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All user reviews for the Line 6 POD 2

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 70 reviews )
 42 reviews60 %
 20 reviews29 %
 6 reviews9 %
 1 user review1 %

Rc-71085's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" revolutionary at the time"

Line 6 POD 2
I do not see what I could make other that everything has already been written about this product.


Very clear manual management software POD effective and simple computer! What more :-)!


The effects are very convincing ... except that it ends with a solo Delay engaged, the latter stops the net change patterns, for example, on board a rhythm without treatment. Shame about the lack of "echo dragging" when switching from one pattern to another, making the abrupt transition.
Then I adopted my POD direct insertion in front my amp. Hybrid Hughes and Kettner amp, and the sound is very convincing for me live.


Upon its release, and I would do this choice without ambiguity.
What I appreciate most is obviously able to edit their own patterns via dedicated software, and all this in real time and more. Handy in case of failure of the POD ... well I guess because it is reliable and has never caused me a problem. And yet I play it all the time, both computer music at home on stage.

cyrsay's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Extra"

Line 6 POD 2
it is a complete equipment it lacks almost nothing ...


Easy to use, read the manual yet .... you looking for a sound, you hack a little and very quickly you make yourself happy!


not yet tried everything so the possibilities are great. LAG with my I500 it goes nickel.
I have not found anything yet, effects to Avoid ....


1 month trial and it is adopted, easy to use, versatile in sounds, made good .. Top prize for Cygnus.

Of course I do it again this choice without hesitation this is a great value.
Flying Tiger02/19/2012

Flying Tiger's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"excellent"

Line 6 POD 2
- Well I'm too lazy, the characteristics have been posted 50 times ..
I paid mine secondhand 75 eur Like new, with power supply, cable noon, and audio cable for connecting to the PC sound card.


- The general configuration is simple?
Should not be messing around, no it's not easy to get the max. Now, you can also plug and play, here in EFET is simple, but limited ..
- The manual is clear and sufficient? ...
Very clear, thankfully
- Publishing of sound effects or is it easy?
Yes but if we know what we did. otherwise you may end up with some pretty exotic or strange, or just filthy.


- Effects are they effective, appropriate and realistic enough?
Yes and no. Most of the sounds I use, I downloaded them. And here I am having excellent! the original ones I use almost none. In those I have installed, yes, they are effective, tailored and sufficiently realistic.

-Which instruments do you use?
3 Strats, american standard, deluxe mex with pearly gate and special american (texas special)

I do not use it with an amp but in the PC. On my amps, he never made very well. However the PC is great! AC turns on, it is always connected to the PC, the sounds are really quality, the adjustment is instantaneous and tuner and noise gate.
This is the perfect alternative when you do not want to heat lamps or when you want to play that night without making noise.

- Which ones do you prefer, you hate?
the +: I downloaded those
the -: Nah, there are so many different there are still half that is used ever .. Again, we have so many possibilities that AC is not important to know what we like or not, we will always find a shoe to fit with a little time.


- How long you use it?
4 years
- Did you tried many other models before buying it?

- What is so special that you love the most, least?

the +:
It is excellent with a PC
One can find hundreds of different sounds on the line6 site, must be really difficult to not find anything interesting. it is even very pleasant to go and try all these sounds and to make its market (for free).
When you want to quickly Audacy samples and PC, you really sound good with very little gear, no need for external microphone or another, we light, we click, save ca.
Placed next to me constantly, connected to the PC with the tuner in it, it happens 10 seconds between when I say "I'll take a trick play" and the moment I start. Eg for an apartment is an alternative for me much more interesting than all the little lamps had 5w amps (I have one as I use it unless the pod)
It is now found for a reasonable price secondhand. Besides, he never stays long in the database. currently it is not all that concurrency.
This is what is cheaper to get home something plug and play and a huge range of sounds.
It is indestructible! Not to be confused with pocket pod! this one has a very solid metal shell, and comes with its power supply. no battery, it only works on power supply
This is the perfect thing to carry. ca not take place and everyone has a PC at home. You arrive it plugs into the sound card and you can play with anyone.
The software that can multiply even options creation of a sound, a bit like the fender of cleui mustang.

The -:
Mine is the first version of the pod 2.0, pedalborad fsb does not work, ca ca sorely lacking. switch from one sound to another in the middle of a piece is virtually impossible without that pedalboard.
ON can not disable the amp simulation. It is therefore impossible to use it just like a multi-effects amp.
I tried it with my Marshall Haze, my AC30 and my Nighttrain VOx: Apart from the effects loop, the sound is pretty detestable, for me it really is not meant to serve multi-purpose. In the loop of the ac30 gonna qq but if you pedal, AC has no interest, the vox sounds so good!
I would like an adjustment period apart from other settings, coupleable with the other effects and intuitive. The delay can be coupled with other effects, but it's annoying to do, a bit like trying to do on his keyboard ctrl / alt / sup playing on the other hand ..

- How would you rate the quality / price?
I find it excellent
- With experience, you do again this choice? ..
Without hesitation! it does not replace my amps, but nothing replaces it. I even considering buying another to permanently connect to another PC.
I put 9 because of the pedalboard.
He asked when even a good grip. I've seen guys tell me that the sound was rotten, until he realized that they had forgotten the direct switch / amp eg .. So without sound is not rotten, it is excellent even when trying not to ask him anything other than what he can do. ca is not a multi-effect is an amp simulation. It works well in a digital system, a quality tube amp, it has no interest.
electric grocery05/22/2011

electric grocery's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" still down, Grandpa ..."

Line 6 POD 2
well everyone knows: modeling amps, multi-effects, preamp, tagada tsoin tsoin ...
rack and not too bad, because as "bean" bof!
connected properly, lack a USB of course, also bad.
entry stomp RJ45 is a bit sucks, all that stuff for us to crank refourguer their nuts ...


use simple? not really, but I fear none of these gears is really easy to master. indispensable handbook, besides I've always handy, just in case ...


I use it exclusively with home-studio:
gibson marauder
ibanez as83
Ibanez s570b
I always found with or without the help of my little Pedalboard THE sound I wanted. seen what I did, it suits me very well.


bought used a friend in 2006 or 2007, remember. not leave me since I had a zoom GM200 ago that proved to be an infamous dung near the pod, should make mistakes from time to time to separate the wheat from the chaff. So value for money more than correct, I probably would replace a day and by forcing sth more evolved and rack, but also much more expensive ...

laulalau's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Waouhh!"

Line 6 POD 2
Everything has been said


Everything has been said.
In my case, I find it relatively simple to use.


Okay, so let's get down to business ^ ^.

Before purchasing the pod, I knew some of the simulations Line 6 because I used (and I still use) a Toneport UX1 I like very much.
I also knew the simulations Vox (to have had several amps in the Valvetronix range), and I always preferred the Line 6 (although some say that Line 6 sound cold and digital, everything is a matter of taste, but I think if you know the deal, it will sound.)

Regarding the effects, nothing to say ... ample quantity levels, and rather good quality level.

In terms of amp simulations, I only uses 4 different (BRIT CLASSIC (simulation of a Vox AC30), BRIT HI GAIN (simulation of a Marshall JCM 800), Treadplate (Mesa Boogie) and MODERN HI GAIN (soldano) ...
For me, these 4 there are EXCELLENT!
I think the rest is more mixed, but honestly it does not matter, because I do not need that + the ones I just mentioned. They let me play whatever I want.

I use my Pod with a Slash Signature Epiphone Les Paul, a Fender Telecaster John 5, and a Baja Telecaster.
I think the pod transcribes well the character of each guitar (but perhaps not as much as a real amp).

When I bought it, I played only with headphones because the record on my amp not suit me ... (A Blackstar HT5). Lights colored the sound, the result was really yucky (sorry the word).
However, the headphones the sound was beautiful .. So I sold my amp to buy a power amp designed specifically for that = the Tech 21 Power Engine 60.
It allows fully exploiting the potential of the Pod (since he is deemed to be neutral, and return the simulation of the pod without coloring the sound).

Since then, I can appreciate the qualities of the pod, the sound is just huge!


I use it for about 1 month ... and I've never had a sound like home (before I went through the Vox Valvetronix, Blackstar HT5 ...); and I know that my sound has never been as good as now.

Like the pod 2.0 because it is simple to use, intuitive, without being limited in terms of sound.
In my opinion there is plenty of simulations and opportunities in this pod, and that's why I preferred it to the pod xt or x3.

I would do without hesitation that choice! especially since we find less expensive;)

Astorta's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD 2
Multiple effects and amp models ...
Digital Technology
Editable via software (mac / pc) with a MIDI


Ultra-config simplissime
Nice big knobs with small dots of 1 to 10 or with the name of the effect associated
Presets and tuner (to agree, very convenient and super easy too)
Full manual


The effects are very good, except for the noise gate which is not adjustable, but is still welcome!
I use a guitar with bad qualitée, bein the lil thingy makes me forget the brand ... I tested several times with a Dean Razorback associated with Randall RG100H ... a real bomb!


AC has been nearly 1 year that I buy 80th on the net, a great bargain
I always delusion as to switch between sound and sound bluesy metal!
I REFERRED that choice even more euros if required.

jf.rondeau's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD 2
What are the effects or types of effects available? All is said dj What technology is used? (Analog, numrique, lamp ...) numrique (enfn, I think. There's the display of numros o) Are they ditables? Via an editor Mac / PC? I have never been able to initiate the software. But y 'big buttons. The gre treble the treble, the bass the bass gre, gre the middle of the middle and reverb, guess it gre reverb (like on my amp, too much class) ... etc. What is connectivity? (Audio / MIDI) all you need Is this a rack or rack MODEL? Well, not. It is placed on a corner btement of scne. And send you the Bouzin


Configuration gnrale Is it easy? Ultra-mga-giga simple. The edition sounds and effects is it easy? Me as Ms. ball to 3 / 4 deaf j 'I understood the manual is clear and sufficient? Yes ... and the format is more convenient


The effects are they effective, suitable and adequate ralistes? The killing Which instruments do you use? With guitars (electric) because the bypass gives the grain that makes it unusable with a lectroac What are those prfrez you, you dtest? All


How long have you use it? Ca should do well 5 years What is the particular feature you like best and least? Format, the sound. The least?? Did you not tried many other models before acqurir? No. How do you report qualitprix? With the terrible exprience, you do again this choice? Carrment ...

vinvindub's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD 2
View site
The POD is figure of new standard in the field of direct lenregistrement guitare.Cest loutil ultimate direct the recording and playing the guitar, he benefitted from the famous modlisation Line 6 deffets and Stereo.

MODELS damplis 32, modifiable
Effects numriques 16
Dusina Presets / 36 User
Headphone & DI TRS d1 / 4
Mono / Stereo Stro
Comes with power supply
not rack


Super simple
easy, very easy to use
yes, but really do not need


Effects and simulations are good, even good trs
with electro acoustic for now


Several weeks
nothing wrong, it is easy to use
yes, and for now it's the best (this price)

Anonymous 's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD 2
* See other reviews *

This POD seems solid. do with time.

Note: I would like to share with you something that I quite nerv. To the Editor of the online Line 6 ("customtones"), all usb adapters / midi not working. The Line 6 software does not recognize my POD even if other MIDI software recognize it. And obviously, I bought one of these cables with which it does not work =)


The use is, compared to some competitors very simple. However, for my part, I always have the manual under the nose to be sr 100% down on what I want (especially to find the amp simulation DSIRE remaining ... appuy TAP, a whole new amp simulation panel appears).

Despite everything, with time, I think I'll make myself; the edition sounds as relatively easy to access.
The manual is ample and clear is written in good franais (not the approximate franais * Made in China *).


For my use (daily, for training and relaxation), I find that the record is very good. I could not esprer better for the price. I was quite surprised actually.

Finally, given the other opinions and given the existing Line 6 range, this product should not be adapted for live (POD existence of specially conus to the scene, more expensive, of course! ) .dropoff window


I use it for 3 months. So step back.

What I like the most is the quality of the proposs effects and simulations for the price.
What I like least is the lack of rhythm and sound box metronome. This addition would have made this the perfect POD Swiss Army knife (in my opinion).

I obviously tried many other models before acqurir and I find that the price-quality ratio is very proper view excellent.

With experience, I would do this choice, the report qualitprix as very good.
Therefore I can only recommend.

doodb's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Line 6 POD 2
Not been around I've had 3 days
I found two negatives:
-No MIDI Through
-32 Presets in memory

of 8 or

for the rest see further notice


Editing is a breeze, the manual is very clear and concise, use is remarkable simplicity


not great if you want a big quality, I have two roland gp16 and a multi-tc electronic g-major, they far outweigh. pleasant surprise, however, for the leslie is not transcendent but not bad.

that's why I bought this product. I have bourgeois taste with my sound, I play on a mesa roadster with a 4x12 correct. I wanted to have the opportunity to have other preamps for crunch. I have seen is 60 euros I try. I have not done around the bug but I have to admit that plugs into the power stage of my head I've been ultra impressive. While the sound is a little (slightly) right and lacks a bit of momentum, but the grain is. What ca life, the sound is warm, for we believed crunch with almost all lamps (I said almost). for the ca distos is complicated, you really have the right amount so that the sound does not become too digital, but I come correct with the sumi has had a sound that looks exactly like my real water has rectified preamp (the of my head), but it lacks a little nothing compared to the original ...
fuz effect is very good quality for this kind of effects I know the big muff USD. I personally prefer the muff but it's really matter of taste as the fuzz of the pod is very good!

I must be a shit simulations with hardware because I can not find a sound that suits me for the recording. a peak when we know that this product is made for that. I prefer as much preamp ... I must be an alien ... the sound is good but lacks a qqchose. I prefer for recording guitar rig3 (for now anyway)

Brief overall I'm very very surprised by the quality of the machine. I had a big priori reading forum (war lamps / transistors / and modeling). then we must admit that I prefer the sound any lamp, it is more dynamic and articulate, but I think I'll keep the pod for my crunch because it is very fine. well I'll calm down so as not to give a note on a whim and excitation by the acquisition of this new toy.

we will say
average effects => -2 (severe but I am because its destination is when even the amp models)
its a little too right recording => -1

which gives us a total of 7, it's really good about what I think


In general it is better to speak of the quality / price. then knowing the bargain price and even nine of this product, I think very few defects are quickly forgotten before the very pleasant surprises that reserve. in short it must be HOnet: compared with the competition we can put that 10

for use as I do, oh yes I would do this choice, the price is not worth the ca the blow to forego a "Swiss knife" of very good quality