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All user reviews for the Line 6 POD 2

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 70 reviews )
 42 reviews60 %
 20 reviews29 %
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MGR/Piccolo's review"Line 6 Pod 2.0"

Line 6 POD 2
The pod is an amp modeling unit which can replace most if not all of your stomp boxes There are numerous preset guitar effects and a manual setting with numerous controls to tweek. This unit has dropped in price, average street price and over the net from Musician's Friend is about $249 as of November 2003, since its new big sister the Pod xt model came out. I saw it at a local musician's friend store, tried it , and liked it. I acquired it for recording direct to my 8 track.

The many presets will get you started, but I obtained this effects tool mainly for recording, and it works well. The noise gate is a great addition to this pod to keep low level noise out. Although it does not have the auto wah of the new pod xt, it certainly can give you a myriad of effects on the manual setting. Manual preset information can be downloaded from the website to play the guitar parts on cover songs similar to the style used in the song.

If the effects loop is raised too much along with too much reverb, sometimes some 60 cycle ac hum gets in, but it can usually be tweeked down to an acceptable level. I have used it in gig settings but unless you have done the presets to the songs you are doing, you may find it cumbersome to change the knobs manually between songs unless you are fast and know the controls well.

The construction and quality is good, I have dropped mine several times without damage. The web site has good support

Best used for recording ideas in my opinion and makes a great direct box with all the speaker emulations and amp combos.

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MGR/Tyler's review"Line 6 Pod 2.0 and Floorboard"

Line 6 POD 2
I acuired this unit because it seemed to be ideal for me, i have been playing for two years and it looked like a good unit to have. i payed 500 for the pod and floorboard.

I like how the pod has easy accessible 16 amp modles and 36 effects. Also with the floorboard you can program your own effects into different banks so it is easy to organize and remember where your key tones are.

i dont like the wah pedel, it is very hard to turn on and you wouldnt be able to switch it on and off in a live sitchuation.

the construction is good for the pod the only weak part is the pedels to the floorboard i have bent my wah pedle to try and turn it on.

The pod is a nice unit to have but if you are thinking about getting it i would get the floorboard also because it makes it much easier to switch banks and channels. If you are looking forward to using the wah pedle i would buy a different one.

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MGR/Gregg Moore10/29/2003

MGR/Gregg Moore's review"Line 6 POD V2"

Line 6 POD 2
Got it from MusiciansFriend for $249. I have been doing home recording for several years. Experimented with lineOut from amp, lineOut from processor, mic-ing cabinet (which was the best at the time, but too many variables and too much head room needed)...listened to samples of the POD...
I was sold.

The best recording device for the guitar. The effects are great, but the amp modeling is the bomb! I am exclusively recording all guitar parts with the POD. I would have gone with the PODxt, but finances were and issue, and I really like the basic features and settings of the V2-the xt has too many features for me right now, but is still a great unit in itself.

That I didn't invest stock in the company years ago. What's not to like?

Durable, dependable, compact, easy to learn, easy to use, plug and play...what more can I say?

I'd buy another and another and...all my recording friends/musicians are getting POD's now after hearing my recordings. Thanks Line6 for greatest unit ever...I even bought a Bass POD too!!!!

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MGR/Adam Martin11/10/2002

MGR/Adam Martin's review"Line 6 Pod 2.0"

Line 6 POD 2
Paid $300.00
After hearing a few of my friends comment that they could get a great sound live out of it, thought I'd give it a go.

The distortion to my ears (and I'm a tube guy all the way) sounds very convincing. If I closed my eyes and nobody told me what I was listening too, I would swear that I was hearing 12ax7's in full heat, along with power tube break-up. I am impressed (not with most of the presets though, needs fiddling to achieve great results). If you have the ears to dial in the right tone and EQ you won't be disappointed. Bad ears, good luck because this can sound bad. For distortion I recommend starting with the Soldano SLO overdrive with a vintage Celestion 4-12 cab, roll off a bit of bass.

Why does the rack mount unit cost so much? All it has extra is balanced XLR outs.
Does this warrant it costing twice as much!
To me the Wah pedal in the floor board is unusable, it's shrill and unmusical (I guess digital sound has it's limitations).
Every preset has to much bass and backing it off steals the smooth low mid which I love. I recommend reducing it afterwards with a high pass filter in the mixing console. Chorus and flanger effects are NOT good. I've tweaked them and have achieved a usable chorus sound, barely usable.

I had to send it in for repair once, a chip went down. Was covered, had it back in my hands within a few weeks. Been OK for gigging since for the last year.

Once again, fiddle with it. Use the in depth software that comes with it and you will achieve a very convincing tube tone, the best on the market to date.
Effects and wah don't cut it, but what can you do, it's cheap, and can do some important things well.
I use it live with a Vox AC30 reissue, I hide it behind the amp.
I constantly have people asking me how I get such a great tone. It's tweaking, but it's in this unit.
I recommend your favorite chorus and wah pedal be put in line before the input.

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MGR/I love it10/10/2002

MGR/I love it's review"Line 6 Pod 2.0"

Line 6 POD 2
Purchased this unit at Mars Music in St. louis, Mo. for approx. $250.00

The question is what do I like about the unit?

My question is, what don't I like about the unit. Good golly miss molly this thing rocks. I've been using Mesa Quap preamps for a major portion of my gig sound. I love Mesa Boogie and the Quad. But I picked up this red bean and decided to see if it were as good as the Mesa on the Rectifier setting. I was blown away. If this isn't as close as you'll get to a Boogie sound, I really don't know what would be. I really don't think I'll find anyone who disagree's.

Did I get rid of my Quad? Hell no. Now just so I make sure I get the awsome sound my picking deserves, I simply run the Quad Preamp into the POD and out through the JBL/Mackie PA. It's nothing short of impressive. I don't even have a speaker cab anymore. Dun need it thank you. The speaker cab sim is super. I mean real good.

Go get the bean.


This unit is built well. I haven't dropped the bean yet, but hey, I think it would take it.

Just try it. I would have never tried this thing after my terrible experience purchasing the rackmount 2101 Artist. That was a cross tube/solid state box and flunked big time. I spend over a grand on that junk when I bought it. I had it 3 months and out the door it went. Huge loss.

The bean is about $250.00 and well.... It sounds like no other box of it's type I've ever tried. It's really nice.

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MGR/Steve Quarcini05/03/2002

MGR/Steve Quarcini's review"Line 6 POD 2.0"

Line 6 POD 2
I bought it at a Guitar Center store, for $299. I bought it there only after my other 2 favorite stores were sold out of it. I got it because I had tried my friends, and I already had a Line 6 AX212. I was not happy with the clean sounds of the amp so I got the POD and sold my 2x12. I love the POD. I can practice anytime as loud as I want with the headphones, and the sounds are really really awesome.

I like the versatility and the features. It has speaker simulators, so you can record directly into anything, even your computer. I really like the amp model called "tube preamp" for my clean sounds, it is really shimmering and clear and would be excellent for a piezo-equipped guitar. As far as dirty sounds go, I mean what can you say except wow. There's plenty to choose from and they can be manipulated any way you can think of. I like the ease of operation, with knobs you actually turn, not buttons. I like the aliminum body, it makes it tough. I like that I can take it out and gig with it with my floorboard. It sounds great through computer speakers. It is everything that I ever wanted in an amp. It is the only amp I have and that's because I sold the others because they couldn't come close to this. It rules.

I wish there were a bass boost somewhere on there other than the bass knob that's already there.

Outer shell is made of anodized aluminum, it's tough. I would be willing to bet it could take a bunch of mishaps and still come out ok.

To those doubters, go try it. Remember, once you get it home, there's a TON more things you can do with the manual in your hand. It is light and easy to take. You can literally take the POD and floorboard, and your guitar to a gig, plug into the P.A., and start jamming. It sounds that good. No additional effects needed, everything is in there already. It's cheap and would make a great practice and recording tool, or can even be recommended to someone just starting out, especially when you look at the cost of effects pedals these days.

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MGR/Dolan's review"Line 6 POD 2.0"

Line 6 POD 2
Bought this at guitar center for $280.
Wasn't sure about buying it so the cashier
gave me 20 bucks off, and reminded me of the 30 day return policy, so I agreed to buy it. Good choice on my part.

Even though the POD has been out for awhile now, it's still the best amp modeler for the price. I use mostly the high gain amp models as I am in a noise/metal type band. Distortion any good processor can do, but the cabinet simulators bring in so many more options. Plus, this thing is far cheaper than any amplifier and can be used as a preamp or as a direct in to your mixer or computer or anything, really. AND it's stereo!

The buttons and knobs are too small, forcing one to want a foot pedal for it when using it with an amp. But, the only ones that work are made specially for Line 6 things only and cost as much or more than the POD itself. Secondly, the EQ is gastly, and I never use it. Get a separate EQ.
But when used as a direct-in for recording, there's nothing wrong with it at all.

Seems sturdy enough. It's basically a small computer, so I keep it away from water and heat, ofcourse. Like anything of value, I wouldn't want to drop it or anything, but I've had some fairly heavy things fall on it and it came through unscathed.

Very good investment. True, it's not exactly like having the all mighty tube amp.
I get paid pretty well for a 19 year-old, 24,000 a year, but mostly that money is for rent and food. I make my purchases wisely, and a wise purchase this was. Good for almost any style of music, I highly recommend Line 6's POD 2.0

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ODdOnLifeItself's review"Line 6 POD 2"

Line 6 POD 2
I bought this unit at The Guitar Center. I actually don't like the crowded, cram everything somewhere, nature of the store... but they had the best price, so I endured. The other thing is... you can't really hear the unit perfectly (even with cans on) because all the other people who were auditioning things had their volume knobs stuck on 11. (The POD was $299)

Best feature of the POD 2.0, THE TONE! Line 6 really did their homework. The tones are great...very faithful to the originals, but most importantly, the sound is so good that it is totally inspiring. I have to set the alarm clock when I go practice, or else I won't sleep at all. I also like that the unit is laid out like an amp...with KNOBS...and not with an elaborate menu system.

The only thing that I didn't like about the unit is that the second layer of 16 amp sounds are not listed on the unit. They are EASILY accessed, but it would be nice to just see them listed, since they're all shift-accessed.

The construction appears to be very sturdy. The casing is metal and is a very attractive unit. They were smart to put rubber feet on the unit, because the unit is NOT a stompbox and since you have to use your hands to operate/configure it (unless you have the floorboard), you are likely to have it sitting somewhere at a height you can reach it while you're playing guitar.

I have ALWAYS wanted something with this kind of versatility and with the killer tones of this unit. The fact that it's available for only $300 makes it a Godsend. If you are a guitar player who feels they don't have enough good sounds from their system, you should definitely buy this item!

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MGR/Guitar guy. Kyle.10/31/2001

MGR/Guitar guy. Kyle.'s review"Line 6 POD 2.0"

Line 6 POD 2
I picked this unit up from the Hillsboro Music ( for 350-100 manufactures rebate = $250. I bought it because I wanted a unit that could act as a effects processor and double as a direct recording device.

I like that the sounds are so good and that you can do so much with the unit. I'm in the process of getting the floorbaord for it which rocks cause then I can do everything with my feet to control the unit. Also the accessories are awesome for it. Good bag (optional accesory item.) The unit has Midi in's and out's. The manufacturer sent me the rebate real prompt too. Recording with the speaker emulator out or they call it A.I.R. mode on this unit is great for recording.

I love the unit, would have liked the rackmount version of it but it's about twice as much.

Great construction (I've dropped it a couple times on a cement floor in my garage and it didn't miss a lick hardly even took a scratch.)

Great product.

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MGR/will's review"Line 6 Pod 2.0"

Line 6 POD 2
$370 US -$100 rebate(not recived yet),local music store.
i needed something to record with,it is way WAY more then i expected

i love the way this bean sounds no matter what i plug it into. it takes my old marshall(30w master lead combo) to places it never could go on its own and im sure it could bring new life into any amp.
as for recording its great its like having a room full of amps
the MIDI control aspects are outstanding
after a day of set up in Cakewalk (entering MIDI control info,52 controls in all (found in back of POD book) and building a studiowear panel) i took complete control of the unit including automating the unit to change patches effects and amp MODs in the middle of the track.
i could go on for days about this thing.
the $100 rebate has not arived yet, but if it dosnt i still think at twice the price its still a deal

its hard to conme up with much i dont like about this unit how ever i can nit pick about a few things. like it dos't have a DAT out and it could of used an extra knob or 2 instead of useing the "TAP/HOLD" button to make selections and modifications tov the effects and amp models.
but thepilot's hand book covers this very well


if your looking for tone and arnt sure what you want this thing can save you $1000's because it lets you play around with 20 or so AMPs that "they" say sound 90% like the real ones, i cant tell the difference with out the real amps sitting hear but i know what i like and i like 90% of the sounds i can get out of this thing.
if lost i would get another no questions asked

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