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All user reviews for the Line 6 POD 2

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 70 reviews )
 42 reviews60 %
 20 reviews29 %
 6 reviews9 %
 1 user review1 %

MGR/Anonymous's review"Line 6 POD 2.0 Upgrade Chip"

Line 6 POD 2
Ordered through Musicians Friend for $49.. I wanted to avoid the MIDI interface and access all models from the front panel.

I already liked the POD a great deal for practice and for recording, but really HATED using a MIDI interface to get at all the amp models and speaker cabs. This upgrade elminates the MIDI interface, improved the tuner (to where is is useable now), and did improve the sound to an extent.

I almost never used the presets (as I have different guitars and different moods) so I prefer the unit in manual, roll your own mode. It used to turn on in whatever mode you left it, not it ALWAYS defaults to the last preset.


The upgrade was very easy to do. The actual POD seems quiet well built. I do not use the POD for live stuff, I have a couple of amps I really like live (and loud), but it seems as if it could withstand live use.

Yes. As a recording and practice media, this is an incredible value for me. The upgrade was worth every penny to what I already paid for the POD

The POD upgrade is a good thing.. My unit is easier to work and I think in so case sounds much better.

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MGR/Chris Bereznay06/22/2001

MGR/Chris Bereznay's review"Line 6 POD 2.0"

Line 6 POD 2
$349 from Musician's Friend, but the unit included a $100 rebate.

The tone, quality, and excellent effects and amp and cabinet simulations.

It's basically a table top unit so it doesn't have a floor board included with pedal switches.

First rate. The unit's shell is built like a tank.

The POD 2.0 is one hell of a unit. You can get just about any sound out of it imaginable.

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redcarp's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good at the time, now is correct."

Line 6 POD 2
simple, solid, but simulations have been aged and digital distortion, it's not top. Currently there is much better for a hundred euro new. For me it was a good product, but it has had its day.

loloche's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Not bad in 2001, but there is much better now"

Line 6 POD 2
Style: rock
Guitars: Gibson Les Paul Studio Fender Strato US

the +:
- Easy to use. it is not a gas factory! Most of the settings are accessible from the front via the pots.
- HP simulations that are profoundly changing the color of its
- Clean sounds simulations are not bad

The -:
- The price of floorboard pedals (over nine € 300 at the time, or a set to almost € 600)
- We quickly forget the factory presets are blah
- Simulations crunch and overdrive unrealistic
- Not transcribed game dynamics
- It "clip" with a Variax 600 (too much input gain)
- The relatively limited effects.

In summary: In 2001, vendors said it was what was best in the market for amp simulators, hence my choice.
I did not regret it because it allowed me to touch a lot of sounds. But but but I was aware that techno could do better and that I was missing something. So I sold.
I was even going to direct me to the analog pure when I came across a combo Fender Mustang II, and here I confess that I found what was missing in the POD 2: realism in overdrive and crunch sounds. When to clean (twin reverb), what a treat! In short, I quickly upgraded with a mustang floor pedal to make a little scene.
So if you find one of secondhand for a few tens of €, why not if you want to make models. But be aware that Fender is best to not very expensive in nine, that Line6 has undoubtedly improved the POD as well with HD500x putting probably (I have not tested -still-) to POD2 spanked by its versatility (full effect) but provided you do not drown in the settings.

Emfare's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" great"

Line 6 POD 2
See it on the manufacturer's site


Very easy to edit with a PC for setting.


It sounds great through headphones or to register on pc. Never tested on amp or mixer live


Sold there 1 year 50 €.
Because duplicate.
Its strength you plug it sounds

MonsieurPatate's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good, especially for the price"

Line 6 POD 2
This is a POD 2.

All base effects, and many amp models, it's not bad.
Connection to the old, and no PC editing option


By turning the knobs, you quickly find the sound you want: it is easier to configure a recent device.
The manual is very well
Editing sounds is easy, yes.


I regret not having been earlier, every guitarist should have one.

I use it to troubleshoot, play with headphones, like small device to take everywhere with my guitar ... and I plan to use it to record some sounds (like "guitar slicks" with lots of delay and chorus, or other).

It is also used with a bass, and rendering is potable.


2/3 years but I use POD for 5 or 6 years now.

Yes, almost everything in the pocket pod Kemper / Fractal (but they are too expensive).

I like: small price, the quality is there, robustness, compactness, convenience and ease of use.
Perfect Mask12/03/2014

Perfect Mask's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Simple and effective"

Line 6 POD 2
Line 6 View website.
Missing connectors (no HD output, for example), the effect settings, no screen to view what is rule, etc ...
But that POD is no longer young and do not cost much, you can not have everything!


Archi simple and intuitive. Highlight of the device.
Soon was the sound that research or we easily approach shortly.
Edition simple sounds, turn 3 or 4 buttons on backup and hop around and played.
I bought the used device, without notice, and it does not lack for we find settings quickly and alone.
Obviously, it does not ask too much!


Clear sound: a little cold, but pretty accurate. Qqs effects with the correct sound is rendered.
Crunch sounds: no comment, it's not the lamps but even qd very correct. Lack necessarily dynamic but makes it all pretty well.
Overdrive: broad palette of sound rock (clean and precise) in his dirty kind Fuzz (greasy and not accurate at all!). There's enough to have fun.
For my part, having an ENGL Powerball head to play "for real", I juggle at home or sometimes in rehearsal between Modern High Gain and Treadplate (simulation of a Rectifier). These are two typed metal sound, precise and warm enough, the sound is pleasant.

I'm not fanatical user of effects.
I mostly use, delay, reverb, chorus.
Simple effects, basic settings.
Sounds not exceptional but adequate.


I use the POD for 2 years in a home studio and repet.
It sounds good almost everywhere plugged into an amp head; live on a sound system or live on a sound card.
This is certainly not the high-end and simple adjustments necessarily imply a lack of precision but enough to send her in all circumstances without taking the head.

I have used several types of POD but this model is for the moment the one with the best sound for that price (especially secondhand) and such simplicity. I says, I did not like gas plants like POD XT or POD X3: too complicated to create a sound tjs not pleasant (if yucky ....)

Kurzwy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Simple and effective"

Line 6 POD 2
Concentric is noon but it works very well. There are lots of hidden editable by computer settings.


very simple to use.


the amp models are very well done you have to make adjustments or even because after the guitar and microphones used this does not sound at once (like a amp made).


value for money is unbeatable.

tarz200tdi's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" For the price a good tool"

Line 6 POD 2
amp simulator, of cabinets and effects ... The beginnings of the very public modeling!

In terms of rig, I first plugged into the effects loop of an old peavey studio pro 112 Transtube (first series made in US, my first amp!), Then I plugged in a Tech 21 power engine 60 (power amp and HP fairly neutral, or dull depending on the mood). on the other hand in the time I've owned, I do not have a group so that was the stuff apartment, so no relevant return to expect from my prose on a live or repeated use in sound and presence.

I leave Audiofanzine google and care to provide the technical, which I will give my felt user / player


Compared a current POD HD, the Pod 2 a prehistoric side on first glance parameters ... But things are not so simple:
> My Pod Hd I driver from the mac in three clicks Pod 2 ... well no, it's like an amp, so you turn the knobs, and is sensitive ... and when we ordered a preset at one end and the other preset at the other end, well, you can press the buttons a number of times. Also a lot of adjustable parameters are a little stashed (a knob used to something used for another trick when holding TAP / HOLD)
> Without pedal (at least shortboard, below little interest in my opinion) the animal is fairly fully exploited in a live location / repeat: no possibility to increase or decrease the fly delay and modulation, no access to the wah ...
> Pod HD made me lazy, but when I bought my mine Pod 2 in 2009, I would have appreciated since that time a USB

In short the manual (very comprehensive and quite funny in writing) I was very useful at the beginning


Sound ... wide debate, often somewhat sterile in my opinion ...

I generally hold my feelings:
> Quite difficult to have a clear sound ...
> Of course grotesque distortion simulations and synthetic, especially if in addition we do anything behind (full gain, eq V and others) ... Let's say that dosing, seeking and with patience we come a consistent sound on one or two simulations HiGain allowing to have fun and honestly Laying out
> Surprisingly very very very nice crunch ... it is in the range between "clear that twists a bit" and "crunch well hairy" that gear is the most convincing
> A warm sound pretty amazing ... my three successive Pod HD has many other qualities, but have never been against the warmth of his
> Effects of quality but limited settings and some stashed

The biggest flaw I found it and made me go to the Pod HD is not the relative ability of beans to take into account the dynamics of the game ... So, what is the most synthetic, it is less the sound itself that the gap between the attack and its variations in output which varies relatively little ... Somewhere it is even not recommended for beginners because between a hit and a good hit messed ben sometimes has a just the same refund ... the opposite of a tube amp what ...


This contraption I had flashed over in 1999 (it was still POD 1) when a mag Lyon was using it as a test headphone amp for guitars ....

10 years later I bought my POD 2 so I kept two years ...
So yes it is modeling that has aged, it is better today etc .... But firstly some sounds were downright endearing, secondly it's a great headphone amp, and finally I l 'I found a perfect reliability and robustness (unlike the Pod HD for example ...) ... It is not said that I did not crack again if I find a low price, because for service rendered, for me this bean is stored in the "good stuff"

Froideval's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Incredible"

Line 6 POD 2
Everything has been said. Useful to use the Editor to set and retain the settings.


Well done, simple and yet with USB.


Well ... it's amazing ... I had all POD (xt, X3 Pro HD) and it's crazy to make the observation that it is for me this prehistoric version that has the best sound .... Amazing ...

Sometimes useful to trigger the cab sim and put a Behringer Ultra G or Palmer.


Bought for almost nothing I am impressed by the quality of the grains. I have a lot of stuff (lamp amps, guitars, pedals ...) and I must admit that when I catch her in my studio are the POD that give me the most satisfaction. To live is something else ... even if the POD Sites is more convenient than single channel amps.

The more time passes, the more I am seriously thinking to buy the entire collection of POD as they risk over the term to gain in value.