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Digital Multrack-studios user reviews

  • Boss BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio

    Boss BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio - "Boss BR-864 8-Track Digital Multi-Track Recorder"


    I acquired this unit at Italmelodie music store in Montreal,QC and I paid around $800 for it. What I love about this piece of equipment is that I can record anywhere, as it is very portable. When I want to get together with some friends or bandmates…

  • Boss BR-532 Digital Studio

    Boss BR-532 Digital Studio - "Boss BR-532 Digital Recorder"


    I acquired this 4-track digital recorder after havind a not-so-good experience with other brand, that claimed it was portable and very easy to use. Although that unit had some really good effects, it was only 20-bit and 31.25 kHz; and was not "user-f…

  • Boss BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio

    Boss BR-864 8-Track Digital Studio - "Boss BR-864 8-Track Digital Multi-Track Recorder"


    i paid around $500 for this fine piece of machinery at a local music store called Sam-Ash Thiis recorder is fabulous it records well, it sounds good, and its not too hard to operate. i don't like the fact the buttons are so small. I have huge han…

  • Boss BR-1180/1180CD Digital Recording Studio

    Boss BR-1180/1180CD Digital Recording Studio - "Boss BR-1180"


    Purchased at Freehold Music Center in NJ when it first came out for about $900.00. You might be able to get if for less. All in all, AWESOME! I have to say that I am, by far, no expert in Recording equipment, but I have had two pieces before this …

  • Fostex VF160

    Fostex VF160 - "Fostex VF-160"


    It was bought in New zealand. I bought it to record our bands first CD. It seemed like a cheaper alternative to getting the CD done proffesionaly and after trying other digital multitrackers from manufacturers like Akai, Tascam and Boss i decided tha…

  • Zoom MRS-802CD

    Zoom MRS-802CD - "Zoom MRS-802CD"


    Paid: $699.99 I bought the MRS-802cd at my local Sam Ash store. I was stepping up from the Zoom MRS-4(great unit for the $). I was looking for more storage, more tracks, and the CD burning ability. I enjoy writing music and want an easy means o…

  • Korg D-1200

    Korg D-1200 - "Korg D 1200"


    I use this machine at college for all my recording needs. It has the optional extra of a CD burner. I use this all the time. It is very handy when i need to take my work home and edit it on a PC. This unit has it all. The sound quality is amazing. W…

  • Boss BR-8 Digital Recording Studio

    Boss BR-8 Digital Recording Studio - "Boss BR-8 Digital Recorder"


    Paid approximately $499 Bought it from Pro Music & Sound in Newport News, Va. Needed a recording to make demos of my songs. I am a songwriter that has had a #1 song on a major chart. It is extremely easy to use and effective. I track on my K…

  • Zoom MRS-1266

    Zoom MRS-1266 - "Zoom MRS-1266"


    Purchased online for around $750 without the CD burner. Plus another $50 on ebay for a non-zoom cd burner that DOES work. I liked saving money on a compatible CD burner. Just about everything has a dedicated button. Very little menu surfing to do …

  • Roland VS-840

    Roland VS-840 - "Roland VS-840 Digital 8 Track Recorder"


    I purchased this VS 840 at Sam Ash in Columbus, Ohio in very early 1999 for around $850-$900. I was upgrading from a Tascam 4 TRACK 242MKIII MTR. I think the sound quality is very good, although alot of that depends on how good you record, and mixd…