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  • Zoom R16

    Zoom R16 - " very useful tool, I am happy with this purchase"


    multitrack recorder that apparently not breathing necessarily quality (all plastic) but for its price offers interesting features and practical for recording. mics for recording acoustic is correct, being able to connect simultanéments 8 instrum…

  • Zoom R16

    Zoom R16 - " ESSENTIAL"


    I use it for almost 2 years and I did not see any bug he always walk nickel. This is the only recorder that I tried and I bought based on the test, reviews and demos on youtube. I love the number of outputs it has, I have several branch synths an…

  • Zoom R16

    Zoom R16 - " A good plan"


    It is a device that I use multitrack recorder on AC only. I have not tried their other features. Cons: The preamps are a little cold. There is distortion or noise when pushed to the bottom. Some effects are not really terrible. Fortunately ther…

  • Yamaha AW4416

    Yamaha AW4416 - " A tame"


    See above or below;) UTILIZATION It exsite several manuals (pdf). Being a neophyte self on this one, I would say just the basics rather quickly. the rest as it comes ... SOUNDS I do not expose this debate, I'll just say that the sound is wh…

  • Tascam DP-03

    Tascam DP-03 - " Simple and complex at the same time."


    Connection: by afien earlier. 2 tracks can be recorded at the same time while reading those just register and start up to 8 tracks (64 tracks Virtual possible) in a very simple.c is wav 44.1khz and 16 in bits.Stockage on mini SD or SDHC card (32GB ma…

  • Korg D3200

    Korg D3200 - " in the studio a little less live"


    average use MIDI to control the cursor non-motorized storage HDD and CD burner possibility of releasing a mix CD in nomadic (countryside) 8 tracks simultaneously UTILIZATION Use non-intuitive but easily remembered after passing the doc S…

  • Roland VS-2400 CD

    Roland VS-2400 CD - " very good studio 24 tracks"


    Have ease of operation through the screen (as computer music), convenience and intuitive thanks to the motorized fader (as hardware), and all this without crashing (as computer music)? That is what the BIG Roland VS. simultaneous recording of 16 t…

  • Zoom R16

    Zoom R16 - " Good but bad! However, I love"


    10 or 15 days I use this machine and I have not tried other models. I love his performance, ergonomics apparent. Once you've read three lines of instructions (in French) can virtually close, almost everything goes alone. This machine excels at Q …

  • Roland VS-880

    Roland VS-880 - "VS 880, a good concept"


    It is true, we are in late 2012 and it is perhaps surprising that talk of VS 880 today, but I find it a bit unfair that this machine is moved to the door so quickly to the point that nobody wants even ridiculous bargain price proposed. I purchased th…

  • Roland VS-2480 CD

    Roland VS-2480 CD - " I'm crazy"


    already 16 tracks simultaneous rec, ca does! sampling rate up to 96khz! UTILIZATION I put a little time to tame it! it's still a great bike! once we took the logic of the machine, it's pretty simple! SOUNDS converters are correct but most (li…