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Hardware Sequencers user reviews

  • Korg ElecTribe EMX1

    Korg ElecTribe EMX1 - "get this unit now!"


    The Elcetribe-MX is a modification / upgrade from the original Electribe, they are mainly used for dance. But in today’s music world you can find a use for it in almost any genre of music that is on the market currently. After using the Electribe EMX…

  • Akai Professional MPC4000

    Akai Professional MPC4000 - "Expensive!"


    The MPC 4000 is one of the most advanced MPC on the market that AKAI makes. The differences between this unit and some of the other units by Akai (1000, 2000,) is that it has a much nicer feel to it. The pads especially have a much softer feel to th…

  • Akai Professional MPC1000

    Akai Professional MPC1000 - "MPC is a classic machine , not just for hip hop either"


    The Mpc 1000 is a midi production beat machine that a lot of producers have become quite fond of over the years. I have been using MPC’s for about 10 years now, all the way back to the original big grey box MPC 2000. But at the end of the day not muc…

  • Korg ElecTribe ESX1

    Korg ElecTribe ESX1 - "Sampler awesomeness on the cheapish"


    Incredible ease of use (you don't have to be a synth nut to program it) New patterns from hot new artists MMT (Multiple Modeling Technology) sound engine offers 16 types of tone generation Twin vacuum tube Valve Force circuitry delivers analog war…

  • Roland MV-8800

    Roland MV-8800 - "all in one"


    The Roland MV 800 allows the project to create a song mode and up to 96 patterns. From there, when is in pattern, you can switch the play pattern, which can trigger the reading of the patterns created through the pads (a function "wait" to specify …

  • Akai Professional MPC500

    Akai Professional MPC500 - "Just ok"


    The MPC 500 is ok in my opinion. The issue is the screen, because I am used to the 4000 and 1000. The 500 comes up really short. Good thing about it is that its so portable you can take it anywhere and do some sampling. But unfortunately you cannot c…

  • Akai Professional MPC1000

    Akai Professional MPC1000 - "Love it"


    The MPC 100 is full of great features. Usb, effects, 3 filters (high,low and band pass), up to 128 mb of ram, and you can save to compact flash cards. It is missing timestrecth and zoning but those can be done outside of the mpc via computer. I don't…

  • Korg ElecTribe Es-1

    Korg ElecTribe Es-1 - "Solid Machine"


    The Korg Electribe ES1 is a great machine to use with sampling, not as good as the MPC line of productions though in my opinion but it does the trick and its pretty cheap as well. Got one for 350 about two years ago on eBay. UTILIZATION In addi…

  • Akai Professional MPC4000

    Akai Professional MPC4000 - "I love the mpc"


    The MPC 4000 is a great machine, Akai has provided us with the MPC line for many years and I don’t feel like it will ever stop no matter how digital the music industry gets. The only thing I hated was that the manual made you dumb! After the first fe…

  • Akai Professional MPC500

    Akai Professional MPC500 - "smaller mpc 1000"


    Akai Mpc 500 Specs and Features Battery powered/AC powered 16 midi channels/48 track sequencer 32 voice sampler 128 ram max velocity sensitive pads (12) USB port (storage/transfer usage Compact flash storage Wav/Midi file support Headph…