Blueridge BR 40 CE - " Impressive ..."


    In fact this review is on the BR 40 non pre-amplified (and not on the BR40 EC), but the model is not present on Audiofanzine! So: • Top: Solid Spruce • Back & Sides: Mahogany • Fingerboard: Indian Rosewood • Nut: Bone • Decoration head "Mother…

  • Blueridge BR 40 CE

    Blueridge BR 40 CE - barbooze's review


    I really like this guitar That I bought for christmas! € 530 With A transport bag, INSTEAD OF € 596 ^ ^ I Knew the shop that's why. SO: It's made in china guitar, But The good thing is: The study chineese nice takamine guitars like .... and Some…

  • Blueridge BR-183

    Blueridge BR-183 - magmat's review


    Acoustic guitar format 000 made in China. Copy of a Martin 000-45. Selected solid spruce table adironrack (AAA) with dam X Sides and solid rosewood back Mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard Ebony bridge Binding Abalone Vintage Motorsports …