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i need some critics....[Recording & Mixing]5reijahl181401/29/2009 15:24
by Ruby Rough
What is wrong with the mix?[Getting Started]0Ruby Rough44301/29/2009 09:55
by Ruby Rough
Help me on studio equipments![Getting Started]12gksquf45305201/28/2009 12:05
by diskostatic
Innovative PUNK recording techniques.[Sound Techniques]1AsummersSound187601/28/2009 01:09
by AsummersSound
Digital Mixer?[Do It Yourself]2daileytj982001/23/2009 17:55
by daileytj
Calling All Producers! - Free Street Fighter IV Remix Comp![Contests]0cypher_en165201/20/2009 07:14
by cypher_en
How to fit sample with drums?[Sound Techniques]2dmiize99801/12/2009 21:17
by eusid
Need Help![Getting Started]2jtr_en87501/09/2009 08:31
by phraseland
Please Rate The Mix (Unuathorized Challenge1)[Sound Techniques]0Up6492701/07/2009 17:38
by Up64
Noob here[Getting Started]2daxmaestro69301/07/2009 10:35
by daxmaestro
What up!?![The Gentleman's Lounge]4py-rex1131101/05/2009 15:54
by py-rex1
Wall Street virtual stock trade game[The Gentleman's Lounge]0zepppaosla57501/05/2009 05:54
by zepppaosla
Just beginning making beats[Getting Started]0iamthefuture234567501/04/2009 22:57
by iamthefuture2345
Building the Ideal recording Desktop, need suggestions[Getting Started]0dannyo61659601/02/2009 10:02
by dannyo616
Starting Equipment For a small Studio (According to my Research.)[Getting Started]0RckDde80001/01/2009 11:59
by RckDde
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